Chapter 6 - Fated To The Cursed Lycan Prince

Rufus' POV:

I lazily sat on my chair.As I watched Shawn try to flatter me desperately, I couldn't help but feel that all this was funny.

With a new Alpha like this, the Black Moon Pack seemed to be doomed.

Not only was he a fool, but he also seemed to have poor vision.

"I hope the arrangement I've prepared for you will be satisfactory, Prince Rufus.If there is anything else you'd like, please don't hesitate to tell me.I will have it brought to you as soon as possible."

Shawn was still blabbering on about something.

I had never met a man more talkative than the usual woman.I rubbed my temples and felt a headache coming on.

"Another attack of that illness? It's not even evening yet," my wolf Omar asked.

"I'm afraid it came early this time."

"Maybe we should leave now."

"No, I can still take it.Besides, if I leave now, it'll just attract even more attention."

Every full moon, I would be attacked by the most painful and splitting headaches that would make me lose control of myself.

In order not to hurt anyone, I learned to just lock myself in my room whenever it was time.

I agreed to come to this ceremony in behalf of my father because I didn't think I would have an early attack.

Nevertheless, I endured the pain as best as I could until the banquet was over.

By that time, my head felt like it was being pounded on by thousands of hammers all at the same time.

That primitive desire to destroy everything in my path was slowly making its way out of my body.

I had to control myself and stay rational until I could be alone.

But this nosy Alpha stayed beside me and decided to test the limit of my patience.

"Prince Rufus, let me accompany you myself." Shawn caught up to me.

I sighed and turned to him.

"I'm sorry, but I would prefer to be alone for some peace and quiet." I tried to smile, but I was aware that my tone did not sound friendly at all.

Shawn's face turned red as a tomato as he pursed his lips and covered his mouth, nodding vigorously.

"Please, go." I coldly glanced at him.

"Right away, Prince Rufus."

Shawn turned around and hurriedly left.

Once I finally sent Shawn away, I briskly walked to my room.I could barely hold the beast inside any longer.

Sylvia's POV:

I woke up dazed, but the cold air blowing on my body was enough to sober me up quickly.I tried to get up, only to realize I couldn't move.

My hands and feet had been tied to the frame of this huge bed, and I was completely naked.

There was even something stuffed in my mouth that muffled every sound that came out of it.

What was happening? I turned my head to observe my surroundings.

I was in a room I had never seen before with no one else around.I tried to break myself free, but the ropes just got tighter and tighter around my wrists.I cried and roared, hoping to send out a distress signal to anyone nearby.

"Shut up!" A man outside banged on the door and scolded me.

"What a pity. That chick seemed so attractive!" Another man's voice sounded from beyond the door.

I craned my neck higher, trying to hear what they were talking about.

"Pity? She just looks like any other seductress, to be played with by many men sooner or later."

"If she wasn't sent to Prince Rufus, we could have had the chance to have a go at her.Even just thinking of her body turns me on!"

I frowned, disgusted by how they talked about me.

"There is no chance that we can get such a good thing." One of them gloated.

"Well, she's a gift from our new Alpha, and has already been sent to Prince Rufus' bed.I heard the prince is vicious.That girl probably won't even make it through tonight." I realized the two men were Shawn's guards.

It seemed that Shawn was taking revenge on me for rejecting him as my mate! Of course, he would be absolutely despicable with it! I groaned, but the sound was simply muffled.

I tried to free myself again from the ropes, but the friction only ended up burning the skin off of my wrists.

At this time, I heard a third voice come from outside.It was deep and somehow magnetic.

"You may leave.I don't need any guards around."

"Yes, Prince Rufus."

It was him! Prince Rufus! My pupils shrank and I looked around the room in panic, trying to find a way to escape.

But how could I escape if I couldn't even move? I was left with no choice.