Chapter 4 - Medical Genius's Unspeakable Marriage

Throughout the night, Matthew kept vigil by Natalie’s side and never left for one second. Fortunately, Carlson Pharmacy was open 24/7. Joseph had ordered the staff to assist Matthew the best they could. As a result, no one gave him a hard time.

Of course, Matthew was not idle the whole night, either. There was a huge amount of information from the jade pendant, but there was a particularly important skill in it named the Divine Skill. This was the expertise which made Christopher Larson the top swordsman in the world. Not only did this ability enable him with creative powers and miraculous medical skills to cure others, it was also a form of formidable martial arts which could eliminate evil.

After taking three mini Rejuvenating Pills, Matthew made use of the herb’s effects to work and circulate within his body, activating the cultivation of the Divine Skill. It would be extremely difficult for a regular person to train this skill and reach any levels of achievement, but since Matthew had inherited all of Christopher’s memories—which Christopher had previously studied the skill thoroughly and understood everything fully—that meant that he had already mastered the skill as perfectly as Christopher himself. Naturally, he only needed half the effort to recultivate the skill. Within a night, he had developed the skill to the first level and had essential Qi flowing through his body.

As the sky gradually brightened up, he left the room after making sure that Natalie’s breathing had become stable at a regular rate.

Behind the pharmacy was a big yard, like a small park filled with trees. Taking out a silver needle left behind by Joseph the night before, he held it between two fingers in his right hand as he flicked it away gently. Like a darting dagger, the needle pierced into the trunk of a tree nearby.

It was a thin and slender needle, so a regular person would need a lot of practice just to be able to prick it through the skin. However, even with the tough bark of the tree trunk, Matthew was able to penetrate about half of the needle into it without even bending the prickle. Anyone who had seen this

would be shocked beyond words! And this was the power of the Divine Skill. If this needle was to pierce through a person, wouldn’t it kill a man?

Next, Matthew began to practice a set of martial arts. After the essential Qi was flowing in his body, his movements became powerful and imposing. Then, he took a quick shower when his cell phone rang after he came out of the room.

As soon as he answered the call, the voice of his mother-in-law, Helen Freeman, bombarded his ears furiously. “Matthew, where the hell have you been?” In the family, Helen had the worst temper of all who had the deepest hatred for him, because she always felt that he had destroyed her daughter’s life as well as her family.

Suppressing his fury, Matthew said quietly, “I’m taking care of Natalie—”

“Don’t try that with me. I don’t care about her and I want you to return right now at this very minute!” she yelled into the phone. “Also, get a car and come pick us up. Sasha is returning today, so we’re going to the airport!”

“I—” Even before Matthew could respond, Helen had already hung up on him. A trace of anger flashed across his face as he thought about how the Cunninghams had always ordered him around as they wished without any regard for his feelings. In that instant, he had the urge to call her back and refuse to do what he was told, but after a moment’s consideration, he decided to go ahead with her request.

To Matthew, the attitude that the Cunninghams displayed was not important. He was more interested in finding out what Sasha was really up to! Besides that, he also needed to ascertain whether she really did cheat in their marriage!

As he was about to leave, he ran into Joseph who was coming toward his direction. “Good morning, Mr. Larson!” Looking radiant and all smiles, Joseph had given one of the mini Rejuvenating Pills to his boss, Stanley Carlson the night before.

Stanley’s background was of a lower rank and he had fought his way up the ranks, sustaining many injuries along the way. Now that he was old, his old sickness often recurred which caused him unbearable pain. However, after taking a mini Rejuvenating Pill, the old injuries which had troubled him for years actually healed within a night.

Because of this, Stanley was especially excited and didn’t think twice about asking for another pill from Joseph, as he wanted to present it to his major financial supporters. When he found out that Joseph could produce more of these pills in the future, his excitement grew. As a result, he decided to transfer fifteen percent of shares from Carlson Pharmacy to Joseph. With that, Joseph was now the second biggest shareholder of Carlson Pharmacy.

As a sharp and meticulous person, Stanley knew very well that Joseph’s status would rise now that he could develop these pills. When that time came, many would want to keep Joseph for themselves. No matter how much money he offered, Stanley believed that somehow, someone else would be able to top his deal. Having said that, things would be different if he had offered Joseph shares, which would bind Joseph tightly to Carlson Pharmacy without him leaving.

Carlson Pharmacy could be found all over Eastcliff, monopolizing half of the medicinal herbs business there, which was worth tens of billions. With fifteen percent of equity, it was worth as least a few billion. In addition, with the production of the mini Rejuvenating Pills, the worth would only increase! Now, with the admiration and gratitude that Joseph had for Matthew, he would even bow slightly when he stood in front of Matthew to show his respect.

“Good morning!” Matthew greeted. “Mr. Harrison, may I trouble you for a few things?” he asked suddenly.

Hearing that, Joseph beamed. “Mr. Larson, please don’t stand on ceremony with me. Just let me know if you need anything!” To Joseph, it was his honor that Matthew was actually seeking his help!

“My sister needs to rest quietly for some time. Is it possible for her to stay here and could you please help me to take care of her?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Larson!” he readily agreed. “I’ll be here personally to watch over the place. Also, I’ll hire the best medical staff to look after Miss Natalie!”

“Thank you, Mr. Harrison!” Matthew nodded as he made a mental note of his kindness.

Joseph smiled brightly. “This is what I should do.”

“Since it has been decided, then I’ll leave everything to you.” Matthew stopped suddenly when he reached the entrance. “That’s right, Mr. Harrison. Do you know of any car rental services around here?”

“Car rental?” Joseph was puzzled as he asked the next instant, “What type of car would you like to rent and why do you need one?”

“I’m going to pick up somebody from the airport.”

“How many seaters do you need?”

“Just a normal sedan would be sufficient.”

“There’s no need to rent one, then!” Joseph chuckled. “I have a car which I don’t normally drive. You can use it, Mr. Larson,” he offered, and had already gestured for his driver to drive the car over before he even finished speaking.

Stepping out of the pharmacy, a black sedan, which had a rather peculiar logo—like two M’s stacked together, slowly rolled up to him. The chassis was much longer than the regular sedans and even longer than the BMW 7 Series that he had seen before, which made the car appear expensive and

elegant. There was nothing special with the number plate, but a small logo was on the windshield. It looked like some sort of entry-exit permit, though Matthew had no idea what it was.

With a faint laugh, Joseph told him, “Mr. Larson, I bought this car a couple of years ago but haven’t driven it yet. You can use it for now.”

Even though Matthew didn’t recognize the vehicle, he knew that it must be an expensive one. With Joseph’s status, there was no way he would drive just an ordinary car. Despite that, Matthew didn’t turn down Joseph’s offer because he was in need of a car right now. Moreover, the prescription he gave Joseph was worth more than hundreds of this sedan! “Thank you again, Mr. Harrison!”

“You’re most welcome, Mr. Larson,” he replied, waving his hands in a fluster.

Matthew gave him a nod as he drove off.