Chapter 10 - Abusive Wife

Chapter 10 What Kind of Jerk is He?

Meanwhile, Madeline moved to the villa with Colt.

Colt had no objections even though it was a new environment for him because he had been sleeping most of the time due to his injuries.

Madeline left without worry after arranging for professional medical staff to take care of him.

Albert had been waiting outside the entrance. Madeline sat in the car and started to decrypt the cemetery’s security camera footage with her laptop.

Although the footage was deleted, she realized it had been encrypted again last night. It seemed like someone was doing it deliberately. However, it also gave her a breakthrough. She just needed more time to restore all the data.

She had no time because she was busy taking care of Colt, but she was doing her best now.

“Ms. Madeline, we’ve received 500,000 dollars from Angie.”

Albert gave updates to Madeline as he was driving.

“Good job. Split the money with others. All of you have worked hard for the past few days.”

“Okay. I’ll thank Ms. Madeline in everyone’s place.” Albert wanted to persuade Madeline to change her mind, but he gave up when he thought about how generous she was towards her employees.

“Oh, Ms. Madeline. Something strange happened in the last two days.”


“The Quincy family is supposed to do something about Angie’s problem since her wedding with Mr. Quincy is happening soon. However, the Quincy family seems to feel indifferent about it and hasn’t interfered.”

“Is Noah not protecting Angie? That’s interesting.”

That’s not possible. Isn’t Angie the person Noah likes? Why did he do nothing right before their wedding? What kind of jerk is he?

“Investigate Angie’s relationship with Noah. Be careful. Don’t let them notice you.”


They arrived at the Imperial Building where the Global Philanthropy Committee was stationed.

Madeline went into the building alone with her laptop. She was wearing a dress with light makeup. They made her look gentle and magnanimous.

She walked into the lift confidently. Her laptop was still decrypting the video with only 15% remaining until the process was completed.

She knew she would meet Angie today, but she didn’t expect to meet her at the lift instead of the meeting room.

Angie was wearing a black dress with gentle eye makeup that made her look like a princess. It was her usual style when appearing in public.

Ronald followed behind her while holding many things. He reminded Angie nervously, “Ms. Angie. The chairman of this philanthropy committee has a lot of power. If he agrees, you will be able to attend the charity dinner.”

“I hope so! I must get the title of Global Ambassador for Philanthropy!”

“Well, there seems to be another problem right now. The committee added another candidate. They will be meeting with this person today. Apparently, the committee values this candidate a lot…”

“Another candidate? Didn’t they decide it would be me?”

“It was supposed to be you, but the organizer made a backup plan after the Facebook incident.”

“Tell them to inform the person not to attend this meeting. I’ll pay them any amount of money they want as long as they give the title to me!”

Angie was agitated. She stomped on the ground without caring for her image. Later, she realized there was an “outsider” in the lift with her.

“Ms. Angie!” Ronald knew there was someone else in the lift. He had been whispering the whole time. Angie’s shout shocked him.

What they were doing was bribing. If someone else heard what they said, it would be serious.

Angie calmed down and turned around after Ronald reminded her.

It’s the mysterious woman from the cemetery!

She stared straight into the mysterious woman’s terrifying gaze. It reminded her of a certain person called Madeline.

Her appearance gave Angie chills.

“It’s you? What are you doing here?” Angie asked with a trembling voice.

This mysterious woman only appeared recently in the country. She was paying respects to Gordon, rescued Noah, and appeared in the building at the same time as her.

Angie figured she might be the organizer’s backup plan, which means she is her competitor.

Madeline leaned her back on the wall of the lift and looked at Angie, “I see. It seems Ms. Angie is the one they decided on.”

“Are you the backup candidate the organizers chose? I suggest you back out of this if you know what’s good for you. After all, those who interfere with me won’t end well.”

“Is that so? Let’s wait and see.” Madeline only found it funny when Angie threatened her.

It was unfortunate for the people of Imperia to hail this woman with such behavior as the charitable princess.

Madeline looked at the security camera inside the lift. She realized she had completed her objective of going to the Imperial Building, so she went out of the lift immediately after the door opened.

“Hold it!” Angie felt guilty when she saw how confident Madeline was. She approached her and grabbed her arm.

Madeline’s laptop fell to the ground, and it snapped in half. Her face turned gloomy immediately.

The video was so close to being decrypted just for Angie to break the laptop in half.

“Ms. Angie. You must compensate me for my broken laptop.”

“It’s just a stupid laptop. Back out and I’ll buy you ten of them.”

“I need a new one anyway, but if you want me to back out, that’s impossible!” Madeline shook Angie’s hand off to agitate her.

“How dare you! Ronald, grab her!”

Angie was impatient and only wanted to stop Madeline.

Ronald reached out and grabbed Madeline’s arm, “Miss, Ms. Angie is still talking to you!”

“Let go!”

“Sorry, I’m forced to do this!”

Ronald grabbed hold of Madeline’s arm and tried to drag her. However, Madeline kicked Ronald’s thighs, and he kneeled. Madeline stepped on his hand as her heels stabbed into his palm.

Ronald screamed out in pain!

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