Chapter 8 - Her Triplet Alphas

I woke up at the crack of dawn. Old habits die hard. With no Alex to pull me back into bed, I went downstairs. I did not know what to do. I wanted to eat breakfast but I was not allowed to make it. I had more than enough respect for Felix. He was the last triplet I would disobey and he had forbidden me from cooking and cleaning but the new maids and cooks had not been hired yet. My wolf knew what to do and as always she had a crazy idea.

Felix really had left his door unlocked for me like he’d said. He looked so sweet and innocent asleep. Every feature was perfectly carved. I took a deep breath. Things were different now. There was no need to fear him. He had explicitly said I could wake him if I needed anything.

“Felix,” I whispered. My wolf snarled at me. She wanted me to climb into bed with Felix. She said our scent would wake him. I got closer. I sat right next to him. He scrunched up his face a little. I leant towards him. A curl brushed his face. That did the trick. I was pulled under the covers without warning. Felix enveloped me in his arms, nuzzling into my neck. He planted kisses on my neck and found the hickey that was his. He started deepening it. I moaned.

“I knew you would come,” he murmured.

He had not been wrong. Was he talking to me or my wolf? My wolf was ecstatic.

“Felix, I don’t know what to do,” I said sadly, pouting for full effect.

Felix kissed my cheeks. “What’s the matter, Baby? I’ll fix it.”

“I’m hungry but you banned me from cooking and the new cook isn’t hired yet,” I said softly. It sounded ridiculous now. I half-expected him to scoff at me and say he had not meant I could never cook and to get out of his bed and stop bothering him. None of those things happened. Felix scooped me up and groggily walked down stairs carrying me. He put me on a chair near the kitchen counter and went to the fridge.

“What do you want to eat, Baby? I can make you pancakes and then I’ll drive you to school,” he suggested, rubbing his eyes.

I was shocked. Felix? Nurturing?

“Pancakes are good,” I said softly. He owed me one actually. He started on the batter.

“I wonder if I should wake up Calix and Alex?” He said more to himself but looking at me.

“They might be pissed at me, keeping you to myself. Hmm, but you came to me. You’re a big girl. You know what you want,” he said, grinning. I tried to stop loving his dimples so much but my heart fluttered.

We ate together. The food actually tasted good. Felix had made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon and eggs. I got ready for school. It felt weird having a regular backpack and a proper coat and boots on.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Asked Felix. He had showered and dressed in a black T-shirt and black jeans. His hair was still damp. He looked so handsome! I snapped out of it. What was wrong with me? I fixed him with a determined stare.

“I usually walk to the bus stop,” I said.

“I said I was driving you after breakfast. Didn’t you hear me?” He said grabbing his keys.

I did hear him. He swung me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes before I could protest. I squealed. Felix put me in the passenger seat and buckled me in. He drove me to school in silence. He was smirking and I was fuming. A lot of teenagers recognised one of the Alphas driving me to school. A couple girls screamed. I rolled my eyes. Felix would not open the door on my side. Almost two dozen students were staring. I looked at him pointedly.

“Thank you,” I tried.

He pointed to his cheek. “Where’s my kiss?” I blushed.

He turned the engine off and sat back, scrolling through his iPhone to let me know he had all day. The number of students steadily increased. I launched at him and swiftly kissed his cheek.

“I barely felt that,” he teased. I glared at him. Felix was the same, teasing and taunting me but now he craved me so the nature of his antics were different, softer. He wanted to take pleasure for himself but he also yearned to give it.

I kissed his cheek softly. “I’m gonna miss you, Baby,” murmured Felix. “What time to come get you.”

“Four,” I said actually looking forward to being picked up by him. He opened the door for me and watched me walk into the school while students gawked at me.

Mina and Tina were at their lockers. They screamed when they saw me, noticing the three hickeys on my neck despite my attempts to cover it with makeup.

“Oh my God!” Said Mina, pausing between each word.

“I’m surprised you can walk,” said Tina. Both girls screamed again.

I blushed furiously.

“You’re so lucky! You get the triplets and you get to be Luna,” whined Mina.

Tina nodded fervently.

“Ok so who was the best in bed?” Asked Mina.

“I didn’t sleep with them!” I said indignantly. I did but it was real sleep.

“What are you waiting for? Haven’t you known them years?” Asked Tina.

I realised I had never told a single soul about how awfully the former Alpha’s family treated me and how the triplets bullied me. I did not feel like talking about it now.

“She’s playing hard to get, obviously, to enhance their feelings. Boss move!” Said Mina, nodding.

Tina grinned.

I giggled.

The whole day was like something from someone else’s life. Everyone was nice and respectful towards me. Suddenly, people knew my name was Chasity not Charity. Ashton gave me my hair tie back and apologised. I had forgotten he had taken one. I thought of Alex keeping my other hair tie. I stared at Ashton who was fidgeting nervously. Did he have a crush on me? He definitely did not want any trouble with three Alphas. He was probably afraid I would tell them he had my hair tie but I was not petty like that even if I had remembered. I put my hair up in a high ponytail so I would not lose the hair tie. I was wearing a pleated black skirt over black stockings and a pink sweater.

Guys looked at me, eyeing the hickeys on my neck like I was suddenly desirable because I had been spoken for. I was relieved at four o’ clock to scamper out of school. I was tired of all those eyes on me after years of being invisible. The only one who treated me the same was Mr Johnson. He stopped me on my way out.

“Everything ok, Chasity?” He said in a low voice.

I smiled and nodded. Mr Johnson was big enough to be an Alpha.

“You’re really young and you’re a bright girl. I know you live with your mates but don’t let them rush you ok,” he said, looking at my neck.

I was mortified.

“I won’t, Mr Johnson,” I promised.

“I’ll walk you out,” he insisted.

He walked me to Felix’s car. Felix smiled when he saw us.

“Hey, squirt,” said Felix like I was his little bratty sister or something and he usually picked me up.

Calix and Alex were in the backseat.

“Hey Coach,” the Triples chorused.

“Hey, my star players are my Alphas now!” Boomed Mr Johnson proudly. “Be very careful and gentle and patient with this girl” He said sternly.

My face burned. My cheeks were so flushed. The Triplets nodded.

“Don’t think I can’t still whip you into shape,” joked Mr Johnson.

“Bye Coach,” the Triplets said.

I got in the passenger seat and Felix started to drive.

“I didn’t know Coach liked you,” Calix said.

“Yeah, he’s also the math group’s coach too,” I said.

The Triplets laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“I just can’t picture Coach like that,” mumbled Calix.

Alex was directly behind me. He sniffed my hair and stiffened.

“That’s not the hair tie I gave back to you! It smells like another male!” He said angrily.

Felix stepped on the breaks and the car screeched to a halt. I squealed.

“You scared me!” I protested.

“Sorry, Baby,” said Felix quickly. “Who touched you?” He asked, staring at me from the driver’s seat.

“No one,” I whined.

“Then why does your hair smell like a different guy? Tell us the truth, Chasity!” Said Calix.

I was livid. They had had six girlfriends each a year for the past five years.

“Why? What are you gonna do to me?” I yelled.

“Nothing, Baby,” grumbled Felix, who started driving again. “We’ll just have a talk with the guy. Tell him to watch his hands if he wants to keep them.”

“You’re ours,” said Alex sullenly.

I sighed.

“A boy who stole my hair tie before my birthday gave it back today because he didn’t want any trouble,” I said.

“Smart boy,” commented Calix.

Alex relaxed. He took the hair tie off and rubbed it in his palms, annoyed with its smell. He put it in his pocket. He started massaging my scalp. I was seething but it felt amazing. Felix was driving one handed so he put his other hand up my skirt between my thighs. I gasped. The Alpha started rubbing me. Thank goodness, I was wearing underwear and stockings but even through two layers I could feel his caresses. My core started to get wet. Calix smelled it and started massaging my shoulders. The Triplets would be the death of me. It was only a fifteen minute drive to get home but that was a long time with five hands on me. I was thankful Felix had to keep his other hand on the wheel. He was the most devious. He definitely made his one free hand count with what he was doing to me between my legs. I started to moan. He parked the car. We were home.

“Let’s take her to my room,” said Felix.

“I have homework,” I insisted. They looked annoyed.

“I’ll do it for you,” said Alex. I knew all the triplets had been straight A students but so was I and sometimes I got 100% if it was Maths. I wanted to do my own work. School was so important. I was always grateful that being poor did not rob me of my education.

“I wanna do it. It won’t take long,” I told them.

I took my sweet time with my homework. I usually finished it in less than an hour but I purposefully did it slowly and then took a long bath. I put on some new pyjamas that the Luna had gotten me. She was still technically acting as Luna because the triplets had not marked and mated me. This was the first time she had ever gotten me anything. She told me to think of it as a late birthday present. They were soft as butter. She got them in a ton of different colours. I put on the dusky pink ones and went upstairs because my wolf was giving me a headache. She wanted her mates. I found them in Alex’s room which made me remember how we had slept in here together. I blushed thinking about it. They were going over some alpha thing with a map of their territory lines. I did not even know who was their Beta or Gamma. I should find out those things. They put their work away though when they saw me.

Felix pulled me into his lap on the bed.

“You had her all morning!” Protested Calix.

“That’s because she came to me and woke me up. She wanted her Felix,” said Felix matter-of-factly.

I blushed.

“Do you have a favourite?” Asked Calix.

“Calix, that’s childish, don’t ask her that. She’s all of ours. Don’t make it weird,” Alex said.

“You’re scared it’s me,” said Calix smugly.

Alex and Felix rolled their eyes.

“I love how…sweet Calix is,” I said. Calix beamed.

“I love how tough Felix is,” I said. Felix replied, “You’re my weakness though, Baby.”

“And I love how responsible Alex is,” I said. Alex smiled.

“We love everything about you, now let’s fuck,” said Felix quickly, catching me off guard.

I realised he was joking. I rolled my eyes and his brothers laughed. They weren’t completely joking because after that the mood changed.

“When will you let us kiss you?” Said Alex softly.

It was not the kissing I was afraid of. It was how heated things tended to get. If I gave them an inch, they took a mile.

“I’m afraid if we kiss, things will escalate,” I said.

“That’s the general idea,” murmured Felix.

“No!” Said Alex sharply. “A kiss is just a kiss.”

I thought about it. My wolf was fighting me to take control. I had not slept that well without them last night.

“Will your parents be furious if I sleep with you guys tonight. It’s easier to fall asleep next to all of you,” I said softly.

“We’re the Alphas. You’re our mate. They can’t stop us. They just don’t advise it, that’s all,” said Alex.

That night I was between Felix and Calix. Felix had promised to be on his best behaviour. Alex was on the other side of Calix by the free edge of the bed. Felix was between me and the wall. He had been spooning me for a few minutes when he slipped his hands down my underwear. My eyes snapped open. My inner wolf was howling in delight and did not want me to stop him. I was young and hormonal and curious about sex. I wanted to see what he would do. He stroked the folds of my pussy, gently parting them and searching for my clit. I knew that was where all the nerve endings were. He found it, the little tender area. He caressed it in a circular motion. It felt heavenly and I stifled my moans. I knew Alex and Calix would either chastise him or join in and I was afraid of both him stopping and him getting reinforcements. Calix stirred, smelling my arousal. He put his hand in my underwear too but he squeezed my butt cheeks instead. I could no longer hold back my moans. Alex saw what they were doing to me. I thought he would make them stop but he added a third hand to my already crowded underwear. He found my entrance and put one and then two fingers in me, pumping me. I whimpered. The triplets worked me into a frenzy. I was about to come but then…

I woke up between Felix and Calix with Alex on the end. I had dreamt that. They really were behaving. I was a little…disappointed.