Chapter 2 - Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Rachel stopped to look at the woman approaching her.


Alice Jenkins was her half-sister, a veritable two-faced bitch.

As she stood in front of Rachel, Alice grinned.

"My dear sister, are you moving out?"

Rachel rolled her eyes at her, and put on a fake smile.

"It's been so long since we last saw each other.Why do you still like asking dumb questions so much? Does a bear shit in the woods?"

Her remark left Alice livid.But she soon suppressed her anger, changing into an innocent expression again.

"I'm just trying to show you some concern.How can you think of me that way?"

Concern? That was funny.She just wanted to mock her.

With a face devoid of emotion, Ivan intervened in their conversation.

He reminded Rachel, "Mrs.Sullivan, it's time for you to leave.Mr.Sullivan is about to come back."

The corners of her mouth twitched.

She pointed at Alice and said to Ivan, "It's not that I don't want to leave; it's just that there's a mad dog blocking my path.I'm afraid that she'll bite me."

Ivan was rendered speechless.

Alice began to shed crocodile tears.

"Rachel, I know you're getting divorced today.I was really worried that you'll be sad, so I left my work early to come to see you.How...How could you say that to me? I'm your sister."

"Shut up! I don't have a dog for a sisler."

Rachel quickly distanced herself from Alice, and turned to Ivan again.

"Ivan, shall we?"

His temples began to ache, and he failed to maintain his stern expression for a moment.

Left with no other choice, he said to Alice, "Miss Jenkins, please excuse us."

Alice bil her lower lip.Her eyes were fiery wilh rage at this moment, but they were covered by her bangs.

"Ivan, an untrained dog cannot comprehend human language," Rachel said to taunt her.

That remark made Alice fume with rage.

She clenched her fists, and glared at Rachel.

Upon seeing Alice restrain her anger, Rachel tilted her head a little, smiling to vex Alice even more.

The arrogant smile on Rachel's face annoyed Alice.

‘'What the hell is going on? Rachel is usually timid, and she's always obedient and grateful to me.Why did her personality turn upside down?’'

"Miss Jenkins," Ivan called out his voice held a hint of impatience.

Alice pressed her lips, hiding her suspicions.

"Ivan, I'm not implying that I don't want my sister to leave.It's just that Victor asked me to see how things are going here."

Both Ivan and Rachel were surprised to hear that.

"Victor knew that I was coming here, so he specifically told me to watch Rachel pack up and leave.He said that according to the divorce agreement, Rachel wasn't allowed to take anything that belongs to the Sullivan family.I'm just here to make sure she upholds the agreement." Alice looked at the suitcase beside Rachel.

"So, Rachel, could you please open your suitcase? I need to check if you took anything that doesn't belong to you." Rachel frowned at that.

"It only contains a few clothes.I didn't take anything that belongs to the Sullivans!"

Alice grabbed the suitcase from her and said, "I'm afraid it's not up to you to decide.If you didn't take anything inappropriate with you, why are you so afraid of letting me see the contents of your suitcase?"

After that, she laid the suitcase on the ground and opened it.

Inside it, several clothes had been piled up in a mess.

It seemed that Rachel really didn't take anything valuable with her.

Alice gritted her teeth.

She didn't expect that Rachel was telling the truth.

Unwilling to let her go so easily, Alice rummaged through the clothes.

It was as if she wasn't going to stop until she had found a piece of evidence that could prove Rachel had stolen something from the Sullivans.

The only contents of the suitcase were Rachel's clothes and cosmetics, and yet Alice kept rummaging through the suitcase for over ten minutes.

"Are you done checking?"

Rachel glanced down at Alice.

"I'm just following Victor's orders.It's better to check thoroughly," Alice replied softly.

"Fine.Go ahead and check those clothes for as long as you want.I don't want them anymore."

Rachel shook her head.

The bruises on her body still hadn't healed yet.

She really didn't want to waste any more time with Alice, and she didn't want to wait for Victor to come back and try to strangle her again.

Now that she had said her piece, Rachel walked past Alice and towards the elevator and pushed the button.

Ivan followed suit.


Before long, the elevator arrived at the third floor.

The sliding doors opened slowly.

Just before Rachel could walk in, she suddenly felt a chill.

The temperature around her dropped several degrees, making her shiver and stop in her tracks.

The first thing she saw was a pair of shiny leather shoes.

When she raised her head, she caught sight of Victor's aloof face.


Ivan was the first to react, bowing his head respectfully.

"Rachel, it seems that you've forgotten what I told you this morning."

There was a flash of warning in Victor's eyes, and he sounded ill-tempered.

The second she saw him, Rachel thought of how Victor choked her this morning.

She trembled with fear, wary of what he might do to her.

Standing in attention, she said, "No, I remember."

"Oh, you do? Then why the hell are you still here?" Victor asked, striding towards her.

Rachel kept pacing backwards until her back was against the wall.She closed her eyes for a second and then braced herself to look into his eyes.

"You should ask Alice.I was about to leave, but she appeared out of nowhere and delayed me.That's why I."

Rachel was half-way to finishing her explanation when Alice suddenly interrupted her.

"How could you lie like that?" she asked with tearful eyes.

"I'm not lying!"

At this moment, Rachel was cursing Alice in her head.

If it weren't for this woman, she would've left an hour ago, and she wouldn't have run into Victor.

Damn it.

As if she was about to break into tears, Alice said, "Victor, I didn't mean to delay Rachel's departure.I was just following your orders to check her luggage.I'm afraid that she'll steal your stuff.My sister revels in lying.I didn't expect that she'd lie again this time."

Alice's words reminded Victor of everything that Rachel had done, making him look more sullen than usual.

"Do you honestly think I won't try to kill you?"

All of a sudden, he strangled Rachel with his hand, slamming her head against the wall.

She didn't see that coming, but she managed to grab Victor's hand instinctively.

The pain coming from the back of her head made her dizzy.

"Vic...Victor!" Rachel called out with difficulty.

"How dare you test my patience over and over?" said Victor.

With every passing second, Rachel was losing her consciousness.She couldn't break free from Victor's grasp at all.

Upon seeing the situation, Ivan decided to intervene.

He hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Mr.Sullivan, if something happens to Mrs.Sullivan, those bastards in the board of directors will use that against you.If that happens, your plan of concentrating equity will be hampered."

"Fuck off!" Victor roared.

His fingers that were gripping Rachel's neck turned pale because of how strong he was gripping her.