Chapter 2 - Getting Him Hooked: Mr. Freeman's Indifferent Sinner Wife

Chapter 2

However, she did not want Dorothy to one-up her.Olivia walked in front of Dorothy and looked at her coldly. “But I’m Mrs. Freeman, and you’re just a sex scandal.”“How dare you!”Dorothy lifted her hand to slap Olivia, who almost fell back from the momentum.“B*tch! Do you think I’m an idiot? If you have a death wish, I’d gladly help you with it!”Then, Dorothy pulled Olivia into the sea and stood before her.Olivia was in pain as Dorothy grabbed her. She was struggling with all her might to pull away.She saw Dorothy smirking at her strangely. “Olivia, who do you think Johnny will save if both of us fall into the sea?”Olivia saw Dorothy leaning backward abruptly while she struggled. She yelled toward the shore, “Liv, no!”Olivia was stunned. Before retracting her hands, she felt someone grabbing her from under the water’s surface, pulling her under and deeper into the ocean.Immediately after, she felt seawater rushing into her throat.At that moment, Olivia heard a familiar voice through the water.“Dolly? Dolly?”It was him. Her husband, John. However, he was not calling her name.She wanted to call out to John as she struggled, but the salty, bitter seawater rushed into her mouth every time she opened it. She could hardly breathe.John did not have the time to remove his suit jacket before jumping into the water and swimming toward the deep waters where Dorothy was, completely ignoring Olivia, who was struggling in the water.He had forgotten that she could not swim.She did not want to die right now, so she kicked her legs furiously. Finally, she poked her head out of the water and struggled onto land.When she turned her head, she saw John emerging from the sea with Dorothy in his arms, both of them drenched. Then, he immediately took Dorothy into the ambulance.Olivia’s heart was as cold as the freezing sea.Dorothy knew how to swim, but she did not. However, John had not even looked at her once.Was this really the man that promised he would love her forever?Olivia’s tears dripped down to her lips, mixing with seawater on the way. It tasted saltier than usual. Suddenly, someone pulled her up forcefully. When she lifted her head, her eyes met a pair of evil eyes.“Olivia, you want to die, don’t you? I won’t let you get your wish!”Olivie froze and stared at John blankly. Her pale lips called out hoarsely, “Johnny.”John ignored how weak she was as he threw her to the ground and threatened, “Olivia, if you try to try to kill yourself again, I’ll make your life a living hell!”“Johnny, why?“Why are you torturing me

this way? Why are you making our love such a burden?’John lowered his head to look at her. Then, he smirked, “You should have paid the price two years ago.”She reached out to grab John, but she did not manage to grab a hold of him. Then, everything turned black—she passed out.She never wanted to die. She just wanted a divorce so he could be free…When Olivia woke up, she was in the hospital. She struggled to sit up. She did not see John anywhere.The doctor stood at the end of her bed and scolded her. “Ms. Larson, if you didn’t want to die, you should’ve been more careful. Why did you go to the sea?”She was shocked and looked at the doctor in a panic. “I-I’m sorry.”“Why are you apologizing to me? Ms. Larson, this is your life. You should value it.”She never expected a doctor that she did not know to speak to her this way.She nodded and pressed her lips together. “Okay.”On the way back, her body felt incredibly light, as if she could float into the air any minute.When she finally dragged her exhausted body home, she was welcomed with a heavy slap before she could even return to her senses. Then, she heard a ferocious roar.“Olivia, you knew Dolly was pregnant, yet you dragged her to the beach? Were you trying to kill her?”Olivia felt her head buzzing, and blood trickled from the corners of her lips. She sat on the floor and looked at John in disbelief.When had John ever slapped her when they were in love?Now, John had slapped her because Dorothy was pregnant.When she remained silent, John grabbed her neck in anger. Then, he threw her up against a wall and said, “Olivia, do you know you made Dolly miscarry? You’ve killed another baby!”‘Miscarry? Killed another baby?’

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