Chapter 10 - Falling For My Mysterious Wife

Chapter 10

Jalen did not understand Elaina’s sarcastic smile, but he still said seriously, “She and I are indeed not a good match. Divorce is the best choice.”

Not a good match?

Elaina sneered silently, thinking, we haven’t seen each other for two years after getting married, and how could he make sure we’re not a good match? He probably has not planned to get along well with me from the beginning.

It makes sense. After all, I am from the countryside, and it certainly does not go well with him of excellence.

She glanced at them and snorted, “I feel sad for Mr. Halton’s ex-wife.”

Then she left the ward without looking back, not wanting to stay with them anymore.

She thought he and Marie surely were a match made in heaven.

As soon as she stepped out of the ward, someone chased after her from behind. The tall man stood in front of Elaina. “Are you angry? Because I was married?”

“It’s not about that,” she said. “Whether you are married or not has nothing to do with me. I suppose the one in the ward probably cares more.”

“Why are you talking about Marie? What does it have to do with her?” Jalen was confused and did not understand the meaning of Elaina’s words.

But in Elaina’s opinion, Jalen was angry that she involved Marie. She curled her lips and said, “Very well. Ms. Dunston has nothing to do with it. She should not be involved.”

She thought he was protective of his lover by not allowing her to say anything about Marie.

“Don’t change the topic. Why are you angry?” Jalen asked, staring at Elaina, trying to see through her.

Unfortunately, Elaina had always hidden her emotions very well.

“I’m not angry,” she said. “I just feel sad for your ex-wife. She has already divorced and is still being gossiped about behind her back. It’s a little sad.”

She was unhappy indeed. She guessed probably anyone would be upset with being gossiped about like that.

“I was forced to get married. Marie was just defending me. She didn’t mean anything,” Jalen explained.

Without waiting for Elaina to speak, he continued, “Although I have never seen her, I think she should be nice. She is a good person, but I am not suitable for her.”

After all, she had not caused him any trouble for the past two years. If it were those scheming women, he would not have lived so peacefully.

Unfortunately, Elaina did not look better because of Jalen’s explanation. Her face even darkened more.

She thought, a good person?

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So this is the evaluation I got from my two–year marriage?

What a joke. I don’t need Jalen to judge me!

Her face darkened and her tone was cold. “Mr. Halton, you don’t need to tell me this. I am not interested in your privacy.”

She wanted to leave, but Jalen still stopped her.

“Please make way, Mr. Halton. I’m very busy.” She looked up at him with an extremely bad tone.

Jalen’s anger was also aroused. It was rare for him to explain so much, but it didn’t work.

She looked at him as if she was looking at her enemy as if he had committed a great crime.

“Dr. Gainsford, if this is your trick on men, please don’t cross the line. Otherwise, it will only make people feel disgusted,” he said coldly. The meaning in his words was very obvious. He had already given in, and she should stop all this fuss.

Her trick on men?

On men?

Elaina couldn’t find any words to retort. She thought that she had expressed her unhappiness obviously, and perhaps there was something wrong with Jalen’s brain.

Very quickly, she was certain that there was something wrong with Jalen’s brain!

“Mr. Halton, go check your brain.” She looked at him and said, “Otherwise, I can get someone to give you a check-up right now. You can’t be careless with your brain problems.”

“Dr. Gainsford!” Jalen gritted his teeth. “Is it not your trick on men?”

“No,” she said without hesitation.

“I’m not interested in you, Mr. Halton. Just like what I said in the ward, I don’t like people with the surname


Then Elaina walked around Jalen and left without any hesitation.

Jalen was in the same place now. He got mixed feelings. He was angry, embarrassed, and even more


He could be sure that Elaina was not interested in him. What she did could only show one thing, that was,

she hated him.

He thought, but why?

From the first time we met until now, Elaina almost has not hidden her hatred. I don’t remember that I ha it?

So, he took out his phone and called Graham. “Check where Dr. Gainsford has been to in recent years and focus on the places that coincide with mine. I want to know if I have met her before.”

Chapter 101


After hanging up, Jalen turned and entered the ward.

“Jalen, Dr. Gainsford, she…” Noticing that Jalen did not look good, Marie felt a little uneasy.

“Why did you mention my divorce on purpose?” He looked at the girl on the bed and wondered if he had been too indulgent with her in the past two years and made her spoiled.

Marie was slightly stunned. She bit her lip and said with grievances, “I was just afraid that Dr. Gainsford would misunderstand you because of this.”

“Really? You want her to know that I was married, don’t you?”

His tone was not good, as if he had already known Marie’s tricks.

“Jalen, I…” She wanted to explain that she didn’t mean to, but when she looked up at Jalen, she suddenly understood that her thoughts could not be hidden from the man in front of her.

“I don’t want to see it happen again, understand?” he said. His cold words were unable to retort.

Marie nodded. When he was about to leave, she gritted her teeth and asked, “Jalen, you seem to care too much about Dr. Gainsford. Why?”

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