Chapter 10 - CEO's Ex-wife Stunned the World

Chapter 10 Apologize to My Mommy

“I haven’t finished my meeting yet. So, go back, sweeties! I will go home immediately when I am off work, okay?”

“Mommy, Bruce and I are worried that you will be bullied! We will stay to protect you!” Alex put his hands in his pockets.

When Julianna heard this, she couldn’t help but sinile. “Thanks, sweethearts!

“But I am in a meeting now! If you stay here, I will be distracted!”

“Then…. Mommy, you can go to the meeting, and we will wait for you here! I will take good care of Bruce. We won’t cause trouble!” Although Alex was only three years old, he was intelligent.

“Don’t worry, Mommy. We won’t run around!” Bruce was quick-witted. He read people’s expressions well. His personality was completely different from his brother’s.

When the two children were playing with their phones, they saw many people attacking Julianna online!

worried. So, they came to protect Julianna. They also wanted to see who was bullying

They Julianna.

“No one is bullying me. I am a superwoman!” Julianna smiled as she comforted the children, not wanting to leave them any bad memories.

Mothers were all strong.

For the sake of her three children, she had to be strong.

Glenn smiled gently and patted Julianna on the shoulder. “Julie, don’t worry! I’ll stay here and watch over them!”

“Then …alright! Thank you!”

“Don’t mention it. You can go do your things! If you need any help, just tell me!”


With Glenn cheering her on, Julianna felt a little more confident!

Edwin stood to the side and watched, feeling cheated on.

Julianna slept with him for two years without being pregnant! Yet just after they divorced, she gave birth to two bastards.

People might think that he was bad in bed.

“Ten minutes is up! Are you still coming back to the meeting?

TiThis is a company, not an amusement park! If you want to coax children, do it at home!” Edwin

said coldly and sourly.

After that, he strode forward with his long legs and charged through the middle of Glenn and Julianna without any grace!

Edwin thought, Julianna, if you dare to cuckold me, I will make you regret it!

And these two bastards as well!

Even if they had divorced a long time ago!

He still had a strong possessiveness of Julianna.

Julianna staggered. Her high heels fell to the side, and she almost fell.

Glenn reached out in time and picked her up.

Edwin was even more furious seeing that.

He thought, bitches! How dare you guys do this in front of me?

Good. Very good!

Wait to die! All of you!

“Julie, are you alright?”

“Mommy, are you alright?” Alex and Bruce hurriedly ran over!

Bruce squatted down carefully and rubbed Julianna’s ankle with his chubby little hands!

“I’m fine!”

“You didn’t sprain your ankle, did you?” Glenn put his hand on Julianna’s waist and bent down to


“Nope!” After Julianna steadied herself, she glared at Edwin.

“What are you looking at? Come in! My time is very precious. I don’t have time to argue with you!”

When Alex saw this, he was instantly furious. He put his hands on his waist and shouted fiercely,


Edwin raised an eyebrow and looked down at the little guy in front of him!

Alex raised her head and pointed at Edwin’s nose angrily. “Apologize to my mommy!”

Edwin couldn’t help but sheer when he heard this!

No one in Philadelphia dared to ask him to apologize.

However, he wasn’t going to argue with a child.

Bad guy! How dare you bully my mommy? I won’t let you off!” Alex’s little face flushed red as he

chased after Edwin!

“Little bastard, get lost!”

“Bastards? You are calling us bastards?”

Edwin’s face darkened when he heard that. “Julianna, take care of your son!”

“I won’t be angry at kids, but you are an adult!”

Julianna quickly pulled Alex in her arms. “Alex, be a good boy. I am fine! Go back with Bruce now!”

“Alex, don’t cause trouble for Mommy! Let’s go back to the hotel!” Bruce rolled his eyes, pulled his brother, and whispered something into his ear!

When Alex heard this, his little face calmed down. He shouted at Edwin, “Bad guy, just wait!”

“Momniy, we’ll go back!”

Okay, be careful!”

“I’ll send them back. Call me if you need anything!”

Julianna nodded. “Thanks.”

“Alex, Bruce, let’s go! Say goodbye to Mommy!”

“Goodbye, Mommy!”

“Bye, cutie pies!”

Glenn smiled, holding one kid in each hand as he walked towards the elevator!

“Continue the meeting!”

Edwin and Julianna entered the meeting room one after another!

Edwin raised his eyebrows with a careless look on his face,”Julianna, Have you considered it? Do you dare to sign this gambling agreement?”

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