Chapter 4 - Contract Marriage With The Disabled CEO


  One year ago, Sarah had attended an interview to work for this company. The final interviewer was Charles. When she had met him, he was reclining on his chair with his fingers interlocked on his abdomen. He was so casual, and it was his casual attitude that made him distinctive. His eyes were so delicate; his thin lips were slightly exposing his beautiful teeth. Under the sunlight, he appeared to be an impossibly handsome man.

  From that moment, she was attracted to him. After the interview, she became his personal secretary, so she had more opportunity to be in contact with him and marvel at his outstanding business talents. Eventually, she fell in love with him. A man of such high quality was always easy to be loved by women, and Sarah was no exception. It had never occurred to her though that he was a devil.

  He knew she loved him, but he still toyed with her emotions, as if he was happy to see that she lived an unhappy life. She thought about the situation at the hotel again. Her body was still bruised from his love bites, while the faint scent of humility lingered on her skin.

  She bowed her head timidly, with her hands clutching the folder and pen tightly. She didn't know why she still persisted. If she continued to stay here, he would only bully her even more. She had already been desperate this morning. Would she still wait for that cruel hearted man? Was it all worth it?

  Sarah thought for a long time. Then she looked at the closed door of the conference hall, and there was no sign of anyone about to leave. She bit her lower lip and finally turned around to go back to her office, sure that she had made up her mind.

  She had decided that she was going to resign! She must leave him. She would no longer stay here and be humiliated.

  Once she was back in her office, Sarah began to write her letter of resignation. While she was writing it, her eyes began to well up with tears. She had persisted for a whole year, and after all that, she was giving up. However, what could she do if she didn't give up? That man had never loved her. After finishing the resignation letter, she found a box and started to put all her things inside it.

  Her assistant Nancy was not in the office, so there was no one to stop her. She quickly packed her things up, then sat on the desk and waited for Charles to return from his meeting.

  After about an hour of waiting, Charles finally came back. Sarah stood up and greeted him back to the office as usual.

  However, the moment that Charles saw her, he said to her coldly, "How can you leave during the meeting? What if I order something?" His tone was accusatory and hurtful.

  Sarah was so upset, with her head lowered, she said, "Sir, I have thought for a long time. I still feel that I cannot adapt to this job."

  Charles was about to step into his own office, but upon hearing her words, he stopped and turned around to stare at her, "What?"

  Sarah dared not to look at him but bit her lower lip and answered, "I want to resign!"

  Charles stared at her for a long time, then smiled coldly, "Are you sure you're not joking?"

  Sarah didn't look at him. She replied firmly, "I'm not joking. This is a decision that I have carefully considered!"

  Charles sneered as he fixed his tie. Calmly, he walked into his office and said, "I'm just going to ignore what you've said, get back to work."

  Sarah finally raised her head, followed him into his office, and said, "I'm not joking. I have already written my letter of resignation. I'm very serious." With this, she handed him the letter.

  Turning around to inspect her and the letter, Charles laughed, "Except me and this Corporation, who is going to give you a job with both a high salary and good welfare? Do you think you can live a better life after leaving me? Your sister is still at school. Without any parents, who will help you afford her tuition? Besides, you are just a graduate from an average university, where can you find a job as good as this?"

  Charles's words hit Sarah like a bullet. She bit her lower lip and said confidently, "Even if it means I starve to death, I still want to resign. It's better than being humiliated and insulted here!" She put her letter of resignation on his table.

  "Are you still mad about what I did in the hotel?" Charles stared at her as if he was trying to gauge her reaction. Sarah, however, didn't respond to him, which made him angry. In a fit of rage, Charles took the letter and quickly tore it apart.

  Shocked, Sarah shouted at him, "You! Why do you tear my resignation apart?"

  "I have the right to refuse my employee's resignation," Said Charles with a wry smile.

  "You are too much!"

  "Am I?" Charles walked in front of her, pinched her chin, and asked, "Sarah, do you love me?"

  "Let go of me!" Sarah slapped his hand and turned her head away from him.

  Charles continued to pinch her chin and said, "Sarah, don't you want a romantic love? I'll give it to you! From now on, you will be my girlfriend. I'll satisfy you and give you everything you want! Then, will you still want to resign?"

  Sarah was totally shocked and stared at him, then whispered, "What did you say?"

  "I say, from today on, you will be my girlfriend. I will respect you and try my best to give you what you want. So, do you still leave me?"

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