Chapter 1 - Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 1

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

As soon as the doctor said those words, Diana Winnington raised her head in surprise. Her face flushed red.

She was actually pregnant?!

After three years of marriage, she was finally expecting her and Julian Fulcher’s child.

Elated, Diana couldn’t wait to share the good news with him.

However, there was no answer when she called. It was only after she asked the driver that she found out that Julian had gone back to the old mansion on the outskirts of the city to hold a banquet today.

Banquets held at the old mansion were usually more private, so Diana presumed that the guest list consisted of their common friends. What’s more, Julian usually pampered her. Hence, Diana thought nothing of it and got dressed before she headed to the old mansion to find him without hesitation.

Diana stroked her lower abdomen along the way. She couldn’t stop the corners of her mouth from curling up slightly.

She got out of the car immediately as soon as she arrived at the old mansion, but was stopped by Mr. Carter outside the door.

Mr. Carter was an old butler who had been working for Julian for many years. His attitude toward Diana was a little more contemptuous than usual at this moment, and he did not seem to have any respect for her anymore. His tone was cold as he said, “Madam, you can’t enter.”

Diana stared at him blankly, suddenly feeling uneasy.

She often received much of such contempt and ridicule when she first married Julian.

Everyone thought she was a one who managed to climb up the ladder and turn into a phoenix, but no one expected her to be the respectable daughter of the prominent Winnington family from Richburgh.

She became a complete outsider when she got lost at the age of three.

No one would pay attention to her, even after she went through all the hardship from traveling from a small town in the countryside to Richburgh!

On the contrary, everyone accused Diana, the biological daughter of the Winnington family, of stooping low and scheming when she finally recognized her relatives. They called her a culprit responsible for destroying the Winnington family’s happy life!

But was it so wrong for her to simply want to see her parents?

She received the answer when her mother slapped her across the face. She also took the Winnington family’s contemptuous and taunting gaze to heart. The look in their eyes was exactly the same as the current look in Mr. Carter’s eyes…

She didn’t want to care about the Winnington family anymore, but Mr. Carter…

Why was he looking at her like this when he was someone who was working so closely with Julian?

Diana closed her eyes, and Julian’s handsome and carefully outlined face appeared in her mind.

She was brought out of her cold and indifferent home the moment Julian appeared at Winnington Mansion to propose to her three years ago. He became her salvation.

Every time she felt slightly uneasy, she would be able to gain great strength as long as she calmed down and thought about his appearance.

He was her light.

Diana took a deep breath, and adjusted her emotions well when she opened her eyes again.

She was no longer the daughter of the Winnington family that everyone could bully, but Julian’s wife. She was his most beloved woman. She had enough strength and confidence to face all the contempt.

She straightened her back, and spoke in neither a humble nor overbearing manner. “Mr. Carter, I’m here to see Julian.”

She meant for him to go and let Julian know that she wanted to see him.

But Mr. Carter then sneered lightly, as if he was mocking her, and said, “Today’s guest is very important, and I can’t contact the master right now.”

Mr. Carter’s firm attitude made Diana’s heart sink. She couldn’t help but bit her lower lip, as she was almost acutely aware that something was very wrong with this banquet.

Mr. Carter’s forceful refusal toward her could only be at Julian’s behest.

Diana looked at the old mansion in front of her which she had entered countless times. Now, she was completely isolated from the outside, and the panic in her eyes reappeared. She suddenly didn’t dare to go in anymore.

Although Diana’s marriage to Julian started hastily and they only met for the first time the day he went to Winnington Mansion to propose to her, Julian had never said a single harsh word to her in the three years of their marriage. He had never even raised his voice at her. If Diana said that she wanted the stars in the sky, Julian would find a way to pick them for her.

Thus, Diana couldn’t think of a reason why she couldn’t attend a relatively private banquet.

She glanced at Mr. Carter tentatively, but was still firmly rejected by him.

She didn’t hesitate any further and suppressed the uneasiness in her heart as she turned around and asked the driver to drive back to the mid-level villa where she lived alone with Julian.

It was the same if she waited at home for him to come back…

Fortunately, Julian also returned not long after.

Diana was a little surprised that the banquet ended early, but she still hurried forward and took his coat from him.

After that, she asked him, “Who was the person you hosted the banquet for today? Why did Mr. Carter entertain the guest too?”

Julian’s eyes immediately turned icy.

It was a look Diana had never seen on him before.

As if a glacier had suddenly separated the two of them, it made her body freeze in place.

“Julian, what’s wrong with you?”

Diana was a little stunned, but the persistence in her gaze did not go away in the slightest.

Who exactly was the person that was invited to the banquet today?!

Even when Mr. Carter had gone over, Diana didn’t know anything about the banquet at all. She wasn’t even qualified to enter the banquet. What’s more, she felt that Mr. Carter was deliberately standing at the door to stop her from entering.

It was as if anyone could enter except her.

Julian looked at her stubborn eyes, and sighed softly.

He had always known that Diana was a very resilient person, even if she had an extremely gentle appearance.

Suddenly, he smiled with a distinctly warm look in his eyes and replied, “It’s nothing, it’s just an old friend.”

An old friend? That’s all?

Throughout this conversation, Diana clenched her fists so tightly that her palms turned blue.

Perhaps it was because Julian had never been so ambiguous before, but Diana could only feel the uneasiness in her heart gradually increasing.

In the end, the joy of pregnancy overwhelmed all her doubts.

They were having a baby, so was there anything else that couldn’t be slowly resolved?

The most important thing right now was to tell him the good news: that he was going to be a father soon!

Diana settled down, took out the pregnancy test report, hid it behind her, and looked at Julian nervously as she said, “Julian, I want to tell you something!”

She staggered, and almost slipped when she came out of the bedroom as she was too anxious and excited.

“Slow down.” Julian quickly stepped forward to support her and helped her to tuck her hair behind her ears. The man’s facial features were rough and he bore a stern expression, but his eyes were filled with inseparable tenderness.

In the end, the deep and complex emotions in his eyes calmed down, leaving only a hint of determination behind. “Sit down. I have something to tell you too.”

The light from the crystal chandelier fell on his face, outlining his smooth jawline and his towering nose bridge, revealing his inexhaustible elegance and nobility. He seemed to be radiating with light, making it impossible for Diana to look away.

Yet, this man had always been gentle toward her.

Diana couldn’t help but raise her arms before wrapping them around his neck when she recalled the past. She said affectionately, “You can go first.”

There was undisguised admiration in her clear and bright eyes, and her movements caused Julian’s body to stiffen.

He lowered her arms calmly and widened the distance between them, as if they had never been close to each other before.

Diana felt even more uneasy, and her lips almost turned white as she bit them harshly.

She clenched her palms tightly, looked at Julian nervously, and asked, “Julian… What exactly do you want to tell me?”

Julian raised his eyes and glanced at her calmly. Suddenly, another figure appeared before him.

Kayla Winnington.

She was Diana’s younger sister, whom Diana had never met; the woman who had a close resemblance to Diana.

In fact, Julian’s true sweetheart was Kayla.

Now, Kayla was back.

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