Chapter 7 - Love Has its Will by Selena Lewis

Her face was deathly pale, and her lips were more like eating human blood. The woman opened her sleeves like a dancing butterfly.

Standing there motionless, in a trance, Savanna saw Winnie walking towards her. The person who learned dancing was very light, and she couldn’t hear any sound. Winnie’s face was constantly enlarged in front of her.

A clear face and a fresh breath all represented that the woman in front of him was a real person, not a ghost.

With a wry smile, she reached out and grabbed her arm.

Hearing that, Winnie was stunned. She struggled to get rid of her sleeves and wanted to run away, but was stopped by Savanna wan. Before Winnie could react, Savanna wan grabbed her chin and tore it hard.

With a clatter, the woman’s mask was torn apart and revealed in the light. It was not the face of Winnie, but…

“Tracy!” Savanna was lost in thought.

Being caught pranking, Tracy shouted at Savanna

“Yes, I am. What do you want?”

Feeling speechless, Savanna looked at her and said, “In the middle of the night, you scared me by dressing up like a dead person. Why did you question me what I was going to do?”

It’s hilarious.

When Tracy was about to leave, Savanna wan didn’t allow her. The quarrel between them soon attracted Giselle Cassel. Giselle Cassel glanced at the white clothes in her daughter-in-law’s hand, and then looked at the blood sucking Tracy with makeup. She said:

“”Tracy, you’ve been studying abroad for years. If you frighten your sister-in-law, I won’t forgive you.”

With a scornful smile, she said, “Mom, my brother loves Winnie. Even if Savanna dies, he won’t shed a tear.”

Giselle didn’t like Winnie all the time. Seeing her daughter standing on the side of Winnie, she was even angrier, Giselle got long-face,

With her finger pointing at Savanna, Tracy said, “She killed Winnie.”

Giselle snapped, “Winnie died for her disease. As for the night when she had the surgery, I called your brother and asked him to come back. Even if your brother was there with her, she would still

Seeing that her daughter still wanted to argue, Giselle Cassel lost her patience and shouted coldly, “Go upstairs and sleep.”

Giselle Cassel couldn’t figure out what had bewitched her children to oppose her.

Tracy rolled her eyes at her mother and kicked the door open.

The door was slammed, and the whole corridor seemed to have a big earthquake.

Giselle Cassel sighed and said, “Savanna , Tracy is just a kid, Don’t argue with her. Have you made up the guest list?”

“All right.”

When she returned to her room, she took out the guest list and handed it to her mother-in-law.

Giselle went back to her room.

Sitting by the window of the room, she stared blankly at the intertwined neon lights. The clock on the wall had been walking from one o’clock in the morning to two o’clock, but she had never heard the door open.

After dinner, Brandon went into the study on the excuse that he had to deal with business. After making such a big noise, he did not come out. She would not believe that he was too concentrated on business and did not hear it.

Without his acquiescence, she wouldn’t have the courage to scare her by pretending to be Winnie.

How could a man who hated her to the core sleep in the same bed with her?

Taking off her coat, she lay on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. Because she was pregnant, she didn’t dare to take too much medicine. She could only open her eyes and stare at the ceiling in a daze.

The phone rang. It was from Joyce.

As soon as the phone was connected, Joyce’s crying voice was still loud in the quiet room:

“Ms. Thompson, Mrs. Thompson vomited a lot of blood and fainted.”

All of a sudden, she got up from the bed, put on her coat and quickly walked out of the room.

When Savanna rushed back to Thompson’s house, David had been sent to the hospital by the ambulance, and she rushed to the hospital.

The doctor did a full physical examination for David,

“Miss Thompson, Mr. Thompson’s brain is bleeding two hundred milliliters. He can’t move. As for when he will wake up, it’s hard to say.”