Chapter 5 - The Alpha's Curse The Enemy Within

I froze.

I whipped my head to where the loud growls emanated from. It came from the entrance of the hall, and a very angry-looking Killian moved hurriedly to us. My eyes darted back to the stranger. His eyes were on Killian's as well, showing no emotion.

"You are not invited to my party." What the hell are you doing here? " Killian said, barely in a low tone, his eyes lowered distastefully on me in the arms of the stranger. It was then I realized the cute stranger was still holding me by my waist. I quickly steadied my shoes on the floor, regaining my balance, and sent a thankful smile to the stranger, whose flawless hazel eyes regarded me with something in them. Something that called out to me, yet I couldn't just decipher. Strangely, they made my heart ache.

"Thank you for---" I began but was abruptly cut off by Killian's pointed words.

"What are you doing here, Kaiser?" Killian was looking straight at the man beside me, Kaiser. From Killian's tone, it seemed the man was not welcomed at all.

"The Council invited every pack in the North Central, so here I am. My brother sent his apologies for not being able to make it to your Luna's coronation." With every word that left Kaiser's lips, he never took his eyes off of me. And truthfully, neither could I. I still couldn't shake off the familiar feeling in my gut, like I knew him or was supposed to know him. But that was impossible. In my years of growing up at the Silver Mist Pack, I was never allowed to leave the packhouse, let alone its territory. Even on days when the pack had guests, I was never allowed outside, instead, locked up in the solitude of my chamber.

I was forced to jerk from my thoughts when Kaiser's soft voice filtered into my ears. "So, you are the lady of this ceremony," He had a uniquely beautiful smile, one that held a type of unspoken pain. Killian's huge and domineering figure stood between us before I could take it.

"Get out, Kai!" He counted each word in the most terrifying manner, making it obvious he had lost the last straw of patience. Quickly, Brielle's mate, Allen, and another guy called Mason were by Killian's side.

The air around us became too uncomfortable, charged with a knife-edge tension. Brielle rushed to me and pulled me away.

My mate and Kaiser stood, glaring at each other so intensely, a second away from lunging at each other. I felt the hatred that burned between them, and the intensity made my eyes burn. I had no idea what insanity had plagued my senses. I couldn't even recognize myself. Why on earth was I crying?

Thankfully, before anything disastrous happened, a voice vibrated within the castle walls.

"Enough!" Three men strutted from the far end of the hall. They were quite older, and if you listened closely, one could note the rich accent that dangled on their words. My eyes rounded in recognition. The Elder Wolves. I had never seen them, but I had heard stories about them and the Council.

Everyone bowed to them, but Killian and Kaiser were having a hard time tearing their gaze from each other.

"What is this madness? There are so many eyes on you for goodness sake, or have you forgotten this is a party? " One of the elders spoke to them.

"You are correct," Killian grunted. "This is a party, and the Black pack are not invited."

Another elder spoke up. "He is a Council guest."

"And an enemy of my pack!" Killian voiced again.

I watched Kaiser's face harden with sternness. He was vibrating with raw emotions of hate. His eyes traveled across the hall, finding me. The coldness and hate in his eyes flushed away instantly, his features becoming soft. He held my gaze briefly as if communicating to me in a language that I didn't register.

"Alpha Killian—" An elder began, but Kaiser cut through.

"That's alright, Elder Philip. I was merely curious about what she looked like. Frankly, she's everything I imagined, and even more." His eyes were locked with mine. "I will take my leave now," he announced, moving to my side. Unexpectedly, he took my hand and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sheila."

Another growl thundered from Killian. Kaiser released my hand and stormed out of the hall. For a sickening second, the hall was quiet. Killian cast a murderous glare at me. What do I do now?

The party began again, and Brielle was by my side throughout. I mingled around with the crowd and had a few introductions with some of the Council members, but they were as brief as possible, especially with the males. Somehow, they were almost terrified to approach me. I couldn't blame them though; Killian was across the hall, blazing murderously. His stare reminded me of the famous words, "If looks could kill."

After a short while, five elders stood in front and announced it was time for the Luna coronation. Killian and I had to stand side by side before everyone, as the elders kept asking a few questions, to which I kept responding with an "I do." While absentmindedly, I scanned the crowd in search of my father, but couldn't find him. He didn't even bother to care if I was alright or had been eaten up by the enemy. His lack of care shouldn't surprise me, but it still hurts me.

I jolted when Brielle gave my hand a light squeeze, and my eyes fell on her and everyone else watching me. She mouthed an "answer to the question" to me.

I turned to find everyone, including the Elders and Killian's dark eyes, on me.

One of the elders was kind enough to repeat the question. "Do you accept Alpha Killian as your mate, agreeing to the responsibilities of being a Luna to the Crescent North Pack?"

My heart hammered against my chest. If ever there was a time to change my mind, and finally free myself from the beast beside me, that time was now. I could reject him here and now. Thanks to the presence of the Elders, Killian will have no choice but to accept my rejection. Since my wolf never came, the pain from the rejection wouldn't be too extreme for me.

I sucked in some air, mustering some courage. It was better to reject Killian now rather than live my life in constant agony of having my mate close by but unable to be with him. That pain alone was too piercing to endure.

I inhaled, sparing one glance at Killian, then to the Elders. "I, Sheila Callaso—" Just then, the loud opening of the doors interrupted my words of rejection. Everyone snapped their heads in its direction, and rage flashed through me at the person that entered.

Thea Chrysler. She was definitely an uninvited guest.

She held everyone's attention. Some had a knowing look on their faces, while some sent pitiful looks at me, and I burned with rage every second of it.

My eyes fell back on the Elders, whose bright eyes held mine as if curious about my next words.

"I accept." My rage has always been an enemy of mine. But at that moment, I could care less. My words echoed, sparing a glance at Killian's lover. She had an expressionless face. I couldn't tell exactly what she was thinking, but her presence seemed to affect Killian. His gaze never left her. That infuriated me, but the fact that I was foolish enough to even consider rejecting Killian so he could be with that thrash of a lover infuriated me more.

I clenched my hands together, unable to think straight. I knew I had just signed my death sentence, but I was too furious to care about the mistake I had just made, accepting to be both Killian's mate and the pack Luna.

The Elders smiled, turning to the guest. "Welcome, Luna Sheila of the Crescent North Pack." A loud applause echoed around the hall.

I glanced back at Thea, watching her fade back as she stormed out of the hall. As soon as the Elders were done, Killian stormed out as well, leaving me rooted in the middle of the crowd.

I hid my shame and pain quickly. I should at least prepare to get used to this. But if Killian thinks I'll be the only one getting frustrated and hurt by the bond we share, he is sadly mistaken. He has no idea how much pain I'll make him go through.

I didn't know what else to do, because Brielle was with her mate, and since everyone seemed to avoid me, I decided to leave. I left the party without being seen, walking down the unfamiliar hallways when I realized I was being followed.

I clutched a handful of my dress, feeling the presence drawing nearer. I spun around instantly, my blue eyes almost bulging in fear.

"Who are you?"