Chapter 5 - Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Chapter 5

“What are you daydreaming about?” The front desk was knocked on twice by a handsome-looking man with his elbows on the reception counter. The man raised his chin with a half-smile and said, “Did I pay you to daydream?” He was Vermont Snyder, the owner of Neon Nebula. The receptionist knew Vermont very well, so she was not a bit afraid of him. “Boss, you’re often nowhere to be seen.” “Heh. You sharp-tongued thing!” Vermont was just about to flirt with the receptionist, but an untimely cough came from behind. He paused for a second and immediately retracted his flirtatious expression. “Where is Andrew? Get him down here,” he sounded serious. “Mr. Keen is auditioning another artist,” the receptionist answered. “Audition?” Vermont was stunned. “Dusk Galaxy is here?” The receptionist nodded. A glint of joy and surprise flashed in Vermont’s eyes. As soon as he turned around, facing sullen-looking Keegan, he immediately suppressed his expression and ordered the receptionist with a straight face, “Give him a call. I need to ask him about something.” The call was put out for a while and then connected. Vermont turned on the speaker and said, “Andrew, how is the audition? If it’s not successful, I have an artist here. Her voice is not bad.” “That won’t be necessary. We auditioned that person, and the contract is already signed.” Actually, the contract was not even drafted, which meant Andrew clearly heard Vermont’s hints. Vermont was completely at ease. He said pretentiously, “Signing someone is an important matter, and you didn’t even discuss it with me?! Who is the boss here?” The other side directly hung up the call. Vermont cursed, “Andrew Keen is getting more insolent!” After saying that, he turned around and spoke to Keegan in resignation, “You heard him. The contract is signed. Let’s wait for the next update. If there is a suitable role, we’ll sign her up for it.” “Honor of the Deities” was currently Neon Nebula’s most promising project. Vermont would not allow Bella to destroy its perfection. Keegan casually glanced at Vermont. “I will pay that person double the charges for the penalty of breaking the contract. Let her give up on this role, and I will give you a three-percent cut for the project at North Cove Town.” Vermont’s frivolous expression changed. He stared at Keegan for a few seconds before he asked, “You serious?” Although Keegan did not speak, his eyes had made it clear. “Time and time again, you’ve stuffed Bella with resources. I’m starting to suspect that the internet

rumors are true,” said Vermont. However, Keegan was only concerned about Vermont’s decision. “Is that a yes or no?” “I’ll think about it,” Vermont replied. When Keegan still wanted to say something, the door to the elevator opened, and a familiar face appeared. Keegan froze for a second when their gazes met. Meanwhile, Stella only paused for half a second before she evaded his line of sight. After she came out of the elevator, she politely nodded at Vermont before walking to the exit. Vermont hesitantly said, “Did your wife not notice you?” Keegan’s face turned glum. He ignored Vermont and lunged to chase after Stella. When he was outside, he saw her standing by the road waiting for a car. Stella’s back was slim, and her hair was tied into a soft, low ponytail. She slightly dipped her head to look at her phone and did not pay the slightest attention to Keegan who was in front of her. “Why are you here?” The interrogating voice was filled with an unreasonable apathy. Meeting him early in the morning had ruined Stella’s mood, so her tone was also laced with harshness. “If you can be here, why can’t I be here?” Keegan sneered lightly, “You’re not done playing your stalking act?” Stella’s eyebrows twitched as she snarled inwardly, ‘How presumptuous!’ Seeing that she say nothing, Keegan was even more certain about his speculation. His mood had unexpectedly turned slightly better. However, his tone was still cold. “If you want to know my schedule, you should just call and ask me. There is no need to go through all these twists and turns.” Stella had endured his remarks, but now she could no longer hold back. “Keegan, has no one ever said you are shameless? Who is stalking you? I stalked you from walking out of the elevator? Did I say something to you? Who is the one that’s actually being followed?” “Pfft…” Vermont, who was listening in secret, could not help but laugh. Keegan held his solemn look and shot Vermont a glare. Only then did Vermont immediately hide himself. “Why are you here?” Keegan asked with a worried expression. Stella casually glanced at him. “What does that have to do with you?” Her words were harsher than his. Keegan’s eyelids twitched hard. He was afraid that they would fight again if they continued the conversation. He suppressed his anger and stiffly said, “Aurora is back. Mom told us to go over to have a meal tomorrow.” “Oh,” Stella replied nonchalantly, “What does that have to do with me? We are about to get a divorce. I don’t need to accompany you and play the husband-and-wife, mother-in-law, and daughter-in-law act again, right?” “Act?” Keegan barely contained his emotions as his rage was immediately prodded. He sneered, “You are good at

acting. Tell me, what do you want this time? Clothes? Handbags? Jewelry? Or, to give the Jewell family a project? Fussing for a divorce and running away, you have done enough for your act. How big is Albert Jewell’s appetite this time? There is a limit to his greed.” Stella’s heart shook, and she clenched her trembling fingers. The diamond bracelet on her hand was gifted to her by Keegan on her birthday for the first year of their marriage. No, it would be more accurate to say that she had demanded it from Keegan. Every Valentine’s day, wedding anniversary, her birthday, and other special occasions, Stella would use coquetry means to ask Keegan for presents, hoping that that time, it would make him remember those particular dates. Those times to her were sweet memories. Unfortunately, he saw that as her insatiable greed. Stella lowered her head, trying to hide her emotions. Her face was pale. When Keegan tried to take a closer look, she raised her eyes. Currently, there were only broken shards of ice in those eyes. She then lowered her head again to take off a bracelet. “When we divorce, you won’t need to be bothered by this again. Your collaboration with the Jewell family has nothing to do with me,” she said casually. The bracelet slipped into Keegan’s suit pocket as those words came out. At that moment, a Uber stopped before Stella. After taking two steps, she stopped and turned around. She glanced at Keegan and suddenly chuckled. “Why did I still have hope for you?” After saying that in self- mockery, she turned around and got in the car. Keegan stared in the direction of the car that had left. His eyes seemed like they were spitting fire. “Stella wants to divorce you?” The nosy voice of Vermont came from behind. Keegan shot him a cold glance. “Isn’t it obvious that it’s just a small argument between a husband and wife? Watch your mouth!”

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