Chapter 6 - Medical Genius's Unspeakable Marriage

Helen had already set one foot into the Accord when she suddenly saw Matthew opening the door of the Maybach and she froze, while James and Liam were also wide-eyed. Matthew had actually borrowed this Maybach which was worth no less than five million? H-How is this possible?

The scene was awkward as everyone stared at Matthew as he sat in the driver’s seat, who called out to them through the open window, “It’s getting late now. Let’s go quickly.”

It was then that Helen caught up on the situation, gave her husband a look and they both immediately got out of the Accord. One must be kidding to choose an Accord over a Maybach! Would picking up Sasha in an Accord make her look good? Well, that depended on what was the competition! Compared to a Maybach, the difference was between Heaven and Earth!

Dumbstruck, Liam stood rooted on the same spot and didn’t recover from his surprise for a long time. Soon after that, while they were seated in the car, Helen looked around the interior with curiosity and envy. Although she had no knowledge whatsoever about automobiles, she could tell that this was an extravagant vehicle.

It was extremely comfortable to relax on the genuine leather seats, making her feel as if she was enjoying first-class services of an aircraft, with many adjustable functions which she had never seen before.

The ambient lights were adjusted to just the right settings. While they were traveling on the road, it was so quiet without any external noises that one could even hear a pin drop. More importantly, the ride was incredibly smooth. Even when the surface of the road was uneven, those seated inside couldn’t even feel the slightest bump. This was truly a luxury car!

Of course, James had more knowledge when it came to automobiles. From just one look, he could tell that this vehicle was way more expensive than his father’s! After keeping his silence for a long while, he finally couldn’t help but ask, “Matthew, where did you get this car from?”

Helen turned to look at Matthew. They both knew Matthew’s situation very well; it was rare for him to even have a friend who actually owned a car, so where did he borrow this luxury car from?

“I borrowed it from a friend,” Matthew replied softly.

“What friend? What’s his name?” asked James hurriedly.

“You don’t know him.” That was all Matthew replied.

James pressed on with a few more questions, but Matthew merely gave him very curt replies, which disappointed James a little. From James’ conclusion, this friend of Matthew’s didn’t seem like an honorable person at all. Or else, he wouldn’t be so secretive about it.

“Matthew, a person should live an upright life. It’s not a terrifying thing to be poor, but what’s more terrifying is to live an empty life!” James said in the end nonchalantly, then he shut his eyes and stopped speaking.

Helen could vaguely understand what her husband meant and she cast Matthew another look of contempt.

When they reached the airport, it didn’t take them long before a group of people came out and a woman was especially eye-catching among them. In a white blouse underneath a black jacket with a pencil skirt, she was dressed in a standard business attire. With skin as fair as snow and a great figure, half of her face was behind her large sunnies, while the other exposed half was so delicately shaped that it made people envious.

This was Matthew’s wife, Sasha Cunningham, who was once the number one beauty in Eastcliff! But now, there was an overdressed young man next to her. From the Armani clothes he was wearing to the Patek Phillipe watch on his wrist, it clearly showed that he came from an extraordinarily rich family.

Francis Cooper was the name of this young man, who was also the heir to the Cooper Family in Eastcliff.

Francis had been wooing Sasha since a few years ago and often told people that he would win her over one day. It came as a surprise that they both came back on the same flight and were even walking together, which stung Matthew’s heart even more, but James and Helen were already welcoming them.

“Oh dear, Young Master Cooper! I’m so sorry to trouble you to take care of Sasha!” Helen exclaimed with a pleasing smile, thinking that their family would definitely be able to make a comeback if Sasha were to marry Francis. A look of contempt flashed on her face again when she compared the shabby clothes that Matthew was wearing; a vast difference stood between him and Francis like night and day. So what if he could borrow a luxury car? For Francis’ family, buying a Maybach was like buying a toy. Moreover, it would belong to themselves, so how could that be compared to a borrowed car?

Francis smiled faintly. “Mrs. Cunningham, you’re too kind. It is my pleasure!”

Standing next to them, Matthew’s heart thumped a little harder as he listened. This voice sounded very familiar—wasn’t this the same voice as the man who answered Sasha’s call last night? At this moment, Matthew’s heart turned cold. He thought, So my wife was spending the night before with this man in the same room?

While her parents were still chatting away with Francis, Sasha came over to Matthew with a stoic face. “Let’s go home. I’m tired!” she said in a cold voice without even a single look at Matthew. It was as if he didn’t exist to her at all.

“My goodness, Sasha, why are you in such a hurry? It isn’t easy to meet Young Master Cooper, so let’s chat a little more with him!” Helen said.

Ignoring her, Sasha tossed her luggage to Matthew and walked away. Matthew gritted his teeth when he almost wanted to throw it to the side, but he managed to suppress it in the end. He was still unsure

about what exactly happened last night. Even if he wanted to blow his top, he first had to find out about everything!

As he trailed behind her quietly, Francis came to chase after Shasha unexpectedly. “I’ll give you a lift, Sasha!” He grinned and continued, “I just bought a Ferrari, so why don’t you come for a test drive with me?”

“Ferrari?” Helen exclaimed in shock. “That’s not a cheap car! How much did you spend on it?”

“Not that much. It’s just a little more than seven million.” He gave them a faint smile. “I happened to earn some extra money on my last project, so I bought a car as a reward for myself.”

“Young Master Cooper, you’re a promising youth indeed! How admirable that you’re already an outstanding businessman at such a young age!” Helen sighed and cast Matthew a cold look as she thought to herself, The difference between Francis and Matthew is simply too great.

Lowering her voice, Helen asked, “Sasha, why don’t you take Young Master Cooper’s ride and talk about business on the way?”

While Sasha didn’t reply, Francis smiled as he spoke, “That’s right, Sasha. Recently, our company is considering an investment in the medical sector. We can talk about that while we head home!”

Meanwhile, as they were chatting, they were slowly approaching the exit when a fiery red sports car was seen parked right outside, attracting attention and turning many heads. Next to it stood a young man, who dashed over at the sight of Francis. “Young Master Cooper, here is your car!”

Taking over the key, Francis went over and opened the car door, gesturing with a smile like a gentleman for Sasha to hop on. “Please, Miss Cunningham.”

The girls around cast Sasha with looks of envy; there weren’t many who would reject the gentlemanly act of a rich man with a luxury car. Helen edged on. “Go ahead, Sasha. Don’t keep Young Master Cooper waiting.”

But Sasha seemed hesitant, as though she was thinking about it, and Matthew’s heart wrenched. He thought, Sasha Cunningham, I as your husband came all the way here to pick up personally, but are you now hesitating whether or not to hop onto another man’s car? Shouldn’t you be mindful of your actions now that you are the wife of someone else?

Seeing that Sasha was indecisive, Francis grinned at Matthew and asked, “Matthew, I guess you wouldn’t mind if Sasha and I were to leave together for some business discussions, would you?”

Matthew remained silent as he dragged the luggage with him and placed it into the car boot of the Maybach.

Sasha couldn’t help but be surprised, and after giving it a thought, she let out a sigh and shook her head helplessly. “Young Master Cooper, I’m sorry but I’d like to go home with my family. We’ll discuss this business opportunity the next time!”

Seated in the car, Matthew clenched his palms into fists and was also thinking about the situation in his mind. If Sasha had really gotten into that car, it would mean the end of their marriage and the end of everything. However, she chose not to hop into Francis’ car. Would he still be able to save their marriage?

Still, Matthew couldn’t help but feel another pang of pain in his heart as he stared at her cold face, thinking, Is it such an agonizing experience for you to return home with me? If I didn’t show up, would you be returning to Francis’ home instead?

This infuriated the young man next to Francis. “Damn it, that Larson dude is nothing but a worthless man who relies on his wife. How dare he show you no respect! Just wait here, Young Master Cooper, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

As he was about to march forward, Francis pulled him back. Looking at the Maybach, Francis’ face turned pale, as if he had just seen a ghost and said in a shaky voice, “D-Don’t go over!”

“Why not?” the young man asked in confusion.

Francis was silent and watched until Matthew had driven away with the car, then he let out a long breath, as though he had let go of a huge burden.

“What happened, Young Master Cooper?” the young man asked curiously. “It is merely a Maybach which cost no more than five million. Why should we be afraid of him when we have a car worth seven million?”

Francis glared at him and hissed, “You know nothing. It isn’t about the price of the car but the logo on the car!”

“What logo? The car plate? It is just a regular one! Your car plate number with the triple eight digits is much more expensive than that!”

“I mean the permit on the car,” Francis said through gritted teeth. “Didn’t you see it? It is the entry permit of Lakeside Garden. In the whole city, there are less than fifty of them. Just the permit alone costs more than a billion. How can you compare with that?”