Chapter 10 - Getting Him Hooked: Mr. Freeman's Indifferent Sinner Wife

Chapter 10

Olivia froze. She had not expected John to return so soon.Before she could speak, Zac spoke up. “We’re just having breakfast. You can join us.”‘Join them?’John’s eyes were dark and scary as he grew more malicious.His deep eyes looked over Zac and Olivia. The nightgown she was wearing stung his eyes.After hearing that she had been discharged from the hospital, he rushed back to check on her— only to find her dressed inappropriately and having breakfast with another man!He reached around Zac to grab Olivia by the hair and pin her down on the dining table.“Olivia, are you cheating on me when I’m not looking? You’re even cheating with someone so close to me!”Olivia was in pain as she struggled to break free from John, but he reached out with his other hand and grabbed her jaw so hard his knuckles turned white.Zac could not stand it anymore. He pushed John away and stood in front of Olivia to protect her.“John, what are you doing? Are you trying to kill her?”“Stay out of this!”John’s eyes glimmered icily. He gazed coldly at Zac and sneered. “Ha! Zac, I didn’t know you liked Olivia.“In case you forgot, she’s my wife! She’s still mine, even in death!”Having been friends for so long, Zac was not afraid of John.“Now you remember that she’s your wife?“Where were you when she was so hungry that she was forced to eat soap? Where were you when she lost a piece of flesh from her hand? Where were you when she was about to bleed to death?”John’s throat tightened as if it was blocked by the rebuttal.‘When did she eat soap?‘Would a proud woman like Olivia be so hungry she would eat soap?‘I don’t believe it.’John’s sinister eyes looked at the frail woman hiding behind Zac. “I don’t believe it!”‘He doesn’t believe it?’Olivia suddenly found herself feeling pathetic.He had locked her up in her room, starved her, and forced her to eat soap to satisfy her hunger. How dare he say he did not believe it? She stepped out from behind Zac and looked up at John with indescribable pain in her eyes.“Johnny, I know you don’t believe it, but Mr. Quinton really is just bringing me breakfast.”However, it would have been better if she had said nothing. John was even more annoyed when she spoke.“Are you defending him?”“No… I’m not.”Suddenly, John sneered. “Olivia, was Zac the guy from two years ago?”‘What‘The guy from two years ago?’Olivia froze as she widened her eyes and looked at John. Her lips quivered as she asked, “Johnny, what… are… you saying? The guy from two years ago?”“Don’t act innocent in

front of me!”John was so angry that he reached for Olivia, but Zac blocked his hand in the air.“John, stop it! You know better than anyone where I was two years ago!”When the incident happened two years ago, Zac was negotiating a contract abroad. He was not in the country.Otherwise, how could so much have happened?He had not intervened once in the past two years because he was away. After all, he did not know the whole story.However, he could not let John go on like this. Somebody might die.Not only that, but Olivia had terminal lung cancer now.John pushed Zac’s hand away without looking at him. He stared at Olivia. “Zac, get out. I need to talk to Olivia.” Since John had calmed down, Zac looked at Olivia sadly. When passing John, he reminded him. “Johnny, don’t go too far.”That might be all he could do.He had heard about Olivia’s affair and miscarriage, but he did not believe it. He had no idea why John believed it.After Zac left, John’s eyes went dark again.He moved closer, scaring Olivia into walking backward until there was no more space to back up into.Olivia leaned over the table and looked at the man in front of her in horror. She suddenly found him strange. It was as if he was not John anymore.“Olivia, I told you I’m not that patient.”She nodded stiffly. “I know.”Seeing her like this, John became more furious. With a frown, he reached out and grabbed her jaw, forcing her to look at him.“Olivia, didn’t you want to know where your brother is?”Olivia’s eyes moved, and she looked at him with what seemed to be a flicker of hope.“Where is my brother?”“If you’re obedient, I’ll take you to see him next month. But, Olivia, if you’re not…”John leaned into her ear and said in a deep vicious voice, “I’ll let you collect his body!”Olivia froze as her legs went limp.She might have fallen to the ground if John had not gripped her jaw.‘Why?’There was only one question in her mind.She looked at him. “Why? Johnny, why on earth are you doing this? Did you make the Larson family go bankrupt?”“Yes.”‘Yes…’Olivia felt a chill run up her spine. ‘He said yes.‘If the Larson family hadn’t gone bankrupt, Dad wouldn’t have jumped off a building, my brother wouldn’t have gone missing, and I wouldn’t have ended up like this. Did he set this all up?‘Just to destroy me?’She tried hard not to break down and cry.Her pale lips trembled, causing her to be unable to complete a sentence.“W-why? Was it… for… Dorothy?”‘Was what Dorothy said true? Did he destroy the Larson family to please her?‘But… was he so kind to Dorothy two years ago?‘When did their relationship start?’Olivia felt like she was breaking down.The man who used to share a bed with her and sweet-talked her had ruined her

family.No, that could not be the case.However, she soon heard John’s cold voice in her ear. “You don’t need to know.”Olivia’s heart trembled, and she could not stop shuddering.She was afraid that John would kill her brother if he was upset.“Don’t kill Ian, please. I’ll do anything you want…”Her tears rolled down the corners of her eyes onto John’s hands.The warm sticky feeling made John’s heart throb.‘Didn’t she used to be fierce? Why is she so humble now?’He hated seeing her this way!“Be good, and I won’t touch him.”With that said, he let go. He retrieved a tissue in disgust and wiped the hand that had just caught Olivia’s tears.Then he threw the tissue at her and ordered condescendingly.“Get ready. Dolly’s moving in tomorrow.”Olivia’s clenched hands suddenly relaxed as her body slumped to the floor.‘Dorothy’s coming?‘What’ll she do here?’“Dolly’s in poor health. She had a miscarriage and was injured. She’s also mentally unstable and might kill herself at any moment. I’ll bring her here so you can take good care of her. I will come home every day.”Olivia froze in place.‘Who does he think I am? A caretaker?’

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