Chapter 8 - Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children

Countless pairs of eyes trained on Sophia after her words.

The sharpest stare came from Madam Xavier. There was a warning in her eyes, along with displeasure. If it were not for the fact that there were so many people around, Sophia had a feeling that her grandmother would have actually struck her with the cane.

She gulped and took an indignant step back, which made her step on her son, and he started crying from the pain.

Enraged, Sophia slapped him. “Why are you crying so much? What happened, are you mourning someone’s passing?”

Leo Gardner, her six-year-old son, began to cry harder. “You’re horrible, Mommy! You’re a witch! I hate you the most!”

Sophia was already in a bad mood, so when her son said that he hated her in public, she got so angry that she wanted to slap him again.

The atmosphere in the living room became hostile from their actions.

Madam Xavier’s expression turned dark, and she said, “Addy, once you sign the contract, come to my study room.”

Adina nodded. She signed her name on the contract and bent down to speak to her boy. “Alden, take good care of your sister. I’ll be back soon.”

Alden nodded in a mature manner and said, “I’ll take care of Mel, Mommy. Don’t worry.”

Naturally, Adina was not worried.

Alden had grown up to be a sensible boy in the last year and picked up the job of taking care of Melody.

Adina could not take good care of them by herself because she had to leave to earn money.

On days that she worked during the day, Alden took good care of Melody at home. Even though he was only four years old, he had already learned how to be a good older brother.

Adina followed Madam Xavier into the study room, where her grandmother sat down, and squatted down by her chair.

“Addy, you must have lived a hard life over the past four years.”

Madam Xavier took Adina’s hand and let out a long sigh.

“I thought that you hid yourself out of stubbornness after you left your house four years ago. I never thought that Aaron would lock you up for eight whole months! Addy, after the Daugherty family proclaimed you dead, all of your shares were transferred to your half-sister, but since you came back alive now, the Daugherty family must return the shares to you!”

Adina leaned against Madam Xavier’s knee.

Her grandmother still loved her as she did when she was young.

Part of the reason why Adina brought Melody back was because she hoped that the girl could experience more love.

Her grandmother would surely love Melody just like she loved her.

She whispered, “Grandmother, you’re already eighty-three years old. You shouldn’t bother about these things. I will retrieve what belongs to me by my own hands. Don’t worry. I’m no longer the ignorant lady

of the Daugherty family. I will seek justice for myself and my children who died in vain…”

The image of the two blue and black babies lying on the warehouse’s floor rose in her mind.

Those were her sons.

They had died quietly, and she did not even know where they were buried.

Tears pooled up in Adina’s eyes.

“Addy, my good girl, it’s all in the past now. Don’t cry…” Madam Xavier patted her back. “Stay in the Xavier mansion from now on. You can treat it as your home.”

Adina nodded.

Her grandmother was the leader of the Xaviers. As long as she welcomed her, Adina would stay in her home.

Besides, she would not be living in the Xavier mansion without giving anything in return. Her chip would help the Xaviers climb further up the social ladder.

She did not feel any guilt at all for deciding to stay.

After a short while, they heard a loud wail outside.

Madam Xavier frowned. “Is Leo crying again?”

Leo was Sophia’s son. Every time she came to the Xavier mansion, she brought him with her, and he always caused trouble.

Madam Xavier could not be bothered and wanted to continue talking, but Adina had a bad feeling.

She got up and went to the door. Right when she opened it, she saw Sophia bringing her hand up and swinging it at Melody.

Meanwhile, Melody still had a blank look on her face. She did not seem aware of the impending danger.

“Stop!” Adina roared and charged over.

Sophia narrowed her eyes and made sure to swing her hand even faster.

She had always hated Adina, because even though she was not part of the Xaviers, she got all the benefits only a Xavier could get.

Meanwhile, Sophia received no limelight, even though she was a true lady of the Xaviers.

Later, Adina had a one-night stand with a man and became the main character of practically all illicit photos in Sea City, which had delighted Sophia a lot.

After Adina gave birth to her b*stards and Dew said that she set the warehouse on fire before committing suicide because she wanted to escape being punished, Sophia clapped her hands in joy.

But she did not expect that Adina would one day come back alive.

And the moment she returned, she started causing trouble for her!

‘Hmph! Even if I can’t do anything to Adina, I can still slap her b*stard.’

She swung her hand toward Melody’s face.