Chapter 3 - Alpha Asher By Jane Doe

I woke to the sound of banging. Startled from my sleep, I jumped out of bed just in time for my bedroom door to open.

“sh*t Lola, what’re you still doing here?” My Dad exclaimed, his eyes darting around at my restless appearance.

“Huh?” Was the first thing to leave my lips. For a minute there I hadn’t even remembered leaving grandma’s house.

With an exasperated look my Dad replied, “Hell, you’re late for training!”

“What!” I gasped, “Why didn’t Sean wake me up?”

“He has patrol early in the mornings.” My Dad groaned, “Already off to a bad start.”

“sh*t, well go so I can get dressed!” I huffed, sprinting to my suitcase and yanking out the first thing I saw.

Once my door closed I slipped on a black sports bra and a pair of black leggings. I hastily combed through my hair using the bathroom mirror. In the back of my head I remembered Tyler’s comment about me looking goth. I smirked into the mirror.

I darted down the stairs, nearly toppling my grandma over on the way.

“Lola if you end my life knocking me down these stairs I’ll haunt you!” Grandma called out after me, but I was already barreling through the front door.

My stomach rumbled, demanding we go back home and eat some breakfast. As much as I’d love to oblige, I couldn’t.

“Goddess, he’s going to be pissed.” Maya huffed.

“Well I didn’t see you waking me up on time either!” I grumbled at her.

“I was busy.” Maya shrugged, giving a half ass excuse.

“You’re a damn wolf who lives in my head, what could you have possibly been doing?” I shook my head at her.

Maya’s voice went silent in my head and I rolled my eyes. For once I was thankful that our house was a short run from the pack house.

By the time my lungs had started to burn, I could see the other’s already training. I skidded to a halt in front of everyone. From the looks of it there were at least thirty other wolves present for training.

I instantly noticed Alpha Asher’s men lingering around. Each one looked like they were half giant, and many had gruesome scars on different parts of their body. Each one was completely hot in an animalistic sort of way.

I had been so busy ogling the shirtless men that I hadn’t heard it when someone behind me cleared their throat.

I spun around and nearly smacked into someone’s chest.

“Well f**k,” Maya’s breath caught in her throat.

I could only assume I was looking into the eyes of Alpha Asher. His eyes were the color of liquid honey, and at the moment they were set directly on my face.

“Didn’t I specifically tell you not to be late?” His husky voice was hard, lacking any emotion other than impatience.

“Please,” Maya rolled her eyes “From the looks of it, sleep was definitely better than this.”

The tone of his voice pissed me off. He sounded like your typical hot-blooded Alpha.

Without thinking it through, I felt the words fall from my lips.

“I’m not good with rules.” I said bluntly, looking up at him. The guy had to be over 6 feet tall.

I stifled a snicker as I wondered if he could give me a couple inches. He towered over me and made me look like a kid.

I watched in silence as his dark eyebrow raised at my words, his eyes silently fuming, I kept my eyes trained on his own, but I noticed the muscle in his jaw moving. I guess he didn’t like being disobeyed.

“Well, we’re going to have to change that.” His voice was cold as he analyzed me. I couldn’t tell if I felt like a piece of meat or an innocent doe lined up for slaughter.

“If he wasn’t so drop dead hot, I’d tell him to go f**k himself.” Maya rolled her eyes.

“Jeez, you’re worse than I am.” I snickered.

“Yeah, that’s doubtful.” Maya smirked.

“Good luck.” Again, my stupid lips uttered the words before I could think them through. His lips were pressed in a tight line and I desperately wanted to laugh. I expected a lot more from the deadliest of Alpha’s.

“Good luck? Good luck? Are you trying to get us killed on our first day back?” Maya snapped.

“You’re the one who said you’d tell him to go f**k himself.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Well I didn’t did I?” Maya huffed.

“What is your name pup?” His cold voice growled. I ignored the fact that the hairs on my arms were standing on end and answered the hot-blooded Alpha.

“Lola. And yours?” I smirked, already knowing his name by the dominance and authority he exuded.

“Your new Alpha.” He replied, gauging the reaction on my face. Did he really think I had no idea who he was? Well, who was I to ruin the fun.

“As if that wasn’t obvious.” Maya laughed.

I let my smirk deepen, “Ooh, really?” I let fake shock fall over my face. I could see the anger flash in his eyes and I waited.

Now, I don’t normally have a death wish but I already started off on a bad note. I could tell from a mile away that Alpha Asher was one of those typical Alpha’s who wanted everyone to fall in line like good little subjects. I had a big problem with that, and it didn’t help that I seemed to blurt out the first thing on my mind.

I was surprised when Alpha Asher turned away, facing the other wolves in training.

“Attention everyone.” Alpha Asher snapped.

In an instant everyone’s eyes were on Alpha Asher and I. I refused to cringe under the attention. Alpha Asher’s voice took on a rough quality, one that nearly made me shiver. I couldn’t help but notice Sean’s fear stricken eyes on me, wondering what the hell I was doing.

“Lola decided sleeping in was more important than attending training today. Unfortunately, we no longer have anyone available for her to partner up with.” Alpha Asher’s deep voice rumbled over everyone, commanding our full attention.

I let the little glimmer of hope blossom inside of me, maybe I’d be able to just sit out today.

“Not to worry. I will be Lola’s partner.” Alpha Asher’s harsh words were like a bucket of cold water.

“sh*t, you’ve really done it now.” Maya groaned.

“Crap, what do I do?” I asked her.

“Um, try not to die?” Maya shrugged.

“Thank you for your infinite wisdom, Maya.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“It’s not a problem. I live to serve.” She snickered, “But for real, try not to die. You know how to fight. You’ll never win, but you can still put up a fight.” She shrugged.

Everyone began training at Alpha Asher’s words. Sean sent me one last pity and panic filled glance before he turned back to his opponent.

I huffed, and turned to look at Alpha Asher. I wanted a good look at the guy.

Much to my dismay, my jaw dropped. Alpha Asher had to have been the most attractive male I had ever seen.

His hair was the color of molten chocolate, short but also intoxicatingly messy. I tried not to drool as he slipped his shirt off, revealing a scarred but chiseled chest.

“Close your mouth, Lola.” Alpha Asher snapped, and I rolled my eyes at him. I could hear the growl rumble in his chest and I mentally slapped myself.

“You really shouldn’t keep pissing the dude off, you’re about to fight him.” Maya sighed, but I could tell she was enjoying my resistance.

“Yeah yeah, I know.” I grumbled.

Before I had the chance to react, Alpha Asher had launched himself at me. I grunted as his fist connected with my stomach, forcing me backwards.

I could feel myself losing balance as he came in for another strike. I let gravity take me backwards and rolled out of his way just in time to dodge another punch.

I got to my feet and shook off the pain. This was the same as training with Chris. I could do this. I couldn’t let his impeccable god-like looks distract me.

I watched as he lunged forward, his arm extending to throw a punch. I feigned turning left only to roll under his legs and launch myself at his back.

I clung to his back for dear life. At one point I almost started laughing, I was like a miniature backpack on him. I jumped off his back just in time for him to roll across the ground.

“That would’ve hurt.” Maya muttered, knowing he intended to do that with us still locked on his back.

If that hurt Alpha Asher, he showed no signs of it.

“You’re fast.” Alpha Asher pointed out, throwing a couple more hits to my face and body, which thankfully I managed to dodge.

This guy was fast. Faster than Chris and that was really saying something.

“I am. And you hit hard.” I snapped, dodging another punch. I didn’t move fast enough and winced as his fist grazed my hip.

I wasn’t sure how long I spent dodging Alpha Asher’s kicks and blows. By the time Asher stopped attacking me, I was completely exhausted. While I managed to dodge some of his hits, he was way faster than the normal werewolf. My entire body ached and groaned.

Alpha Asher was absolutely lethal. He must’ve been good at controlling his anger cause he had at least thirty five openings to kill me.

Just as I was about to leave with the rest of the group, Alpha Asher cut me off.

He stood in front of me, his arms crossed against his chest. He had slipped his shirt back on after training. Peeling my eyes away from the bulging veins on his arms, I looked into his toffee colored eyes.

“Did you learn something today, Lola?” His rough voice was cold and almost condescending.

Again, it seemed as though I had no self control around him. My lips spoke the words before my brain had a chance to catch up.

“Yeah, your nose twitches before you throw a punch.” I said deadpan. I watched as flecks of gold swirled in his eyes and wondered if his wolf were close to surfacing. I could feel my heart pounding, and I don’t think it was from the hours of training I just went through.

“Are you purposely disobedient, or is this just something you enjoy doing.” The muscles in jaw were moving again as he gave me a strange look.

“It’s just one of my very attractive qualities.” I shrugged and turned on my heel before I could say anything that really pissed him off.

I collapsed in a heap on the couch, waking my Dad from his recliner with a startled grunt.

“I see training went well.” He grumbled, “I see you’re still alive.” As if it were an achievement.

“My body hurts.” I groaned, flopping my head back on the couch.

“Alpha was Lola’s partner for the day.” Sean smirked, but he also seemed relieved.

“Shut up and let me suffer in silence.” I grumbled, happily accepting the cookie my grandmother offered me.

“Don’t be late tomorrow and maybe it wont happen again.” Sean smirked.

“Tomorrow?” I moaned. I had completely acted out today, not even thinking about tomorrow. Great.