Chapter 8 - Evershining Stars, Everlasting Love

Vince Yi gently put me on the soft bed. I nervously supported his chest with my arms and stared at his face. At this moment, his deep eyes were also staring at me.

My face flushed and my mind went blank. But I knew one thing. I married to Jerry Lu. If I had sex with Vince now, then I was just a beast and betrayed our marriage like him?

Last time, he begged me to do that, but this time, I took the initiative. It was totally different.

I struggled on the bed in a hurry, looked into Vince's eyes and explained nervously, "II haven't divorced yet. I can't betray Jerry." As soon as I finished speaking, I tried hard to move away from his body.

Vince’s eyes darkened and he put his hands the sides of my head. There was more space between me and him. When I saw this, I got out of his armpit and sat directly on the carpet.

He turned around and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at me with a faint smile. I didn't understand what he meant by that smile, but his smile made my heart beat wildly.

I stood up from the carpet, gently patted the dust on my body, took two steps back, lowered my head, and said weakly, "he can do something to betray me, but I can't be like him before divorce."

"What do you want?" Vince looked at me and asked indifferently.

"Divorce." After I answered seriously, I looked up and met his eyes again. I felt a little shameless.

"You stay here tonight." Vince stood up from the bedside. When he approached me, I was so nervous. But he didn't touch me. He just walked past me and reminded me, "If you want to divorce, you have to create contradictions."

I didn't understand. I turned to him and looked at him. What does it mean to create contradictions? Quarreling with Jerry, or his family? I had experienced all these, but how could he let me go so easily. The bet made by Jerry was a conspiracy.

I really didn't figure it out who framed up me like this?

"I don't understand what you mean?" I looked at Vince in confusion.

"If you stay here, you can tell me that you have slept with me again. Let's see how Jerry treats you."Vince smiled weirdly again.

As soon as he finished his words, he left directly. But I actually listened to him. That night, I stayed in the hotel, turned off my phone and slept until dawn.

The next day, the sunlight woke me up. I pulled away the covers and got out of bed. I opened the window, and took a breath of fresh air, looking down at the panoramic view of F city.

I picked up her phone on the bedside table. I turned it on and found there were WeChat and text messages and all the call reminders were from Jerry. At three o'clock in the morning, he bombarded me with questions about where I was.

I was a little happy after my revenge. I suddenly felt that Vince was a little unfathomable. He seemed to be very good at controlling people's mind.

After I freshened up in the bathroom, I checked out and went back to Jerry and my home.

As soon as I entered, for the first time, Jerry, who was supposed to go to the company, sat in the hall. He seemed to be waiting for me to go back.

As soon as I entered the room, I asked as usual, "why haven't you gone to the company yet?"

"I'm waiting for you."Jerry looked at me expressionlessly, "where did you go last night?"

"Where will I go? Will you care about me?" I smiled sarcastically. "I have been waiting for you at home every day for three years. Are you used to it? I haven't come back for only one night. Are you going to blame me?"

"Nance, a woman should know what is self-love, so that a man will love her, understand?" Jerry stood up and said ruthlessly.

"I don't understand."I roared and lost control of my emotions. "I don't understand why you use the word 'self-love'. Yes, I don’t know what is self-love, so I foolishly listened to you and went to sleep with Vince. So you love yourself and you even have a baby with Duo Lian!”

"Duo Lian is different from you." Jerry’s words broke me down.

With a smile to myself, I squinted at the man who had been with me for three years and said, "you are right. She is indeed different from me. She is smarter than me. She is not as stupid as I am. I trust a scum for three years."

"Don't change the topic. Where did you go last night?" Jerry snapped. Blue veins stood out on his neck and his eyes were fierce.

"Get laid." After I answered with despair, looking at his sudden change of face, I sneered and said, "what's wrong? Haven't you sent me once? Do you still care about the second or the third time?"

Slap! Jerry slapped hard on my face. It was painful. I felt my face was slapped askew. His slap shattered all my hopes.

I covered my face angrily and stared at him. "You’re not a man!"

"You are my wife. It’s my right." It's the first time that Jerry had been rude to me in the past three years. I didn't expect that. I thought I would live a peaceful life for the rest of my life.

"Jerry, I finally figured out who you are." I gritted my teeth and wanted to tear him into pieces. "Who made the bet with you? Tell me, I’ll ask that person to let me go. I’ll kneel in front of him and let him tell me how I offended him at that time, so he punishes me like this?"