Chapter 2 - Anything For Her

Men Are All Shallow

“No problem!”

Felix arranged for Tristan to be sent to Horington General Hospital without hesitation. The bullet might’ve been removed, but it was necessary for Tristan to undergo a checkup at the hospital.

The doctor at Horington General Hospital gaped in disbelief after he saw Tristan’s wound.

This doctor was the top surgeon at Horington General Hospital. If he was tasked to operate on patients like Tristan, he would have to carry out the surgery carefully. After all, the bullet was too close to Tristan’s heart.

The patient’s heart would rupture if the surgeon wasn’t careful enough. However, the person who saved Tristan managed to operate on him and remove the bullet successfully. Tristan’s heart remained healthy. Only a selected few in Chanaea could complete this feat.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with his wound?” Felix panicked as the doctor stayed silent for way too long.

“Mr. Tristan, may I know who removed the bullet for you?” the doctor asked earnestly.

He was a famous surgeon in Horington, but this person was clearly more skillful than him.

“I don’t know.” Tristan wanted nothing more than to know who was the person who saved him.

“The surgery was successful. You’ll only have to recuperate for a few months.”

The doctor was sorely disappointed to learn that Tristan didn’t know the person’s identity. He was the top surgeon in all of Horington and only became the director of his department after working for over

thirty years. Thus, he didn’t expect to run into someone who was better than him.

After the doctor left, Tristan shot Felix a look. The latter immediately left to investigate the matter.

The next morning, Felix arrived at Tristan’s ward to see the latter walking around.

“Mr. Tristan, do you have a death wish?” He couldn’t believe that Tristan was paying no heed to his health.

If the person back in Jipsdale finds out about this, he’ll rush here at once. Is he trying to get me in trouble?

“Stop talking nonsense,” Tristan snapped.

“I found out who saved you. Here you go.”

Felix handed a file to Tristan.

Tristan opened the file and pulled out the documents. His brows snapped together as he read the information inside.

“An eighteen-year-old student in her senior year?” How could a student in her senior year remove the bullet in my chest? ”Felix, how dare you pull such a stunt?”

Felix hurriedly waved his hands.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe it. I was shocked when I read the file, too. But I’ve confirmed it myself. It’s her.”

Felix showed him a photo.

Tristan took the photo from him. The young woman depicted in the photo had an unforgettable face. She was young, lively, and gorgeous. Her eyes were especially attractive.

“An eighteen-year-old student who is capable of defeating mercenaries and performing surgeries? Interesting.”

“Mr. Tristan, are we returning to Jipsdale?” Tristan landed in trouble the moment he arrived at Horington. Obviously, someone was intimidated by their presence here.

“We haven’t solved anything yet. Why would we return? Are you scared? If you are, you’re welcome to leave without me.”

Felix’s lips twitched helplessly.

“Don’t tell him about this.” The “him” Tristan was referring to was his father, William Lombard.

“What if Old Mr. Lombard asks about you? Do I have to keep it a secret?”

“Don’t tell him anything.” Tristan was certain he could handle the matter himself.

“Let’s go find her.”

When Felix found Sophie, the latter was surrounded by a few thugs.

“You’re Sophie Tanner, right?”

Sophie was wearing Horington High School’s uniform. Her sleeves were rolled up to expose her fair wrist.

Ignoring them, she strode forward.

“F*ck it, Boss. She just ignored you!” a lackey yelled. Everyone in Horington High School dared not go against their leader.

The leader of the thugs, Jack Keyes, bristled and rushed toward Sophie.

“I was talking to you. Are you f*cking deaf?” Jack demanded as he reached out to grab Sophie’s hand.

Sophie halted in her tracks and spat out the gum she had been chewing a while earlier.

“Scram,” came her icy reply.

“Ha! You’re quite hot-tempered, huh? You’ve offended someone whom you shouldn’t have offended!” Jack declared.

Having said that, he reached out to attack Sophie.

Before he could lay a hand on Sophie, she threw him over her shoulders. Jack fell to the ground with a thump, and he could no longer move.

“Do you know who I am? My dad is—”

His yell was cut short by Sophie, who stepped on his cheek forcefully.

“Shut up!” she snapped irritably.

The other thugs trembled in fear, for they had no idea Sophie was this good at fighting.

“Call my dad!” Jack screamed. “I want Sophie Tanner to leave Horington!”

Everyone was pointing fingers at Sophie after seeing what she did to Jack.

There was a rumor saying that Sophie used to be a delinquent. She had an abortion in middle school after getting pregnant with a thug’s child. Finding her embarrassing, her family ended up abandoning her in Horington. Thus, she had no choice but to fend for herself.

Sophie ignored their horrible insults and strode away.

A while later, a black car rolled to a stop beside her. The door was pushed open to reveal a tall and handsome man.

Coming to her, the man greeted, “Hello, Ms. Tanner. I am Felix Northley. My employer, Mr. Tristan, would like to talk to you.”

Sophie fished out a piece of gum from her pocket and started chewing on it.

Felix opened the door to the backseat, so Sophie hopped into the car.

The man inside was the very one she saved last night.

“You bled a lot but still survived. You’re quite lucky, huh?” Sophie remarked nonchalantly. Her face was devoid of emotions.

She sounds really aggressive. The corner of Felix’s lips twitched after hearing her words. Back in Jipsdale, only a handful dare to talk to Mr. Tristan this way.

“I am Tristan Lombard. Thank you for saving my life last night.”

Tristan gave her his name card.

Without looking at it, Sophie stuffed it into her backpack.

“Have you studied medicine before?” Felix blurted out. He couldn’t tamp his curiosity, for Sophie was just eighteen years old. She was capable of removing a bullet from a gunshot wound and was thus no ordinary being.

Sophie shook her head.

“Nope. My neighbor is a vet, so I helped him a couple of times previously,” came her answer.

Hearing that, Felix turned to look at Tristan.

Hear that? You’re nothing but an animal to her.

“Do vets know how to remove bullets?”

“Nope. He was almost dead, so there was no harm trying,” Sophie explained. She then told the driver, “Drop me off at the end of this street.”

The driver glanced at Tristan, who gave him a nod.

As requested, the driver stopped at the end of the street, and Sophie got out of the car.

“Ms. Tanner, don’t you need our help?” After all, she seemed to have offended someone influential.

“No need.”

Sophie gave a dismissive wave. She was confident that she could handle the matter herself.

Before Tristan’s car could leave, she hailed a taxi and left.

“Wow, that was sassy of her.” Felix had never seen any woman as cool and pretty as Sophie. “Mr. Tristan, do you think she can be trusted?” he asked.

“What do you think?” Tristan didn’t even bother sparing him a look. “Interesting.”

Felix was befuddled. Did Mr. Tristan just comment that she’s interesting?

“Mr. Tristan, have you taken a liking to her? Yes, I’ll admit that she’s pretty. In fact, she’s prettier than those well-known beauties in Jipsdale. But she’s too young!” he exclaimed.

Tristan shot him a look.

“How shallow of you.”

Felix fell silent. Yes, I’m shallow. Men are all shallow beings!