Chapter 3 - The Alpha's Curse The Enemy Within

Killian was training with some warriors at the training field on the east side border of the pack, which was a distance away from the witches' quarters within the pack. He stomped his feet into the ground, gesturing the warriors to charge at him, and one after the other, they lunged at Killian.

His eyes gleamed brightly, indicating his wolf, Ryker, was sharing partial control with him. In a flash, one by one, Killian pounded on them and thrashed them against the dusty earth. Xavier was behind him. His claws were extended, almost on Killian, but he caught him just in time, pinning him to the ground as well. That was close. No one had been that close to gutting him whenever they trained. Killian knew part of the reason was that he was distracted, and he hated every bit of it.

His eyes went hazy, he was being mind-linked by his beta, Allen. Killian pulled a hand up in the air to halt the warriors, connecting with Allen.

"What?" Killian grunted in his usual deep and husky voice, unable to keep his frustration and rage at bay.

"You need to come to the castle at once," he spoke with urgency.

Killian furrowed his brows, alarmed. "Why?"

"It's the Council elder wolves. They are here," Allen replied in haste, making his body stiffen.

The Council elder wolves? A flash of rage stalked his amber eyes.

"Why were they here?" Killian asked in silence, not getting any response from his wolf, Ryker.

He left the field for the castle and found Allen in the hallway of his office, waiting for him, along with Mason, the head warrior of his pack, and also, his best friend.

"They are all inside," Mason notified him. Killian went inside with his Beta and best friend strutting behind him, finding five elder wolves from the Council seated in the office. Killian reached for his chair, taking a seat with Mason and Allen on both sides of his chair.

"And to what do I owe your visit, Elders?" Killian went straight to the point. He was in no mood for pleasantries or beating around the bush. They were here for a reason, and deep down, he could guess as much.

The Council elder wolves were high-ranking members of the Council courts and were highly respected among the werewolf kind, due to their long existence. The Council was a circle formed by various supernatural types, each of which had one representative in the Council. Every alpha in the North was a member of the Council, and the elder wolves represented their species. The Council was formed solely to ensure peace within the supernatural realm and protect the interests of every kind.

"From the coldness laced in your tone, we are getting the feeling that we are not welcomed in your territory, Alpha Killian." Killian leveled his gaze to meet Elder Nell's, who spoke, leaning deeper into the chair. His words didn't surprise Killian at all. Elder Nell and Killian never got along.

So, Killian didn't bother masking his true feelings. The Elders' presence here in his pack simply spelled trouble that he was damned sure he wouldn't fancy. But nonetheless, he spoke up, holding a frosty, short smile.

"I apologize greatly. But I'm in a hurry, so I'd appreciate it if you could all tell me what you're here for so we can get this over with."

Elder Philip shuffled in his chair, his hand folded under his chin. "Fine. As you wish,"

Killian nodded coldly in concurrence. He couldn't agree any less.

"It is to our knowledge, that alas, you have found your mate, Alpha Killian," Elder Zed began.

Killian paused for a moment. The mention of the word "mate" had never dwelt well with him. He clenched his jaw, his hand curling into a ball. Something in his chest tightened. But Killian kept an expressionless face, keeping his demeanor neutral. Killian scanned the Elders one by one.

"I see you're a little too interested in my pack business; may I remind you that whatever happens in my pack is none of your business, as long as we don't break the rules of the Council?" Killian reminded them, just in case they had forgotten their place. Even though they were the old wolves, they had no right to get involved in his pack business.

"You are correct, Alpha Killian, and trust us, we don't want to meddle in the Crescent North Pack, but this matter is important to us." Alpha Silas spoke up, his voice echoing off the corner walls. "And as the old wolves, we have an obligation to perform,"

Killian creased his brows in confusion, placing a hand on the wooden table before him. "And what is that?"

"The Luna's coronation," Elder Walter, who had been quiet, spoke up. Killian felt Allen and Mason twitch beside him but didn't say a word.

"In every pack, it has been our duty to coronate the Lunas, and in this case, you have found your mate," Elder Walter added.

Killian tilted his head coldly, his eyes falling on Elder Nell. "That is fine by me, but..." Killian paused. "You will only be crowning Thea Chrysler as my Luna."

Killian watched the Elders' faces colored with rage. But he managed to still keep his demeanor neutral. Thea was the woman who had been etched in his destiny and the one who deserved to be the Luna of his pack, and not the other woman, not the enemy's daughter, not the woman the moon goddess had carelessly tossed in his path to be a weakness that he couldn't afford. At least not now that he was finally a step closer to breaking the curse inflicted on him and his pack by his own father.

Killian has made this clear to the Elders several times already. When he had found Thea after so many years of searching for the one blessed by the moon goddess to save him and put an end to his curse, Killian informed the Elders to coronate her as his Luna at once, but they declined, saying she was not his destined mate. And now they were here, trying to have the enemy's daughter as his Luna. That will never be possible.

"She isn't your mate, Alpha Killian." Elder Nell said. Killian could tell, that the elderly man was struggling hard to contain his rage. But Killian could hardly care.

"She is the one I have chosen as my Luna," Killian said, keeping his ground. It didn't matter what they said, Thea was the one Killian wanted and the one his pack needed.

"And what about your destined mate? What about her?" Elder Zed asked, "If you've already made your choice on Thea, why then haven't you rejected her yet?"

At Elder Zed's question, Killian's wolf, Ryker, stretched at the back of his mind. But before he could mutter a word, Killian shut him out. He knew he had to think clearly with his head and not be influenced by the silliness of the supposed mate bond.

"Don't delude yourself, Alpha Killian, even you can't be immune to the mate bond. If you don't want your mate, then do the needful; otherwise, she will be crowned as your Luna in a few days." Elder Philip declared, Killian's gaze widened.

"You can't possibly mean that?" He asked, his eyes round with astonishment.

"Your Luna will be crowned on the night of the full moon, which is two nights away," Elder Walter added.

"That will not happen!" Killian was up on his feet, his fists pounding on the table, meeting the eyes of the Elders. "You cannot do this!"

"As the supreme Elder wolves of the Council courts, we've made our decision, and there's nothing you can do," Elder Nell said firmly, and the Elders were up on their feet.

"We will see," was all Killian could mutter before they finally left the room. Allen and Mason rushed to his side, looking as worried as he was.

"What do we do now?" Allen was the first to speak up. "The Elders meant every word they said. This full moon she will be crowned instead."

"We can't let that happen." Mason voiced. "Remember the curse," At the mention of the last word, Killian's eyes pulled open instantly. A lot was at stake; his future and the future of his pack. He couldn't risk it all now, not after how long they'd searched for an answer, for Thea. "Killian, you have no choice now; you must reject her once and for all," Mason insisted.

"No. Rejection isn't something that should be taken so lightly. First of all, we should think of a way to change the elders' minds." Allen suggested.

That was the thing. Killian knew there was no way that would be possible. Nothing can persuade those elders to change their minds. They'd done well for years keeping their curse hidden, so, the Crescent North Pack wouldn't be perceived as weak. Their reputation had helped greatly, but time was slowly running out, and Killian could feel it. He shouldn't think selfishly and risk the future of his pack. He had to do what had to be done.

He stood still, his eyes ruthlessly cold, showing absolutely no emotion. "Mason is right, we can't afford any mistakes now. We can't risk my future and the future of everyone else in the pack." He looked them in the eyes. "I have to put an end to this." He had to reject her. Without saying much, Killian left the office, roving to the west wing of the castle, to Sheila's quarters.

Without much of a courtesy knock on the door, Killian barged into her chamber.

His eyes fell on Brielle and Riannon, who he had stationed by her side.

Brielle and Riannon lowered their heads instantly, but Killian's eyes were on the flawless, pristine figure that stared at him with her round, perfect eyes.

"Leave us!" At his command, Brielle and Riannon scampered out of the chamber, leaving just Killian and his mate, Sheila.

"Get up!"

Sheila flinched visibly at his loud tone, standing up from the bed.

She didn't say anything, staring back at him with those crystal blue eyes of hers that had managed to haunt his thoughts for the last hours.

She parted her lips to say something but was instead greeted with Killian's large hand on her neck, again.

She was quickly against the wall, his hand on her throat and the other on her waist, thanks to his superhuman speed. She felt the tingles that were rather too quick to erupt. Killian leaned in closer, so close that their noses briefly collided, and she could taste his breath on her lips. She felt hot, or perhaps the room was still steamy from her shower; she couldn't tell because she couldn't think straight.

Killian's lips brushed past her cheeks, to her ears. "Sheila Callaso." He called her name like it was a venomous poison to his lips. His eyes met hers again. Killian felt his wolf, Ryker, retreat to the back of his mind. He couldn't take what was about to be said. Killian looked coldly at her, his lips hovering over hers as the words left his lips.

"I, Killian Reid, Alpha of the Crescent North Pack, reject you, Sheila Calla–" The words instantly stuck in his throat, and his eyes widened profusely in shock and confusion, meeting her crystal blue eyes. There was something in them.

This is not possible.