Chapter 2 - Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Chapter 2

Keegan’s hot breath brushed over Stella’s ear, carrying a searing body heat. This made the tips of Stella’s ears feel hot. But her lips were very pale due to the severe pain she felt from the bruise on her abdomen. Fortunately, with the lights off, he could not see it. Stella lifted her head and kissed his adam’s apple. Keegan’s breathing was ragged, and his gaze became much deeper. He lowered his head to bite at her neck. The next second, he heard her casually say, “My ovulation period should be coming today.” Keegan froze, and the lust in his eyes immediately dispersed. His face fell, while his voice revealed a tinge of anger. “Is this the only thing in your mind?” Stella stared at the ceiling. The heat in the tips of her ears slowly dispersed. “Your mother has been pressuring me. This isn’t a thing that I can do alone. Otherwise, I’ll do a vitro insemination with your sperm. That would be fine.” Keegan mocked her with cold words. “Was it her urging in the end, or was it you being afraid of losing the position of Mrs. Kane, so you want to give birth to a bargaining chip?” Stella’s heart clenched into a tight, but her expression did not show any changes. She merely chuckled once and said, “That’s right, I’m afraid of you not wanting me, and I want to share some bond with you.” Keegan buttoned up his shirt and gave her an annoyed look. “Don’t waste your efforts on a scheme like this. I don’t want a child.” Stella’s smile stiffened bit by bit. When he was about to go out, she called to him, “Keegan Kane, do you actually not want to have a child, or you just don’t want to have a child with me?” Keegan’s footsteps paused for a bit. “Is there a difference?” he said coldly. Stella gripped her hands tightly. “If there is no difference, then what’s the point of this marriage? Let’s divorce!” “Suit yourself!” After leaving behind these two words, Keegan went out and slammed the door. Stella, on the other hand, grabbed a pillow and threw it at the door, her eyes teary. The next day, Keegan came back from his morning run. He sat at the dining table to read the mail. Breakfast was served long ago, yet he did not make a move. Maya asked, “Mr. Kane, would you like me to reheat it?” Keegan glanced at the time and furrowed his eyebrows. “Call for her to come down for breakfast.” Maya went upstairs. Not long after, she ran down in a hurry, “Mr. Kane, Mrs. Kane is gone, and she left… this.” “What?” he asked while taking the papers from Maya. The few words “Divorce Settlement” seemed especially blinding on the

papers. He sullenly flipped through them as his expression sank bit by bit. When he saw that the real estate, automobiles, and shares were halved between each person, he immediately let out a scornful laugh. “She dare to even imagine!” However, after seeing the reason for the divorce, he could not laugh anymore. That line had only one sentence written. “Due to the male partner’s infertility and failure to engage in a normal couple lifestyle, the relationship is severed.” With a somber expression on his face, Keegan pulled out his cell phone to call Stella. “Hello?” Stella’s cold tone came from the phone. It sounded pretty revolting to him. He asked through gritted teeth, “What is the meaning of this?” “It’s the literal meaning of what was written,” Stella said in a casual tone. “Tell me when you’re done signing it. Then, I can go and get the cert done. Regardless of marriage and funeral, we will not have anything to do with each other in the future.” The veins on Keegan’s forehead kept popping. “I’m asking what is the meaning behind the reason for the divorce!” Stella kept quiet for a while. Then, she said, “You think it’s normal for us to be this way? Keegan, there is a sentence that I wanted to say to you very early on. Find some time to see a doctor. Your mother has fed me so many alternative remedies every day. What’s the point of me drinking the remedies? The one with the problem is you.” “Stella!” Stella hung up the phone after she finished speaking. She essentially did not give him a chance to vent. Keegan’s expression was grave. Maya was so scared that she did not dare to breathe too heavily as she thought, ‘Mrs. Kane used to be very well-behaved and gentle. Why did she suddenly want a divorce? And, what did she actually say that made Mr. Kane so angry?’ After finishing her speech, only then did Stella feel herself ease up. She suddenly realized how long she had suppressed herself at the Kane family throughout these years. However, that feeling only lasted until the night of the same day. The hotel manager knocked on her room door and subtly expressed that she could no longer continue to stay in that suite. The reason was that the card she used to live in the hotel was specially made for the Kane family. Now that her card was locked out, she had no right to continue enjoying the luxurious suite. Stella was speechless. “Of course, the main thing is that the room card can’t be used anymore. But, you can still proceed with making the payment yourself. We completely welcome this option. May I ask, madam, do you need an extension to your stay?” The manager warmly suggested. For doing business, the principle of not rejecting money was natural. Stella pursed her lips. She had every reason

to believe that Keegan was deliberately doing this for revenge. The same day she hung up the call in the morning, he locked her card at night. She cursed inwardly, ‘What a vengeful person! How blind I was in the past to have fallen for him?’ “I’ll proceed with the payment,” Stella replied flatly. “Then, may I know how long do you plan to continue your stay?” The manager asked. “Let’s try it out for a month,” Stella answered. “Alright, that will be a total of 1.16 million. If you didn’t stay for the full 30 days, the 30 per cent cancelation fee would be charged for the remaining days. The remaining fees will be sent to your bank account when you check out. Now, please go downstairs to pay for the room fees. Thank you for your cooperation.” Stella was speechless once more. She tussled her hair, and her lips twitched into a mesmerizing smile. “Pardon me, could you ask the first question again?” The manager was stunned by her smile. When Stella did not smile, she seemed cold. But, when she did so, calling it sultry was an understatement. The fairest of all humankind was incomparable to her. The manager got to his senses. After thinking for a few seconds, he said in a probing manner, “May I ask, madam, do you need an extension to your stay?” Stella said with a slightly restrained smile, “Thank you, but that won’t be necessary. Check out, please.” The manager was speechless. Actually, she could have changed to a cheaper room. She could still pay a few tens of thousands a month, but after thinking about it more, she felt that it would be better to let it go. Keegan had locked her room card, so there was a high chance that he would also lock her credit card. The equal share of the property was written to him out of spite. Stella did not pay a single dime for the car and the house before their marriage. It was impossible that she would get a share in it. As for the property during the marriage… she did not know how much property Keegan had during the marriage. Regardless of how much, an equal share was definitely impossible. If he considered the elbow grease she had put in those three years and gave her a few tens of millions, that would have been great. On the contrary, it was also possible that he would ask her to fuck off penniless. Regardless, she had to make plans for her future since moving from extravagance to frugality was hard.

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