Chapter 2 - Divorce Is The Best Choice

Chapter 2 Bastard Jason

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The reason was also simple. Before Jenny came back, he needed someone to help him deal with the elders in his family.

She was loved by his parents and grandparents, which was just suitable.

Sometimes she wanted to ask.

Does she look like a fool?

Otherwise, why did Jason take it for granted that she would be willing to help him hide the affair with his elders.

Now he suddenly brought up the divorce, and she was unhappy.

Even after six months of psychological preparation, even though she knew he was a scum man, she still felt a little emotional.

Gently sighing, she walked to the sofa, sat down and took out the mobile phone.

Clicked on WhatsApp to find the contact person, “White mouse“, with whom she had not been in contact for two years, and sent a message:

[Check whether Noth Group has any difficulties recently, and Jason is suffering from an incurable disease.]

After the message was sent out, the other party replied immediately.

White Mouse: [!!!!!!!!]

White Mouse: [Sister Sarah, did you come alive?]

White mouse: [Fuck, I never thought that I would have the opportunity to receive your message in my lifetime.

What have you been doing in the past two years? Why have you disappeared?]

White mouse: [Do you know that we are going to build a tombstone for you.]

Sarah: “…”

She didn’t explain too much. She only replied one word since she was upset: [check]

White Mouse: [OK!]

Sarah put her mobile phone there and waited for reply.

If Jason planned to divorce her because he was afraid of dragging her down, she can let bygones be bygones and even help him.

But if he was a real scum, she will not hesitate to kick him away.

About half an hour later, she received the reply.

White mouse: [No difficulty, no terminal disease, no illness.]

Chapter 2 Bastard Jason


White Mouse: [Sister Sarah, why do you want me to check this?]

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White mouse: Jason is handsome and rich. You two are very suitable. Don’t you like handsome man? Do you

want to have a try?]

Sarah ignored his question and said in a rude way: [You and the dog are also very suitable.]

After sending this, she quit WhatsApp.

Since there were no external factors, there was only one reason: Jason is a real scum!

The White mouse didn’t know why he is mocked.

What’s wrong with sister Sarah?

Now he can’t get an answer to this question.

Sarah glanced at the divorce agreement on the table. After a while, she took the pen aside and signed it.

After signing, she threw it in the cabinet in the room, and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

When she came out after taking a bath.

She found 99+ unread WhatsApp messages on mobile phone and 32 missed calls.

Sarah: “…”

It must be Julian told everyone about her contact with him.

She took a dry towel in one hand and wiped her long, messy, wet black hair.

She took her mobile phone in the other hand to read the messages on it.

Before she could unlock her phone.

A phone call came in. Caller was Eric.

Looking at this person who hadn’t been in touch for two years, Sarah had complicated feelings.

At the beginning, she left New York because of her mother. She did not contact him, and he did not contact


They both had a tactic understanding.

After much hesitation, she picked it up.

Sarah’s voice was very weak: “Hello.”

After said that.

The other side was silent.

Sarah had no patience with him. Just as she was about to hang up, the other person spoke, and his voice was a bit hoarse: “Sarah.”

Chapter 2 Bastard Jason


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Simple word.

It aroused Sarah’s deepest memory.

She didn’t retort, but asked blandly, “What’s the matter?”

“I heard from Julian that you contacted him.” The middle–aged man continued to say, and she could vaguely

notice the guilt in his voice.

“He said that you checked Jason. Do you need father’s help?”

“No.” Sarah didn’t want to be involved with him too much.

Her father paused for a long time before he said again, “What’s your relationship with him?”

“We are husband and wife who are about to divorce.” Sarah dropped a heavy bomb.

Her father: “!!!”



Husband and wife?


“I will hang up.” Sarah didn’t want to continue the conversation.

Her father quickly said, “Wait.”

Sarah didn’t speak.

The atmosphere was frozen.

It took a long time to say, “When will you be back?”

“That woman doesn’t live at home.” Afraid that she would hang up, her father hurriedly added,

“Your mother’s stuff have never been touched.”

Sarah’s eyes filled with emotion, but coldly answered: “I know.”

She hung up without hesitation.

Her father felt aggrieved with his mobile phone in his hand.

He hadn’t asked about marriage yet…….

Sarah didn’t care what he thought.

After hanging up the phone, she set her mobile phone to flight mode, dried her hair and fell asleep on the bed.

A peaceful night.

At 8:00 the next morning, Sarah got up, washed, ate and changed clothes.

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Today, she specially put on a light makeup. Her pale skin looked very bright after applying makeup.

Her lips were full, and you can’t see the lip lines at a close distance. The most attractive thing was her eyes.

Her laugh can cure everything.

When Jason came, he saw that she had already packed up and sat on the sofa.

Her shoulder length hair was pinned behind her ears, her bangs were combed up, and she wore a black beret on her head.

When she saw him coming, she stood up and put her coat on her shoulder.

A decent rich young lady.

“Let’s go.” Sarah still carried a bag in her hand.

Jason did not move. His figure was long and slim, which was set off by a tailored suit: “I will not go today.”

Sarah: “?”

“I have other things to deal with.” Jason’s deep voice was a little cold, and he couldn’t help looking at her, “I’ll be with you tomorrow.”

“Jason Noth.” Sarah called his name.

Jason didn’t like the way she called him.

“I put on makeup today.” Sarah kindly reminded, “If you still want to get a successful divorce, you should cancel your business.

I don’t like people who break their promises.”

Jason’s eyes were as sharp as knives.

After weighing the pros and cons, he went out and made a phone call. She vaguely heard that he said that Jenny, the hospital and review.

With the purse in her hand, Sarah got emotional and scolded him in her heart.

At this time, he still cared about his ex–girlfriend.

Jason didn’t notice her mood. He only thought that she was too beautiful today.

She was very different from her gentle appearance in the past. Even her temperament had changed a lot.

He hung up the phone and asked her where she wanted to go. Sarah said the largest luxury goods store in Atlanta.

It’s not shopping.

It’s stocking.

Chapter 2 Bastard Jason

At ten o’clock, four bodyguards had already carried watches, jewelry, bags and clothes bought by Sarah.

Jason kept receiving messages from bank.

Looking at the woman who walked into the top luxury jewelry store again, his face was dark.

He finally understood the she didn’t want him to accompany her shopping. The woman was deliberately

annoying him.

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