Chapter 10 - Love Has its Will by Selena Lewis

She is not dead. She… She is back.

Such news was like a cold nail piercing into her temple, and she felt so painful that her stomach and intestines stuck together.

“Brandon, I know you don’t love Savanna. You left me at this critical moment because she instigated your mom to call you and forced you to come back. I don’t blame you.”

“Why do you pretend to be dead?”

Brandon’s voice was painful and angry.

“Please don’t blame me. I was forced to do so. As you can see, i… I’m not sure whether you want me or not, so I asked the doctor to tell a lie for me. During the separation, I thought a lot. I’ve been waiting for you for so many years, and I don’t want to give up like this. If you say that you don’t love me and don’t want me anymore, I’ll go back to Ireland immediately.”

The woman’s voice was choked with sobs and she cried for several times. How much courage did it take for her to come back with a broken body.

There was dead silence in the room.

Savanna held her breath and waited.

Then she heard the voice of Brandon:”Winnie, you underestimated me. I love you. It’s not about your talent or anything else.”

After getting the answer from Brandon, the woman in the room had tears in her eyes and a bright smile on her face. But outside the room, Savanna’s nails were deeply stuck into the flesh and blood, and the pain spread over her palm.

Blood streaked down the corner of her mouth.

Savanna’s sight became blurred unconsciously. How great love it was that she could be forgiven by Brandon even if she faked her death!

It hurt so much that she burst into tears.

Her trembling fingers finally lost the glass of juice, as if she could not hold her happiness.

Hearing the sound of “click”, the door was opened and Brandon came out. He looked up and saw the tearfui face of sherry Astonishment flashed across his deep eyes. He lifted his lips:


Alter wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes, she reached out to pick up the broken glass. When passing by, Nancy looked at Brandon and then looked into the room. She reached out and

Taking a deep breath, she forced back the tears in her eyes and forced a smile on her beautiful face. She licked her dry lips and said to Brandon:

“I’m choking by juice. Is Winnie still alive?”

The look in Brandon’s eyes was very complicated. He pursed his thin lips and said nothing. When he was about to leave, Savanna directly walked into the room.

In the room, Winnie was sitting on a special wheelchair with a blanket on her knees. When she saw

Savanna come in, she was surprised at first, and then flustered beyond description. Her pale lips opened and closed:”Savanna, I don’t want to take away your happiness. I really don’t want to part with Brandon, so I come back.”

After looking Winnie up and down, she looked at her legs. Her silence made her more nervous. She grabbed the chair with her white fingers..

The atmosphere was weird.

She suddenly heard that

“Winnie, you’re the most beautiful woman in the city. You’re so beautiful even with legs broken.”

“Savanna …”

Winnie said incoherently, the color drained from her face.

“Savanna, I know you blame me, but you are the third person between me and Brandon. If it weren’t for you, our child would have been one year old.”

Then she turned around and stared at Brandon:”Do you also think that I am the third people who destroys your relationship?”

Brandon didn’t like to see her being so aggressive. He turned his face away and said in a cold voice

“Today is Grandpa’s birthday. He is only eighty years old. If any of you two dare to speak one more word, get out of here.”

The neutral attitude of Brandon finally made Savanna disappointed.

She didn’t look back at Brandon. She didn’t think even a glance at Winnie would make her eyes dirty.

“If you also think that I have ruined your happiness, then please let me go. From today on, I will never come to the Cassel mansion again. Sign the divorce agreement and send it to me.”

After that, Savanna turned around and walked out of the room without a trace of nostalgia.


Two years later, it was the first time for her to meet Cain.

Cain seemed to be in a good mood. He clinked glasses with Savanna.

Then, he asked about the reason why she invited him to attend the old Mr. Cassel’s birthday party. It

seemed that she was looking forward to something.

And she told him that, “Cain, at our classmate reunion, you always helped me like a big brother. I saw the news that you returned after your study, so I wrote your name on the invitation list.”

Savanna’s answer disappointed Cain.

However, she knew that he was in an awkward situation in the family. She knew that he was eager to work hard to gain the recognition of the the old Mr.Cassel of the family.

And he just came here with bare hands. It was a good chance for him to show his strength that he was invited by the The Cassels. After all, the The Cassels was one of the best in the city.

When he thought of Savanna protecting him, he felt excited.

At about eight o’clock, the old Mr.Cassel showed up with the help of Harris Cassel. After cutting the cake and receiving the gifts from his children, he went back to his room.

When the blue color appeared at the stairway, her heart suddenly trembled.

Tracy pushed Winnie down the stairs, followed by the tall Brandon. The man was like a flower guardian, silently protecting the two beautiful flowers.

The scene that the three of them went downstairs one after another immediately attracted the

curious eyes of countless guests.

Everyone was guessing the relationship between Brandon and the woman with broken legs.

Then, everyone looked sympathetically at Savanna, who didn’t want to be looked at strangely, and walked towards the door without looking back.

Leo had been watching her secretly all the time. Seeing that she was about to leave, he immediately chased her out:

“Mrs. Cassel, let me drive you home.”

“No, thanks.” She refused without hesitation,

At the Savanna e time, Cain was talking with his business partners. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the figure of Savanna, he said to the man