Chapter 1 - Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

"Good morning, dad!" Yadav glided down the stairs in his full suit.

"Good morning, Yadu! What's your plan for the day?" His dad Aravind asked him while sitting on the dining table.

Yadav is the only son of Aravind and Shalini. Only heir to The Rishid Group of Companies. He is a 27yrs young man with terrific talent. He has established himself as a noteworthy person amongst other business tycoons in India in just 2years. Yadav has many principles that pave his way to success. He never compromises anything that concerns his business. He is a straight-forward man. He is a very punctual man. He started up a charity when he took over the business 2 years back. He thinks extending a helping hand to people in need is far better than paying huge taxes. He also owns a movie production house of his own. He is one of the top 10 Indians who has no Tax pending.

He pays for nearly 1000 heart surgeries every year. He has adopted almost all old age homes and orphanages in Chennai. He pays for their education. There are many college

students who are poor, studying through his trust. He even promised employment to the best students.

"Nothing special dad. It's the usual. But I have to go to the spot where our ad-film shooting is going on." He replied to his dad.

"Yadu! You know we don’t like your involvement with these girls! Why don’t you..."

"Come on, dad. Gimme a break. I know what I am doing. I'm going today because it's the last day of the shooting. I'm meeting the director!"

"Yadu, You are getting so many marriage proposals, dear. Why don’t you see the photos?" His mom Shalini asked him as she came into the dining hall.

"Ma! Please! I'm just 27. Marriage can wait until I'm 30."

"That's for guys who need to settle in life. You are all ready to start a life. You are the best in everything. Why don’t you just let go of these girls? Listen to me dear."

Shalini, though the wife of a billionaire, is a very down to earth persona. She is a loving mother. Her only disappointment with her son is, he has a bad reputation with girls. She is pushing hard on him to get him married. But Yadav just dodges every attempt his parents make.

"Ma, please, Don’t start now. I have a lot of work to attend to, today." He denied her yet again.

He ate his breakfast in a hurry and went to his car. He self-drives his car. He loves cars. He

has a huge collection of the latest cars. Today he took his Tesla! Once in the car, he called his friend Shiva. Shiva is Yadav's friend from school. Not very rich like Yadav, Shiva is a wonderful person at heart. Though they didn't study their college together, Yadav readily accepted Shiva in his concern. Yadav always has a special place for Shiva. That love for him, earned Shiva a good job and a good salary. Shiva works with Yadav and is like a right hand to him. Yadav even lets Shiva attend meetings on his behalf.

"Dei! Where are you? Has the flight reached on time?" Yadav asked Shiva.

"Hi da! Yeah, the flight is on time. I just came out collecting my baggage. I will be in office in another half an hour if not for traffic."

"Oh, you won't be late. Just come out of gate C. I'm waiting here."

"Dei why did you come? I would have come straight to the office." Shiva said.

"Pch! It's ok, da. Come soon. I will drop you off at the office. You carry on with the work. You know what to do."

"And where the hell are you going?" Shiva asked him, irritated.

"You know that too."


"Don't start man. I already had an ear-full at home."

"You sure will end up with AIDS."

"Haha! I always use protection da."

"Get lost! You won’t listen. I pity your future wife."

"Oh, there is no one like that. Why should I fuck the same girl when I can fuck different

girls every night?"

"God! Gross! It's not just about sex, idiot. I'm out already. I saw your Tesla."

"I see you too. Come."

The car left the airport and started floating on the Chennai traffic. Shiva always tries and stops every girl that tries to approach Yadav. He almost stopped him from every morning attempts by bringing him some work or by sending those bitches away saying Yadav is busy. But Nights are solely for Yadav.

"Dei you have to sign that Kapoor's contract today. I will call our attorney now."

"Our model for this ad is Mouni. You know how desperate she is for me. She has openly asked me to stay with her today, da. I gave her my word."

"Your word my foot! Why are you doing this Yadav!? Don't you feel like you are doing


"We already had this conversation, Shiva. I don't go to girls. They come to me. I don't touch

girls who are not interested. I don't do relationships. I clearly tell them that it's just sex and nothing more. They give me pleasures and in turn receive pleasure from me. I don't favor them for this in any way. I like this. No commitments. Just let me be as I am."

"But with just sex, you will get bored soon. You need love, Yadav!"

"You mean like in movies? Love doesn't exist in today's world, idiot. Pleasures and money

are the only things that exist."

"You are wrong! A complete life needs love. I'm really worried for you. Stop this all soon, Yadav. What if this fling of yours gets in the way when you find your love?"

"That's a hypothetical question. You check on the contract and I will sign it at noon. I won’t be there for more than 2hrs. I will be back soon."

"Huh! Ok!"

Yadav dropped Shiva in his office and went to the shooting spot.