Chapter 9 - Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Now that his belly was filled, Zachary took out his wallet and looked through it, but he did not have much cash on him. In the end, he pulled out a debit card and put it in front of Serenity.

With a raised brow, Serenity looked at him.

“You need money to buy things. This card is for you. The PIN is…”

Zachary looked for a pen and paper and wrote the PIN down before handing it to Serenity.

“You can use the card for household expenses. I’ll transfer the money into the account every month when my wages are in, but you need to keep track of whatever you buy. I don’t mind you spending the money, but I need to know what it’s spent on.”

Back when they got the marriage license, Serenity had asked him whether they should go halves on the expenses, to which Zachary shot down. Since they were a married couple, they were family. He did not mind giving her money.

Zachary had more money than he could count and could not put a figure to his assets. He barely had time to spend the money as he was often busy at work. At least, his wife could now help him use some of it.

Nevertheless, it did not mean that Zachary wanted to be taken advantage of. He had to watch out as Serenity was a scheming girl in his eyes.

He had no problems with Serenity squandering the money on the house.

Serenity could not stand Zachary’s attitude and conduct.

She slid the debit card, alongside the paper with the PIN, back to Zachary. She did not even spare a glance at the PIN.

“Mr. York, you’re not the only one in the house. I’m living here too. You bought the house, so I save on rent by living here. I can’t let you pay for the house expenditure too. I’ll pay for whatever’s needed for the house.

“I’ll discuss with you if the cost of a household item exceeds two thousand bucks. You can chip in whatever amount you see fit.”

Her income was high enough to cover the daily household expenses. There was no need for him to pay unless it was a huge purchase.

It was not that she could not accept his money, but his attitude rubbed her the wrong way. He made it seem like she was after his money and even told her to keep track of the purchases. Her bookkeeping was only for the shop’s expenditure and not extended to her life.

Zachary was not an idiot. On the contrary, he was very smart. From the refusal, Zachary caught on that his attitude hurt Serenity’s pride. He fell silent for a moment before pushing the debit card and PIN- written paper toward Serenity. Softening his tone, he said, “I know you own a shop, but how much can you make? You said it yourself that this is our home. You’re part of it and so am I. How can I let you shoulder all the household expenses? Take it. Don’t keep a record of your purchase if you don’t want to.

“Have you given a thought about getting a car? Do you need my help to pay the initial deposit? You can afford the monthly commitment with your income.”

Zachary did not really look into her earnings, but she must be doing well since she started a bookshop at the entrance of Wiltspoon School. Surely, she made quite a bit. At this age, it was the easiest to get women and children to open their wallets.

“The house is not too far from my shop. I can take my bike. The traffic in Wiltspoon is horrible during rush hour. My two-wheeled ride is better than a four-wheeled motor.”

Zachary was lost for words.

She was right.

He avoided the rush hour to get to work.

Sometimes, he was caught in the morning rush hour when he had to leave for an emergency. The gridlock traffic would make him wish he took his private jet out instead.

“It would make your life easier with a car. You can drive on the weekends and take your sister and nephew for a short trip.”

Zachary remembered Nana saying that the woman lived together with her sister. The people who mattered most in Serenity’s life were her sister and nephew.

“Maybe later. We just got married, and we don’t know each other well. I don’t feel comfortable using your money to buy a car. I have enough savings to get a car, but a house is a better investment. I can have a home with a house. I’m not like you men. Men prefer getting cars.”

There was a preferential difference between men and women; women would usually pick a house while men were after cars.

“Oh, yeah. My sister wants to meet you, but I told her that you’re away on business. I’ll take you to see her at a later date.”

“Sure,” Zachary answered.

After the chat, Serenity went to air the clothes while Zachary sat in the living room. He wanted to read the papers, but he did not have a subscription delivered to this place. Since he could not find the

newspaper, he turned to check the news on his phone to kill time.

“Have you done your laundry?”

Having hung her laundry out in the sun, Serenity threw a question to the man on his phone.

“I got it covered.”

His clothes were normally sent to the dry cleaners.

Serenity pursed her lips without saying a word more. She went about her business.

She swept, mopped, and tidied up the place.

Zachary watched as she shuttled back and forth in the house, doing a maid’s job. Furrowing his brows, he was tempted to say something but held his tongue after much thought.

The maids were on top of house chores at his home, but the wife was the one responsible for housework in the everyday family.

It was a good thing his butler arranged for the maids to clean before they moved in. The house was spotless. Serenity swept around without finding a speck of dust.

Now that she was done with the daily tasks, Serenity returned to her room and cleaned herself up. With a handbag in hand, Serenity walked out of the room and told the man on the sofa, “Mr. York, I’m going to my sister’s place and then to the shop. Around what time will you be home? You can leave me a message, so I’ll leave the door unlocked.”

“I’ll come back every night unless I’m away on business. I’ll let you know beforehand if I need to go away.”

“Alright,” Serenity replied.

“Se-Serenity, take the card.”

Holding the bank card, Zachary got up and approached Serenity. He handed the debit card to her and apologized. “I should’ve watched my tone just now. I apologize. I’m sorry!”

Serenity studied his face for a while, finally accepting the card as he appeared genuine this time. She stuffed the card, alongside the paper with the PIN, into her pocket.

“I should get going.”


Zachary stood there as he watched Serenity leave.

Once the door was shut, he let out a sigh of relief.

He did not seem to do a good job assuming the role of a husband.

Returning to his seat on the sofa, Zachary grabbed his phone from the coffee table and called the butler in the family home. With the butler picking up, he uttered in a low voice, “Sam, when the old Mrs. is up, tell her to gather the family to have dinner at Brynfield. The old Mrs. will know what it’s about.”

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