Chapter 10 - The Luna and her Quadruplet Pups

“What?” I prompt, trying to remember how to breathe. My wolf is in a frenzy, positively trembling with fear.

“He seemed different.” Linda shares, “He looked like he was really suffering, like he was desperate for you to be alive. It truly seemed like he cared about you… I think maybe he’s changed.”

Where fear consumed me moments before, now anger floods my senses. Linda and I never fight, but I can’t believe her audacity. She knows better than anyone what Ethan put me through, and now it seems like she’s forgetting it, simply because he put on a good show as the grieving widower.

“Linda, if he’s sad I’m gone, it’s for one reason and one reason only.” I snap, “Because he misses having a personal sex toy. He misses having a mindless omega whose body he can control, who can’t deny him even if they wanted to.”

I open my mouth to continue, but Linda holds up a staying hand. “Please hear me out, Jane. If not for you, then for the other pups.” She beseeches, sounding truly distressed. “You haven’t been here. You haven’t seen him with Paisley. He’s such a good father.”

“So what!” I demand hotly.

“So,” Linda replies, dragging out the word pointedly. “Children need a father. The boys need a male role model and Riley needs a man in her life to help her build healthy expectations for a mate.”

“Linda,” I growl, “I’ve been both mother and father to my pups this far and I’ve done a damned good job. I don’t care if you don’t think I’m enough for them, because I know I am.”

“That isn’t what I meant!” Linda insists. “I know what a good job you’ve done, and I know you’ll provide those kids with everything they need in life. I just think that if there’s a chance for you to be a family again… it’s worth trying.”

“We already are a family.” I remind her coldly.

“I know, I just can’t bear to see you suffer.” She confesses, “you two were so in love when you got married. I want you to be happy again, Jane.”

“I appreciate that.” I sigh, “I know you want the best for me, Linda. But please trust me, I only thought we were in love. Ethan showed his true colors long ago, and there isn’t any chance that I might find happiness with him again. When it comes to Alphas and omegas, there is only pain.”


3rd Person

“Ethan please, you can’t let them do this!” Eve begged, her whiney voice grating at Ethan’s nerves. “I didn’t know about the toxins!”

“It’s not just about the aconite, Eve.” He rumbled sternly, “the board is right to be considering your removal.”

"I only did it to help the shop make more money." Eve whimpered, trying to make Ethan sympathize with her, "La Louve is so unbelievably expensive, I thought that if we could come up with a cheaper substitute, we could increase our profit margins. I did this for you...”

"For me?" Ethan sneered, “based on the two sets of books you’ve been keeping, you didn’t plan on including the shareholders on the returns of your deceitful little investment.”

“Ethan, can’t believe I would do such a thing!” She cried, “I-”

Ethan was so caught up thinking about the perfume Eve just mentioned, he almost didn't realize she was talking again.

It was all too much of a coincidence. That was the fragrance brand the woman in the bakery was wearing, the same scent that was in the Atelier where Paisley insisted she saw Jane.

“You know how much this company means to me! I would never… you’re the one who gave me the position.” She moaned, “I love you so much, I would never dishonor you that way.”

“Actions speak louder than words.” He remarked harshly, “there will be a full investigation into this matter, and if the board decides to appoint a new CEO, I won’t do a damned thing to stop them.”

Ethan turned away from the mewling woman and left.

Eve felt desperate. She had to do something and find a way to convince the board to keep her in place as CEO.

Pulling out her phone, Eve dialed Elise Carrington. She still wasn’t convinced the woman was not Jane, but she did offer to let Eve sell her genuine products in the store. Eve needed a win right now, and as much as she hated the idea, a lucrative deal with La Louve was the best option she had.


“Are you happy baby girl?” Ethan asks, grinning down at Paisley.

“Yes Daddy!” Paisley giggles, “Thank you so much for bringing me.” Paisley has been asking Ethan to take her to the mall for ages. Her favorite cartoon series just released a full length movie, and she has been dreaming about seeing it for months.

They’re just about to walk into the theater, when something catches Paisley's eye.

Across the courtyard she sees a girl in a pretty pink dress, and when she turns towards Paisley, they are feeling like looking in the mirror. They have the same dark hair and green eyes. They even have the same freckle at the corner of the mouth!

“Daddy, look!” Paisley begs, tugging on his sleeve, “There is another Parsley! OMG! she looks just like me!”