Chapter 5 - Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 5

Julian seemed to be desperately suppressing something. He spoke extremely fast as he interrupted Diana’s words and snapped, “As you wish!”

He slammed the door and called for his assistant, Noel Carter. “Get the lawyer to come over and listen to Madam’s conditions!”

Julian wanted to see how much she would use the divorce to her own benefit.

Noel did not dare to ask more questions and could only contact the lawyer overnight.

On the other hand, Julian drove out alone.

He knew Diana didn’t like to be alone, so he never left her home all by herself.

The two of them had never quarreled in such a way.

The sound of him slamming the door still rang in Diana’s ears. She was briefly shaken, and it took her some time before she returned to her senses.

For a moment, she wanted to chase after him desperately. She wanted to tell Julian that she refused to divorce, and that she wanted to stay by his side. However, she understood that some things could no longer return to the way it was. From the moment he concealed the banquet from her knowledge, and from his sudden change of attitude…

However, she could not lose her dignity.

First, there were some things that she had to figure out.

What could be the reason a married man changed so quickly?

The answer was nothing more than another woman.

This was the most likely answer Diana could think of.

When the sound of Julian’s car faded away completely, Diana’s face grew pale and she turned on a couple locator software on her cell phone. She learned that this was what people do when in a relationship, and she installed this software on their cell phones when they first got married.

She had never used it before in their three years of marriage, but she didn’t expect it to come in handy at this time.

She bit her lower lip and clenched her fists tightly. She stared at the screen nervously, wanting to see what Julian was going to do after acting so strangely the whole day.

His location kept moving, and he eventually stopped at a flower shop.

The name of the shop was ‘Forget Me Not.’

It was Diana’s favorite florist, and it specialized in roses.

She knew that Julian would not give up so easily!

The Fulcher family had a large industry. Even if Julian was proficient and skilled, it was inevitable for him to encounter some problems. Perhaps he had been thinking too much, and only mentioned a divorce out of a momentary impulse.

Diana felt as if a big rock in her heart had crashed to the ground with a bang. She started laughing at her distrust of Julian.

She touched her lower abdomen, smiling gently as she felt the baby in her belly. At this moment, Noel came in with the lawyer. Diana hurriedly asked, “Is there something going on with Fulcher Inc. that’s

bothering Mr. Fulcher these days?”

“No.” Noel was at a loss. He turned around to let the lawyer in. “Madam, you can mention any request you want. Sir Julian will definitely realize it.”

Was there nothing going on at Fulcher Inc.?

There were so many extreme ups and downs today…

Diana clenched her fists and finally found a sense of reality. “I have a headache.”

She waved at Noel, and motioned for him to show the lawyer out first. “We’ll talk about everything after Julian comes back.”

She would definitely cooperate if he still wanted to leave, but what if he really went to buy flowers to apologize?

Between the two of them, if Julian wanted to bow down, then Diana would definitely give him a step- down.

Besides, even if she really wanted to leave, she wouldn’t ask him for anything.

She had hands and feet, so she could live well even if she left the Fulcher family. She did not care about things that did not belong to her.

The condition she didn’t tell Julian was that she didn’t want any of his money or possessions. She simply hoped that he wouldn’t spread the news of their divorce for the time being.

However, Julian had waved his hands and left impatiently before she could finish her words.

She would have to wait a little longer to see if she could wait for his flowers and apology.

Noel and his biological father, Mr. Carter, thought differently. Noel actually approved of Diana, for she had never caused any trouble or delay in Julian’s work. As such, he had always been very respectful toward her. He didn’t have the heart to go against her request when she pleaded with him now.

However, there was an even greater look of contempt in the eyes of Mr. Carter, who was standing outside the door, when he heard Diana’s request.

He knew it! This woman wouldn’t get divorced so easily. She was definitely playing some underhanded tricks to stall for time!

After thinking for a moment, Mr. Carter took advantage of the time Noel exited the room to throw the photos he had prepared into Diana’s room before retreating with Noel.

He didn’t believe that Diana, a fake, wouldn’t back off after seeing Kayla’s photos.

He was Noel’s father, and he had been a loyal servant of the Fulcher family for three generations. There was nothing wrong with him coming to help Noel close the door, so Diana did not think much about it. After they left, she took her clothes and wanted to go to the bathroom to take a shower.

Meanwhile, at Springville Mansion.

Kayla was wearing a white dress as she set the table.

The tablecloth was a dark gray color that Julian liked, and the dinner plates were the pure white he liked. The white lilies planted in the milky white porcelain vase were also the flowers that she and Julian planted together when they were young.

The flowers were pure and elegant with an uncommon temperament, just like Kayla.

It looked completely harmless, with a pure white innocence.

When Julian opened the door and came in, Kayla did not hear him at all. She had been so immersed in the arrangement, and she only turned around when she smelled the fragrance of the flowers. “Julian!”

She cried out in surprise. So shocked she was, her eyes filled with tears. She hugged Julian and exclaimed, “I thought you wouldn’t come…”

Even though she was someone Julian was so familiar with, his body froze the moment she pounced on him.

He rationalized that it was probably because they had never been this close. He wasn’t used to it.

Although they were childhood friends, they had never even held hands.

Julian pushed Kayla away calmly, and the corners of his lips slowly curled upwards as he handed the flowers in his hand to her. “For you.”

As he spoke, he naturally picked up the apron next to the table and went into the kitchen to cook. “I’ve looked into it. Patients with stomach cancer should pay extra attention to their diet, even after recovery.” He prepared the vegetables and the frying pan as he said, “I’ll take care of your meals from now on.”

Kayla was stunned. “Julian… You learned how to cook just for me?”

Julian was slightly stunned. Inexplicably, the image of Diana’s slender figure when he first met her crossed his mind. However, he still nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Since he had decided to give up, he shouldn’t miss Diana anymore. It would be good for all three of them.

He was simply used to Diana’s existence, that was all. Now that Kayla had returned to him, there was no need for him to hold onto the materialistic fake anymore.

Kayla choked a little at the smoke in the kitchen. She wanted to go out, but when she saw Julian’s charming homely appearance, she couldn’t help but step in again. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his waist.


The soy sauce bottle in Julian’s hand fell. “Don’t move.”

He pushed away Kayla’s hands and led her out of the kitchen. “Go out and wait.”

The glass shards could scratch one’s hands. If Kayla got cut, it would take her many days before she recovered.

Damn it!

Julian frowned at the moment when he squatted down. Why did he think of Diana when Kayla was right in front of him?!

To make matters worse, he repeatedly got confused over the two of them!

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