Chapter 5 - Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Stepping inside, Marcus flicks the hallway light, and I can see better. The entire place is spotless. White Marble floors and a massive staircase led up to the next level. I couldn’t see in the rooms off the side because he didn’t turn those lights on, but if the foyer was anything to go by, the rest of the house would be breathtaking. It was way over the top, nothing I wouldn’t expect of the Blood Alpha. They are the wealthiest Pack and have half the City under its claim.

“This way,” he says, motioning for me to follow. I follow him up two flights of stairs before he stops at a black door. He pushes it open to reveal a king-size bed with a canopy. Mahogany furniture and a large black rug sat on the floor. A flat-screen TV was built into the wall, and he turned it on before turning the volume down a bit. I could also see a door leading to a balcony.

” Obviously, I don’t have a crib, but the bed is comfy, and the bathroom is through those doors. It is shared with the Alpha’s room next door, but he won’t be by tonight. Alpha Valen will probably stay at his flat in the City. Towels are in there, and I will be back to check on you at six am. I will take you to see the Alpha then,” he says before walking into the walk-in and grabbing some clothes for himself.

“Kitchen is downstairs if you are hungry, and I will see you later,” he tells me before walking out the door. I look around before flicking the air conditioning on and warming the room.

“This is nice, bubba, and tomorrow you can meet your father,” I whisper to him. I was excited; I knew he wouldn’t be able to deny him once he met him. He would know with just one look of him that he was his. We could always sense our own kin.

Walking into the bathroom, I gasp. It was white marble and white tiles with gold finishings. One wall was all mirrors above the basin, and the shower could easily fit three people. The sink was the perfect size to give my son a bath in. I was excited because he hadn’t had a proper bath since the hospital. I knew he would love it and instantly started prepping the sink with warm water using my elbow to test it before stripping him off, ensuring I held his head above the water. He moved his legs and arms,

swishing the water and babbling happily while eating his hands. Giving him the best wash he had since leaving the hospital, he relaxed more.

Getting him out, I drain the water and wrap him a towel before drying him and laying him on the bed while I dressed him. After his bottle, he fell asleep quickly. I propped pillows around him to ensure he didn’t fall off the bed before walking back to the bathroom and leaving the door open to hear him. Stripping my clothes off, I turned the shower on before stepping under the warm spray. I used the shower gel and shampoo I found, and I felt clean as I shut the water off.

I was wrapping the fluffy towel around myself when I suddenly heard voices. Drunken stumbling, a woman giggling, and I froze. Someone was here. I grabbed my clothes off the sink basin and was about to run into the room when the door opened, and a red-haired woman walked in, stopping when she noticed me. She had a tight dress that left little to the imagination, and she was clearly intoxicated.

She looks me up and down before she growls at me, her top lip pulling back over her teeth. “What are you doing in here, rogue?” She barks.

“I… Beta Marcus” Stuttering, I try to explain when the door was shoved open, and a man stormed in. No, the blood Alpha. He stunk heavily of whiskey, the smell so strong it burnt my nose, yet I couldn’t tear my eyes from his amber ones. He was gorgeous even while heavily intoxicated and barely able to stand upright. He was tall too and way bulkier than I remembered. He had dark hair and a five o’clock shadow, but his eyes, those eyes I couldn’t look away from. My brain fried in his presence and all I could do was stare, my brain screaming at me, my senses overloaded with his essence.

Mate! The blood Alpha was my mate. I knew it with every fiber of my being, even without having shifted yet. I was of age now, and I felt my heart flutter excitedly. I found my mate. Taking a step toward him, I reach out to him when his lips pull back over his teeth to reveal sharp canines. His face twisted in anger. I gasp, realizing he is too intoxicated to recognize me. Instead, he rushes toward me. His hands grab my throat as he pushes me against the cold tiled wall.

“What the fuck is a rogue doing in my house” he screams before sniffing me. I couldn’t talk; his grip was tight as he restricted my airway. He sniffs me before shaking his head. Then he shoves me back before commanding me.

“Get out of my house now before I have you killed,” he says, and my stomach drops. He can’t recognize me; I could just be a random off the street, some random rogue whore with how drunk he is, though he kept sniffing the air, his body telling him something was amiss, just the brain not registering me at all, I feel my heart sink. The woman behind him clearly enjoyed this confrontation; she probably hoped he would kill me. Rogues aren’t allowed on pack land. I never should have come here. I never should have got my hopes up, not even my own mate would help me, and this was my only chance at showing him he is a father, and now it just went out the window.

“Wait but, you are my”

“Get out!” He screams, and I flinch, his command rolling over me, and I grab my clothes from where I dropped them, rushing into the room and pulling them on.

“Come on, baby,” the woman purrs, clutching onto him. Tears brim in my eyes while I snatch my things up, unable to do anything against his command, unable to explain myself. Wrapping my son in his blanket and tucking him against me. I grab my bag before rushing down the steps when pain smashes me, taking my breath away.

Clutching the banister, my stomach cramps, making me cry out. I grit my teeth, pain tearing my heart apart, and I knew they were fucking. He was screwing her. I heard of women knowing when their mates are unfaithful, and I met him and with another woman.

I didn’t think it would hurt like this; I never envisioned this pain. He hadn’t even marked me. Running down the steps, I rush out the door. It was pouring with rain as a storm rolled across the night sky. Looking around helplessly, I am miles from my car, yet his command told me to leave and gave me no

choice. I start running, pulling my son under my shirt to shield him from the cold. My legs were moving with nowhere to go as I desperately tried to figure out where to go for shelter.

I don’t know how long I was running for, but I suddenly found myself on the City’s main street. Looking across the road was my old territory. My father’s Pack was on the opposite side of the main drag and only a ten-minute run.

Maybe he would take pity on me; perhaps he might change his mind once he met his grandson. I could only hope, at least for my son’s sake. Swallowing knowing I have no choice or I would be in the rain all night with a baby.

Deciding on taking my chances, I started running home. I ran the entire way before stopping out in front of my old house. The lights were all off. My heart twists as I look up the driveway of our single-story lavish home. Growing up here, I played with the pack kids in this street. Rode my bike along the footpath with my sister. My father used to toss the football with us on this very lawn after work when we were little, or he would help us climb the massive tree that sat off the side of the driveway. This was home, and I missed my old life, missed my family; I just hoped they missed me too.