Chapter 9 - Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Chapter 9

Stella’s eyebrows twitched violently. ‘If it wasn’t because I had a favor to ask, I would’ve kicked this motherfucker out of the car! He would’ve been fine if he didn’t have a mouth. I’ll just pretend he’s a dog barking!’ Stella told herself. Stella ignored the sharp-tongued being beside her. After typing out the potpourri recipe, she sent it to Aldor. “You can go to this shop called Scents on Cornelia Avenue. They have a wide range of potpourri ingredients, so they’ll get the job done in one go.” “Alright. Thank you, madam.” Since Keegan did not get a response from Stella, he felt a little bored and stopped talking. About 20 minutes later, they arrived at the restaurant. Just as Stella was going to get out of the car, Keegan abruptly tugged on her wrist. She quickly pulled her wrist back out of reflex. “Don’t move!” Keegan’s grip was firm, so Stella could not retract her arm at all. When she was about to question him, she felt something cold on her ring finger. There was a diamond ring on her finger. Stella froze momentarily. ‘It’s the wedding ring from when we got married. I left it behind when I moved out of Royalpark Villa. This is the first time Keegan’s putting on a wedding ring for me. On the day we got married, Bella appeared. Keegan left before the ceremony was even finished, so I had to put on the ring myself,’ she thought. “I’m just worried that mom will ask questions. Don’t overthink it.” Keegan released his grip on her hand. Hearing his haughty voice, Stella snapped out of her thoughts. She pursed her lips and retracted her arm. Then, she responded indifferently, “You worry too much, Mr. Kane. I know where I stand.” After she finished her sentence, she opened the door and got out of the car. Keegan frowned and followed her out with a dark expression. Keegan had a sister—Aurora Kane —who graduated from college this year. She went on a graduation trip with her friends two months ago and just returned yesterday. Since she was the youngest child in the Kane family, and her father died soon after her birth, the elders in the family spoiled her. She grew into a person with a bossy personality. When Stella first married into the family, she genuinely wanted to get along well with her sister-in-law. She catered to all of Aurora’s interests in hopes of improving their relationship. However, Aurora did not buy it. Her attitude toward Stella when they were with elders differed from when they were alone. Over the years, their relationship did not get better but even stiffer. Since Keegan loved

Aurora, Stella was destined to be the one aggrieved. ‘Now that I think about it, Keegan and I probably wouldn’t last even if there wasn’t Bella Young. From our family background to our moral compasses, we have nothing in common,’ thought Stella. The waiter quickly led them to their pre-booked private room. When they pushed the door open and entered, they saw Aurora talking to Dahlia. The mother and daughter looked quite alike, except Dahlia had the appeal of a mature woman and an air of elegance. Meanwhile, Aurora looked much tender. When Aurora saw Stella, her expression immediately changed. However, she instantly put on a sweet smile when she was faced with Keegan. She said to him coyly, “Keegan! I’m about to starve to death, but mom insisted that we wait for you. What took you so long?” Keegan glanced at her. “Wipe the oil stain on your mouth. That’ll make your words sound more convincing.” Aurora was speechless. “You’re so annoying! I thought of you throughout my trip and even brought you a souvenir!” The brother and sister argued for a bit before Dahlia finally stopped them, “Alright, stop arguing. Have a seat.” Then, she glanced at Stella, “Stella, tell the waiter at the door to serve the dishes.” The truth was that the waiter could actually hear them. However, Dahlia wanted Stella to do it simply because she was used to ordering her around. Back when they all stayed at Keegan’s grandparents’ residence, Stella would sit at the far end of the table. This was because it was easier for her to get up and retrieve things for others. Stella had gotten used to it. Just as she was about to go outside, Keegan tugged on her wrist. However, he did not look at her. He turned to Aurora, “You go, Aurora. And, tell the waiter to bring a bottle of red wine.” Aurora immediately made a long face and looked incredibly reluctant. “Wasn’t Stella about to go?” Keegan responded indifferently, “She doesn’t know the wine mom likes.” However, Stella did not go along with him. She struggled out of his grip, “I know. Trockenbeerenauslese, right?” Dahlia nodded. Stella turned around and walked out. She did not need to turn around to see how unhappy he looked. After Stella finished speaking to the waiter and was about to enter the room, she heard Aurora’s voice coming through the door. “Don’t underestimate this wife of yours, Keegan. Not only does she know what mom likes, but she also knows what grandma likes very well. She’s doing whatever she can to get into the high society. I really don’t know what grandma was thinking when she agreed to let you marry her.

She’s miles behind Bella Young.” Stella’s hand paused from pushing the door open. Then, she heard Keegan say, “Whoever I marry is the same.”

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