Chapter 3 - Finding Her True Alpha


“Your mother and I weren’t blood sisters. I was an orphan and her parents took me in. They treated me like their own family. Your mother was an only child and when she met your father, he was the second-born son. He was still of Alpha blood, but his brother would take over his pack. Your grandfather gave the Emerald Lake Pack to your mother and father. Your grandparents unfortunately passed away in a car accident when you were 6 years old. Both your parents came from wealth, and that is why they have Mr. Fisher. He was to make sure everything was in order for you, and to keep their wealth growing through investments and such. They also have a few businesses,” she explained.

“So we are wealthy?” I asked her, confused. Not only have I rejected my fated mate today, but now I have all this information to absorb as well. How the hell did I never notice that Grace wasn’t really my mother’s sister? Grace and my mother look nothing alike.

“No, you are wealthy Ashlyn.” She corrected me.

“But you are my family. Did my parents and grandparents not leave you anything?” I exclaimed, getting upset now. How could you not think of the person you raised to be your daughter or your sister?

“I have a trust your grandparents left to me. It’s in a trust so that my mate couldn’t have access to it. They were very protective of their family. I also received an allowance of sorts for you every month. Mr. Fisher set that up after I took guardianship over you. I didn’t want to raise you with vast amounts of money. I wanted you to work and appreciate everything you had, so I put most of the money in an account for emergencies. And of course, we would take our shopping trips every few months.” She smiled.

“I’m glad that you have everything that you need. I want you to keep your emergency fund you saved. And I’m glad that you raised me how you did. It wasn't necessary for you to take me in. You were only 18 years old and newly mated. You sacrificed so much for me. Both you and Brad did. I have felt nothing but love from both of you for the last 10 years. Now I think it’s time for us all to move on to the next stage in our lives. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I think you and Brad need to take a vacation or start making babies.” I told her and we both giggled, even though we both had tears running down our cheeks.

“You’re such a wonderful person, Ashlyn. Ian made a huge mistake. He will never do better than you.” We both stood up from our chairs to embrace each other in a hug.

“Now, let’s go find Mr. Fisher and get this paperwork over with. I’m starving. Then, after, we can go shopping, maybe even car shopping?” I wiggled my eyebrows. She laughed at me while wiping away her tears.

“You are going to need a car and a place to live. We have lots to prepare for you.” She told me while we walked out of the office together to go find Mr. Fisher. We found him sitting at the desk outside the office door with Mr. Rogers.

After signing all the documents and looking everything over, he handed me a black card. He gave me instructions to install an app so I could have access to everything. I didn’t want to turn my phone back on so I guess I’ll have to get a new one. He told me to use the black card; I guess it’s a credit card, and that it would be paid off automatically every month. And it’s limitless.

After my aunt and I left the bank, we walked down the street to a deli to get some sandwiches and another coffee. We went to check out vehicles first and then after we would find a hotel. We will go clothing shopping tomorrow.

Pulling up to the dealership, I knew which car I was already going to buy. It’s November and a sports car is probably not practical but it was gorgeous, in a dark teal colour. It was in the showroom to stay out of the snow. I later found out that it was a hardtop convertible. I was in love. It was weird being able to walk in there and pay for the sports car in cash; it was like being treated like a somebody. They installed winter tires as well. I thought for sure the young sales guy was going to have a heart attack. I didn’t look like someone with money.

They assured me that the car would be ready for pickup tomorrow afternoon. After leaving the dealership, my aunt drove us to a very expensive-looking hotel, and it wasn’t too far from the bank. It had valet parking and was very modern in style. Like what you’d picture a hotel outside of a normal person’s price range would look like. I later found out that apparently my parents’ estate owns this hotel, which I guess means that I now own it.

We stayed in a two-bedroom suite on the top floor with a balcony. It was huge, easily bigger than Aunt Grace’s house. We stayed in and just ordered room service for dinner. Aunt Grace was going to stay until tomorrow evening and then head back home. I could stay here as long as I want. I guess very important guests only used this suit. And being the owner now means I’m important.

“You’ve always been important, Ashlyn. It’s just time that the rest of the wolves knew how great we were.“ Tundra purred in my head.

Tundra has always been my best friend since her arrival in my mind when I was 12. We shifted for the first time when I was 16. She’s amazingly beautiful, white with golden tips. She is big, almost the size of a male Alpha, but I guess that makes sense since we are of Alpha blood. After we shifted, my Aunt Grace said that it wasn’t safe to shift in front of anyone but her and Brad. White wolves were rare, and gold was unheard of. She didn’t want to put me in danger.

The next morning, my aunt and I went to the mall to go shopping and to get myself a new phone. We shopped for the entire morning until it was time to pick up my new car. My Aunt’s SUV was full of bags from all our shopping.

We picked up my car and drove back to the hotel. The staff took my bags to the suite, and we went to have a late lunch. My Aunt had to start her drive back to the pack soon.

After lunch, we said goodbye. I was really going to miss my aunt, but she had my new number and we would talk all the time. She reassured me. She had to get back to her mate and to work. I bought him a present, a new game console he had been looking for.

He and his friends like to play video games. I usually played too. This one was the newest model and very hard to find. I guess I now have connections. He had controllers and a few new games. I knew he was going to love it. He had been bitching about this console that no one could find for months now.

I’m sitting on the couch in my suit now, just thinking about my future. I’ve decided that I’m going to go to the Alpha King’s academy. It will take about 5 hours to reach the Silver Moon Pack, where the academy is located. And with the help of the internet, I searched the academy to see if I could make an appointment. It being late November, I’m assuming classes won’t start until January. I can just talk to an advisor and take a tour of campus. I can also search for places to live if I’m accepted. Then, when I’m all set up, I can take a quick trip somewhere.

Feeling pretty good about my decision, I went to get ready for bed. I still haven’t turned on my old phone, but I couldn’t bring myself to smash it. I took the SIM out so that nothing else would get through and tucked it away in my suitcase. One of these days I’ll turn it on, but I’m just not ready to read their excuses.

My Aunt texted me to let me know she was home. She included a picture of my uncle with his new console, the biggest smile on his face. Apparently, all the guys are coming over to play now. I laughed at his excitement; I was going to miss him and the guys.

Crawling into bed, I was excited, thinking about my future and my chance to start a new chapter in my life.