Chapter 5 - Alpha Nocurne's Contracted Mate

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 05 No Longer Endure It

She snorted quietly and leaned in to whisper in Ann’s ear.

“No wonder Brad couldn’t wait to be inside me, just look at the state of you.” She sneered.

Ann clenched her fingers into fists as she fought desperately to stop Maeve from launching at Ada and escalating this further.

‘Don’t just stand there and take this, the little b*tch needs to know her place. Let me teach her a lesson she won’t forget.’ Maeve snarled angrily.

‘Maeve, we can’t, she doesn’t have a wolf yet. You know the laws, it wouldn’t be a fair fight, and the punishment..’ ‘Screw the punishment, Ann, let me just bite her a little bit, maybe remove one of her limbs. At least then she’ll have fewer appendages to wrap around other people’s mates.” She snapped viciously as she tried to surge forwards.

Ann closed her eyes tightly, clenched her jaw, and fought back against her wolf as Ada sniggered.

“Awww, what’s wrong? Is your little wolf angry?”

It didn’t take long for Ann to regain control, her wolf slinking off to slump in a corner and growl threateningly. Before long, the rage of her wolf had subsided and silence descended. Ann opened her eyes to glare icily at her sister.

think, Ada? You slept with her soul mate, the one who was intended as our perfect match! I know you hate me, but it was unnecessary.” Ann finally replied, her face calm and

her face twisted into an ugly mask of spiteful

little miss perfect. Mark my words Ann, I’ll make sure that

you out so late?!” A

emerged from the drawing

her stepsister and focused her attention on Narcissa. The two stared at each other for

my head.” Ann finally answered flatly, feeling like an exhibition on display with

down to show your parents before you disappeared out into the

could stop herself she found herself

mean parent? My mother died a long time ago and you are not fit to share that honor with her memory.” Anne answered

hurt expression. “You

kind of stepmother that you read about in fairy tales. She’s

f0rced masquerade as a happy family. The family was supposed to be warm and inviting with a sense of comfort and security, not cold and unfriendly with the necessity of having to watch your

next to him angrily as he began to advance toward Ann,

and took hold of his arm with a sly smirk in Ann’s direction as she feigned an attempt to try to stop

us.” Ada whined. Ann glared furiously at the trio as Narcissa joined her daughter in the pathetic act