Chapter 8 - Captivation: Want Nothing But You

The police took the document from Andy's hand.

When they read its contents, their faces changed completely.

Caroline glanced at the document as well, and her intuition told her that the document was bad news for them.She glanced at Jack meaningfully.


"Rachel, I gave you a chance! How long are you planning to harass us? Get the fuck out of our house, and leave us alone!"

Jack strode forward and tried to grab Rachel.

But before he could touch her, the two policemen barred his path.

All of a sudden, Jack stopped in his tracks.

Caroline was surprised at the turn of events, but she managed to force a smile.

"Officers, this man is the owner of "

"Are you Jack Jenkins?" one of the policemen asked seriously.

Jack had to suppress his anger because he was talking to uniformed officers.

"Yes, I am," he answered.

"What is the name of your ex-wife?"

Jack frowned at that.He never expected that the police would ask that question out of the blue.

"Elisa Bennet.But she's been dead for years."

"Is this girl your daughter with your dead wife?" the policeman asked, gesturing at Rachel.

Jack looked at the policemen, trying to figure out why they were asking such questions.

"That's right."

"In that case, she's right," said the policeman.

"Do you want to leave the house by yourselves or do you want us to drag you away?"

Everyone was stunned to hear that.

Caroline hurried forward, still wearing a forced smile.

"Sir, what are you trying to say? Why did you ask us that question? We've been living here for twenty years! What reason do you have"

"Reason? You're trespassing on a private property!" the policeman shouted.


Caroline turned pale as she looked at Jack.

Even Jack didn't understand what was going on.

He frowned and said confidently, "This has been my home for twenty years.How could you say that I am trespassing?"

"Don't you get it? This lady here, Rachel Bennet, owns this villa!"

After saying that, he showed the document to Jack.

"How is that possible?"

Alice screamed after hearing that revelation.

She was about to grab the document from the policeman's hand, but she was halted by the man's steely gaze.

The document was a last will and testament.

It wasn't the original copy, but it was enough to prove that Rachel was the owner of this house.

The police thought that Rachel's request to drive her family away was inconceivable, but according to the law, Jack and the others were trespassing in her house, and she was well within her rights to drive them out.

"But that's impossible! Dad, say something! Tell them this house belongs to you."

With a livid expression, Jack fell silent.

lt seemed that he acquiesced to this turn of events.

This house had once belonged to Elisa.

She never had the time to distribute her properties when she died, so Jack assumed that he would receive her properties after her death.

That was what he had believed...

Until just now.

Who would've thought that Elisa left a will! On top of that, the will was not made public until more than ten years later! Caroline clenched her fists; her eyes brimming with anger.

Elisa had orchestrated all of this.

Rachel appeared from behind Andy and yawned, "Officers, please drive them out for me.Thanks for taking the time to come here.Oh, and Mr.Torres, please help me take care of the rest.My eyelids feel heavy now, so I'm going to sleep.Thanks for your help."

The emotions intertwined in her chest.

She had no idea why these emotions were growing stronger and stronger, troubling her brain all the time.

In addition, Rachel seldom exercised, so the few kicks she performed earlier siphoned her energy.

"Don't worry.I'll take care of it," said Andy.

Rachel nodded, glancing at the necklace in her hand with satisfaction.

Afterwards, she flashed them a smile before she went upstairs.

The sight of Rachel's complacent face made Alice feel the pain coming from her wounds.

"Dad!" she growled.

Jack was speechless.

Looking at the will made him angrier with every passing second.

At this moment, anxiety grew in Alice's heart.

'’Why? This is my home! How could it be Rachel's? How dare she? Everything belongs to me! Upon seeing that Alice was about to attack Rachel again, the policemen stopped her.

"Miss Jenkins, if you try to hurt Miss Bennet again, we will arrest you on the spot!"

"You! What are you doing? Why are you protecting her? Can't you see how wounded I am? If you don't help me, I will complain about both of you!"

Alice snarled.

Andy stepped in and played the video he had recorded for the police.

"Sir, as you can see in this video, Miss Alice Jenkins here started the fight.The video will show you how she got her wounds."

Alice was shocked to hear that.

"What video?"

Andy didn't respond to her question.

He just glanced at Alice, Caroline, and Jack one by one.

Now, Alice felt even more agitated.

‘'Did he record what happened just now? No! I can't let the police see it! Alice panicked.She lost the ability to think about her actions, and she instinctively tried to grab Andy's phone.

The policeman warned her, "Miss Jenkins, do you want us to arrest you for obstruction of justice?"

Caroline immediately grabbed Alice.

"Sir, I'm sorry about my daughter's behavior.She's just being silly."

"Yes, she is."

After watching the video, the policemen put on a stern expression.

"Intentional injury, slander, illegal possession of others' property, and repeated offenses.Alice Jenkins, we are placing you under arrest for those charges."

After saying that, the police took out a set of handcuffs.

With no room to resist, Alice's arms were cuffed behind her back.

The look on Caroline's and Jack's faces changed dramatically.

Meanwhile, inside the CEO's office of the Sullivan Group, a knock could be heard from the door.

"Come in," said Victor.

As soon as Ivan heard him speak, he entered the office, put down the document on Victor's desk, and said, "Mr.Sullivan, something happened to Ms.Bennet's..."

Victor didn't even raise his head when he interrupted, "I've already divorced her.I don't have anything to do with her, even if she's dead."

"It's not about Miss Bennet..."

Ivan hesitated for a moment and continued, "It's about Alice Jenkins, Rachel's half-sister."

Upon hearing that, Victor looked at Ivan in the eye.


Ivan nodded.

"Rachel went back to the Alice's place this morning.She called the police to drive Alice and her parents out for trespassing.During the process, Alice must've done something to Rachel.That's why the police arrested Alice, and Rachel has told her lawyer to sue Alice.They're demanding her to issue a public apology in a newspaper, and kneel at the gate of her house for three days and nights.Otherwise, Rachel will not withdraw the lawsuit, and Alice will be sent to jail."

The veins on Victor's temples began to show.

"Alice might not be able to accompany you to the dinner party tonight.Shall I arrange another female companion for you?" Ivan asked respectfully.

"No, that's okay," Victor replied.

He slammed the pen in his hand on the table, gritted his teeth, and ordered, "Send someone to bring Rachel here!"

Ivan was surprised by his command.

"Are you saying that..."

A cold smile appeared on Victor's face.

"Didn't Rachel do something to Alice just because I was going to take her to the dinner party? This isn't new.She has done something more horrible than this in the past.I really thought that I'd be able to get rid of her after the divorce, but...Well, in that case, I'll bring her along as she wishes."

Ivan's heart sank.

It seemed that Victor was going to make Rachel's life miserable tonight.