Chapter 2 - Married at First Sight

“I won’t back out on a promise.”

It took Serenity a few days to consider before reaching a decision. Now that she had made up her mind, she was not going to go back on her word.

There was nothing more Zachary could say at that point. He took out his document and placed it in front of the officer.

Serenity did the same.

The pair swiftly went through the formalities in less than ten minutes.

Once the officer issued the marriage license, Zachary fished out a bunch of keys from his pocket and gave them to Serenity. He said, “The house I bought is in Brynfield. Nana told me that you own a bookshop near Wiltspoon School. My place isn’t too far from your workplace. It’ll take around ten minutes by bus.

“Do you have a driver’s license? If you do, you can get a car. I can help with the down payment while you will be responsible for the monthly payment. It’ll be easier for you to commute to work.

“I can get very busy at work, so you won’t see me much. There will be business trips too. Don’t mind me. Just look after yourself. I’ll wire the household expenses to you on the tenth of every month when the salary is out.

“One more thing. For convenience’s sake, we should keep our marriage a secret for the time being.”

Zachary must have held high ranks in the office because he went on and on without giving Serenity a chance to speak.

Serenity only said yes to the marriage so she did not become the reason for arguments between her sister and her brother-in-law. Marriage was Serenity’s ticket out of the house while still giving her sister peace of mind. It was only marriage by name.

With Zachary handing her the keys to the house, she gladly accepted them.

“I have a driver’s license, but a car isn’t in my plans right now. I usually get to work on an e-bike. I just replaced the batteries on the bike, so it would be a shame not to ride it.

“Um… Mr. York, are we splitting the bills?”

Despite her sister and brother-in-law marrying for love, her brother-in-law proposed to go Dutch as if her sister was taking advantage of him.

It took a lot of time and effort to care for a child, get groceries, cook, and manage house chores. A man, who had never been through it himself, would think their wife had it easy at home with the child-minding, cooking, and cleaning.

Since she and Zachary had never met prior to signing the papers, Serenity would feel more at ease if they went halves.

Without a second thought, Zachary replied sullenly, “I have the means to support my wife and our little family. No need to share the costs.”

Serenity smiled. “Alright then.”

She was not one to freeload without contribution.

Whatever was needed in the house, Serenity planned to pay it out of her pocket.

Serenity was already saving on rent anyway.

It was all about the give-and-take as well as mutual understanding to live together in harmony.

Zachary lifted his left arm to look at the time before saying to Serenity, “I need to get back to work. You can take my car home or hail a cab. I’ll reimburse the fare. I’ll drive Nana to my brother’s.”

“That reminds me. Let’s exchange numbers to reach one another.”

Serenity took out her phone and saved his contact. “I’ll get a cab. I should leave you to your work.”

“Okay. Call me if you need me.”

Prior to leaving, Zachary gave her two hundred bucks for the cab, to which Serenity refused. However, she immediately grabbed the money when he scowled.

Zachary walked on ahead instead of stepping out of City Hall together with Serenity as newlyweds.

He made a beeline to his car.

“Where’s my granddaughter-in-law?”

Seeing that only his grandson made it out, Grandma May asked skeptically, “You went in together. Why didn’t you leave together? Did you change your mind or did Serenity change hers?”

Zachary fastened his seat belt before pulling out the marriage license. Turning around, he gave the license to gran. “We got the papers. I need to hurry back for a meeting at the office. I gave her two hundred to get a cab.

“Gran, I’ll drive you up to the crossroad ahead. The bodyguard will take you home.”

“You shouldn’t ditch Serenity no matter how busy you are. Hold on. Don’t drive until Serenity is out. You can return to work once you take her back.” Grandma May wanted to get off, but the door was locked.

“Gran, I married her as you wished, but you can’t dictate everything else I do. I’m the one living with her, so it’s my call. I’ll observe on my own time and be the judge of her character. I won’t make the marriage official if she doesn’t pass the test.”

Grandma May murmured, “… Divorce is not an option in our family!”

“Well, that depends on whether you’ve picked a wife who’s worth spending the rest of my days with.”

Zachary remarked as he started the car.

“Punk! No husband would act like this. How could you drive away and abandon your bride right after you got married?”

Grandma May knew that since her oldest grandson had made the biggest concession by marrying Serenity, he refused to budge in other matters. It was not like she could do anything about it. Her grandson might make Serenity a grass widow if Grandma May pushed him too far. Serenity would be the victim in all of this.

Zachary let his Nana tear into him.

He would make Serenity happy if she deserved it. Had she been lying to Nana and putting up a façade, Zachary would divorce her six months later. Serenity could still find another man since he kept the marriage under wraps and had no plans for sexual contact.

After driving for ten minutes, he pulled over at an intersection.

There were a few luxury sedans parked there. One of them was a Rolls Royce.

Zachary pulled up by the road and got down from the car before tossing the keys to an awaiting bodyguard. He instructed, “Take the old Mrs. home.”

“I’m not going back. I want to stay with you and spend time with my new granddaughter-in-law.”

Grandma May put up a fuss.

Nevertheless, her darling grandson had got into the Rolls Royce, turning a deaf ear to her protests.

She could only watch as her oldest grandson drove off in the luxury sedan.

Zachary was, in fact, the mover and shaker of Wiltspoon’s corporate world. He was the heir to the richest family in Wiltspoon with a net worth of a hundred billion!

“Ruthless b*stard!”

Grandma May cussed her grandson out and muttered under her breath bitterly, “I’ll wait for karma to strike when you fall in love with Serenity.”

No amount of anger could get her grandson back here. By the time Grandma May picked up the phone to call Serenity, the latter was sitting in a cab on her way home.

“Serenity, Zack is swamped with work. Don’t take it to heart.”

Feeling the marriage license that was stuffed in her pocket, Serenity answered, “I can understand, Grandma May. I don’t mind it at all. Don’t feel bad. He’s paying for my fare. I’m already on my way home.”

“You’re married to Zack now. Am I still Grandma May to you?”

Serenity was caught in a daze for a moment before calling her gran.

The old lady happily accepted the new address title.

“We’re a family now, Serenity. Tell me if Zack ever picks on you. I’ll have your back.”

It took forever for her grandson to get a wife. There was no way Grandma May would allow him to step all over Serenity.