Chapter 7 - The Luna Trials

Zack knew that there was only one way to remind his mate that he was still existing. So, when his Beta brought him the girl that reminded him of Savvy the most, he didn’t hesitate. He didn’t like to make it long either. All he needed was a rele*se and to send a message to his mate.

Yet this time was different. As he had hardly started when a piercing pain hit every cell of his body…

He growled loudly, throwing the she-wolf away and dropping to all fours on the floor. His claws were leaving traces on the wood and he almost shifted as his wolf wanted to run and go searching for their mate. The mate that was clearly enjoying someone’s company now.

“Savannah!” Zack snarled, requiring all his physical strength not to follow his feral desires.

He didn’t know when it ended and how long it lasted.

But he knew one thing – he needed to find Savvanah fast…

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