Chapter 3 - Let Me Go, Mr. Hill!

The plot twist happened so quickly that Catherine suspected she had drunk too much.

Such a thought remained until Freya came to tap her on the shoulder. She said sympathetically, “Don’t get too upset. It’s not easy to capture the heart of a tall, wealthy, and handsome man. Keep it up—”

“No. He told me to meet him at the entrance of the registry office tomorrow at 10 a.m.,” Catherine replied with a dazed look.


Freya remained uncannily quiet for a moment before she burst out laughing. “Congratulations on becoming Ethan’s aunt!”

Catherine asked, “You believe him?”

Freya forcefully pinched Catherine’s soft face.

“Why not? Please. With your naturally pure look, you can easily beat those young ladies in the entertainment industry. If I were a man, I’d fall in love with you at first sight. Let’s go and have a drink to celebrate your marriage.”

Catherine seriously wondered how much Freya had drunk while she was away.

However, Catherine began to have a hangover after drinking alcohol just now. She felt her head becoming heavy.

A Bentley Mulsanne slowly moved toward the pub entrance.

The valet opened the car door, and Shaun subsequently went to the backseat. He undid the two buttons of his shirt over his front chest while leaning against the leather seat lazily. “Didn’t I tell you to keep it low-key?”

Hadley Young politely replied, “This is actually the cheapest car in the Hill family’s house.”

Shaun frowned a little. “Who else knows that I’m in Melbourne?”

“No one except Old Madam.”

Shaun’s brows relaxed. By the look of things, the woman’s appearance just now was sheer coincidence. “Find out who this person is. I want to know her information before dawn.”

The morning sun shone through the curtains.

Catherine, who was deep asleep, was woken by the noise outside.

Just as she opened her eyes, she saw Ethan opening the door and striding into her room.

Freya, who followed him into the room, roared. “This is my house! You’re basically invading my home!”

“Sure enough, you’re here.” Ethan stared keenly at Catherine who had bloodshot eyes and slightly messy hair.

Catherine became wide awake at that moment, her eyes expressing dejection.

“The two of you should have a good chat. It hasn’t been easy being together for so many years.” After some thought, Freya turned around and left, closing the door behind her.

The room was silent. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Ethan stretched out his hand to touch her hair.

With a scornful look, Catherine dodged away from his hand. “Does Rebecca know that you’re here?”

Ethan’s handsome face froze, then he clenched his fist. “Cathy, you’re probably unaware that the Jones family has decided to give Rebecca 80 percent of the company’s shares.”

Catherine was so shocked that her lips turned pale. “This is impossible.”

“It’s true. Your dad said it himself.”

Catherine seemed to have grasped everything within minutes.

She lifted her head and looked at her childhood sweetheart whom she loved back then. Tears began to gush from her eyes. “So that’s why you abandoned me and chose Rebecca, right?”

Ethan gripped her hands. “This is just temporary. I’ve just gotten engaged to Rebecca, but I’ll leave our wedding on the back-burner. As you know, my dad has an illegitimate son. If I don’t do this, I wouldn’t even be able to compete. Cathy, I just want to provide you with a good life.”


Catherine snatched her hand out of his grasp and threw insults at him. “You’re only 25 years old. Even if you don’t get any inheritance from your family, can’t you just start your own business?”

“You’re too naive.”

Ethan stood up slowly, hiding the emotions in his eyes. He said helplessly, “It’s not in our power to choose certain things due to our background.”

Catherine looked cold without uttering a word as she found it unreasonable.

Amid the silence, Ethan sighed softly. “Give me three years, Cathy. You’re still young. You can afford to wait.”

Catherine nearly went mad.

How dare he say such things in a self-righteous manner when he only wanted to make her keep her youth for him?

“You’re treating me as a fool, aren’t you? You’ve chosen to be engaged to Rebecca for the sake of your career. Who knows whether you’ll marry her three years later? Please get out of my face. I don’t want to see you anymore!”

“Time will show my love for you. You can be upset with me, but don’t go out and drown your sorrows with alcohol. It’s not good for your health.”

Since Catherine was not going along with what he said, he merely advised her before he turned around and left.

Upon hearing the door shut, Catherine flung a pillow to the wall with reddened eyes and spent a few seconds sitting still. After that, she frantically put on her shirt and dashed out.

“He’s left. What’s the point of going after him?” Freya quickly stopped her.

Catherine took a deep breath, then gnashed her teeth. “I agreed to meet him at 10 a.m. to get married.”

Freya said, “You actually believe him?”

“Didn’t you say you believed him last night?”

Freya embarrassedly replied, “That’s because I drank too much.”

“What if he’s serious about it?” Catherine pushed her away and ran out.