Chapter 5 - Finding Her True Alpha

Alpha Ian

Walking back into the pack house, I walked up to my floor. My best friend Alex, soon to be my beta, was waiting by my door.

“What the hell happened to you? You look like shit."

“Thanks.” I grumbled at him. I opened my room door, and we both walked in.

“I’m not sure what the hell is going on today. I had just come from the beta floor. My dad was yelling at Nicole. I didn’t even know he had it in him.” He started telling me. Alex is Beta, John’s son, and Nicole’s older brother.

“Dude, why are you at home? Isn’t today Ashlyn’s birthday? What? Did she not turn out to be your mate?” He laughed. I threw him up against the wall, holding on to his collar, before I even realized what I was doing.

“Don’t you dare say anything about Ashlyn!” I growled. He held his hand up in surrender.

“Sorry, man.”

I released him and went over to sit on the couch in my seating area. I leaned my head back on the back of the couch, closing my eyes.

“Ian, what the hell is going on?” Alex asked, concerned.

I couldn’t even look at him. I knew him and almost all the guys in our senior class loved her. Ashlyn is gorgeous in the best way. She isn’t stuck up, or power hungry. She doesn’t care about money or objects. Ashlyn was only interested in my time and doing things with me. She didn’t care about expensive dinners or possessions. We could go for a hike and lie under the stars and she was always happy. We’d hit a drive-thru after, the price never mattered to her. She paid none of the other guys’ attention. She has always been loyal to me. I haven’t been loyal to her. There were more girls than just Nicole. I should have just talked to her about how I was feeling but I didn't want her to think I was weak. I’m such a mess. FUCK!

And Nicole only wanted to be Luna. She never cared about me, only my title, not that I ever care about her. Ashlyn was there for me after my mother’s death, and she was there for my father. I went down a destructive path, and she was always waiting for me. But she never knew the full extent of what I was doing. She was the best part of my life and now she's gone.

“Dude, what happened?” Alex asked again, taking the chair beside the couch. I groaned.

“Ashlyn walked in on me and Nicole.” I didn’t have to see his face to know that his mouth was hanging open.

“Okay, I didn’t expect that.” He said slowly, maybe to convince himself of what I had just told him.

“Oh, but it gets better. Ashlyn is my mate, and she rejected me.”

“Fuck! Dude, that’s rough. But why the fuck were you with Nicole? I know you’ve had it rough since your mom passed away, but were you not only with Ashlyn?”

“Alex, I don’t want to lie to you. Nicole and I have been sleeping together since last year. It started when I was drunk at one of the parties. She threw herself at me and instead of pushing her away, I went with it. She was in my room when I came back from training this morning and I wish it hadn’t happened. Any of it. I should have been stronger and pushed her away. Both our fathers pulled us into my father’s office and Nicole confessed to only wanting to be Luna, since she’s the Beta’s daughter.” I explained.

“So you aren’t in a relationship with Nicole?” He asked me.

“No, it was just sex. But she told our fathers that she is in love with me. I do not feel the same way.” I reassured him.

“Have you talked to Ashlyn?”

“I’ve been calling and texting her. My dad told me she asked permission to leave the pack, and he granted it. I went to her house, and she was gone. I mindlinked Brad. He told me she was in the city with Grace for a couple of days. I tried calling her again and her phone was off. She has to come home in a couple of days, right?” I asked him. I wanted him to reassure me.

“Yeah, man. I’m sure she’ll be home in a couple of days. But I think you need to cut things off with my sister and all the others. Nicole has had a crush on you for forever and she has always been talking about being Luna. I just didn’t warn you because you had Ashlyn.” He explained.

“I know I fucked up! And I’ll never touch your sister or anyone else again. I only want Ashlyn.” I sighed in frustration.

“Then you better fix this, man. I guess you have a couple of days to plan something amazing for her and hopefully she’ll take back the rejection.” He told me.

“That’s not all. When she rejected me, she called herself the future Alpha of the Emerald Lake Pack.” I told him, confused.

“I’ve never heard of that pack. Are you sure she said Alpha? You were probably in shock.” He questioned.

“Maybe, but I know I heard Emerald Lake pack.” I shrugged.

“I can do some research for you while you come up with a plan to get her back.” He offered.

“Thanks, man. I really appreciate your help with this,” I told him.

“It’s no problem. I’ll see you later.” He left after I nodded. I took my phone out of my pocket to see all the missed calls and messages from Nicole, but nothing from Ashlyn. I really fucked this up. And I knew I was fucking things up, but I couldn’t stop. Everything I did numbed the pain I was feeling, and I should just have told her.

It’s been a very long two days since Ashlyn left for the city. She should be home by now, but her phone was still turned off. I got a ring and was going to propose to her, and promise her I’d never fuck up our relationship again. Our pack needs their Luna, and I need her.

I found the prefect ring; it was a 1ct diamond in a rose gold setting. I kept it simple, but elegant. I got dressed in dark jeans and a white v neck. I was going to take her hiking to our spot and pop the question under the stars, but first I just needed her to talk to me. These last two days have been hell and my anxiety has been running through my mind, nonstop. I pray that I can make this all up to her.

I left the pack house and headed to the garage to get my truck. It was only a 5 minute drive, but I figured we could drive to the spot where we started our hike from and then have dinner after. I know she would love that I kept this simple. She wasn’t into fancy or flashy things. It always surprised me at how simple she actually was. We could watch a movie at home and she was always so happy.

I parked my truck in front of her house and walked to her door. I rang the doorbell and her aunt answered the door.

“Oh hello, Alpha Ian.” She greeted me.

“Hi Grace, I see you’re back from the city.” I greeted her.

“Yes, I returned home yesterday. What can I do for you, Alpha Ian?” she asked.

“I’m looking for Ashlyn. Is she home?”

“Alpha Ian, Ashlyn is staying in the city for the time being. She needs time to process all of what happened between you two.” She explained.

“She didn’t come back with you?” I asked, confused. How could she be staying in the city? It’s not like she’s wealthy and can just drop everything here. The city is expensive, and where would she even be staying? Or who was she staying with?

“No, Alpha. She needs some time to clear her head and to make some decisions about her future. I’m sorry, Alpha.” She told me, sounding disappointed.

“Yeah, no, I understand. When you speak to her, can you ask her to call me, please?” I asked, trying not to sound too disappointed.

“Of course, Alpha, I’ll let her know. Have a nice night, Alpha Ian.” She answered before closing the door. I turned to walk back to my truck. I understand why she is staying away, but I need to see her. I need to explain what I did, and how it had nothing to do with her. She’s perfect, and I fucked it all up. Sitting in my truck outside her place, I mindlinked to Alex.

“What’s up, Alpha?”

“Ashlyn is staying in the city. Did you find anything about the Emerald Lake Pack?” I asked hopeful.

“I did. Apparently, they were a smaller pack, but very wealthy. They owned and invested in a lot of big companies,” he explained.

“Did they own any businesses in the city to the north of us?” I asked.

“Actually, they do. They own a high end hotel in the city center. It’s called the Emerald Forest hotel and resort. Also, the pack just disappeared one day. A few days after Ashlyn came to visit her aunt here, then her aunt became her guardian. It was a ghost town, and no one knows what happened.” He told me.

“Well, that’s freaky.” I shivered.

“So creepy.”

“Okay, well, text me the hotel details. I’m going into the city to see if I can find her.” I told him.

“Sending it now, good luck Alpha.” We ended the mindlinked, and I checked my messages. He texted over the information and I put the address into maps on my phone. I also noticed I had about 30 messages from Nicole. I blocked her number from calling me but, apparently, she can still text me. Ignoring her messages, I made my drive into the city. I really need to see her. My wolf was going crazy without his mate.

“Mate only hates you!”Jax growled in my head.

“I know! And I’m trying to fix it!” I growled back at him.

I know I fucked up, but him reminding me every 2 minutes wasn’t helping. Only 2 hours to wait now. I just hope to the goddess that she gives me a second chance. I know I don't deserve a second chance, but I need to try to win her back.