Chapter 4 - Luna On The Run - I Stole The Alphas Son

Chapter 4

Axton POV

Three weeks later.

I barely contained my wolf. He wanted to drag Elena back here, mark and punish her. It had been three weeks, and my wolf Khan was becoming extremely restless, and I wasn‘t sure how much longer I could hold him off from hunting her down.

This was never supposed to happen. We meant to find her at the club, get provocative photos I could use to blackmail her father or destroy him with if he didn‘t agree to my demands. Instead, I learned his daughter was my mate, and Khan wanted


“You aren‘t still pining over her, are you?” Eli, my Beta, asks me as he falls onto the lounge next to my feet. Again, I lost track of time. How long had I been staring at the light fixture on the roof? I would say for some time because my eyes were aching. I watched Eli fix his cuff links, and I remember we were supposed to be meeting the developer across the city to go over plans.

“Axton!” Eli calls, clicking his fingers in front of my face. “Pull yourself together,” he snaps, and I sit up. “What about our plans? This was your idea all along. Find her. Snap some scandalous pictures, destroy her father, and get him off the council. You should be rejoiced she rejected you,” he says,

slapping my leg. Khan snarls in my head at his words.

“It‘s not that; I‘m just pissed off that she beat me to it,” I growl, annoyed that she rejected me, and then instead of rejecting her back and accepting it, my bloody wolf took control and decided for us that we

were keeping her. I shake my head at the memory. Now the bond was only severed on her side, not mine.

“You can‘t go through with it, can you?” Eli says, sweeping his ash blonde hair from his eyes and watching me. I exhale and press my lips in a line. If I did find her and reject her, Khan would lose it and go on another killing spree. The last one was hard enough to cover up.

“It was fine until I realized she was my mate,” I muttered. Eli rests his head back, staring up at the ceiling.

“If you don‘t want to do it, fine. But at least call her and stop moping about her. If you want her, go get her. I hold no judgment!” He says, and I sigh.

“Seriously, bro, just call her. At least then you can decide to reject her or not,” he shrugs, standing up and heading for the door. I watch him leave before pulling my phone from my pocket and scrolling through my contacts. I call her number that Treceived after ringing around to get it while drunk the other night.

Hitting the call button, I listen to it ring a few times before her

father answers. I pause, glancing at the screen, double checking I didn‘t call his number instead. Nope, it was definitely hers.

“I need to speak to Elena,” I tell him, trying to keep my tone light.

“Who is this?” Derrick demands. I rolled my eyes at his angry tone; this man was an insufferable prick.

“Alpha Axton, Derrick. Now put your daughter on,” I snap at him.

“You have no reason to be calling my daughter. What do you want?” he demands.

“Answer me. My daughter holds no rights over my pack. If you‘re thinking of trying to get her to persuade me to change my mind, I can assure you my daughter hates you as much as I do.”

“Where is Elena, Derrick?” I ask, bored with him already.

“You stay the fuck away from my daughter,”

“No can do, Derrick. Elena is my mate. So when my mate gets home, tell her to ring me,” I tell him before hanging up on him. I stare at my phone screen angrily, only to roll my eyes when I hear movement by the door.

“Are you done eavesdropping?” I ask Eli.

“Do you think that was wise talking to her father like that?” he

questions, and I rub my eyes. I had barely slept since she rejected me. In fact, I had hardly left the damn packhouse worried Khan would hunt her down and start a war between our packs.

“If she doesn‘t ring by tonight, or come find me. We leak the video and the photos I sent you,” I tell him. Khan growls in my head at the thought of others seeing her naked and vulnerable. “Do you want her back?” I ask Khan. My wolf continues to growl, and Eli watches me warily, feeling my aura rush out while I try to calm my wolf.

“You gave her a chance. If she doesn‘t call back. We leak them, Khan. She will come back then. Elena will have nowhere else to go,” I tell him, and he stops snarling at me.

“Are you sure?” Eli asks, and I get to my feet and walk to the far corner of the room toward the bar and grab a glass and bottle of whiskey down. I hold the bottle up to Eli, and he nods his head, falling back onto the lounge. I grab another glass down, pouring us both a drink.

“If she doesn‘t ring, we go through with our original plans,” I tell him. She has one more chance to make up for her mistake, or | will make her regret rejecting me.

“You leak those photos. It will destroy her; I don‘t think it is the winning deal that you think it is, Alpha,” Eli tells me, and I sip my drink, watching him over my glass.

“She had her chance,” I tell him, and he nods, pressing his lips in a line. I know her father, and I know he will banish her. No pack would dare take her in;‘Alpha Derrick was a prominent figure and owned the second largest pack in this city.

This would be a significant blow to his reputation. One I know would have him removed from the council. Big enough to start a war if he is stupid enough to challenge me. But with that in mind, Elena would have nowhere else to go but to me or leave the city.

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