Chapter 10 - My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

: Much Better

"Ethan, you must have misunderstood things here.I scolded my daughter in a fit of anger.It doesn’t mean anything,"

Fiona flashed a sweet smile, her eyes still fixed on the expensive gifts.

"I don’t want to hear any explanation." Ethan looked at them indifferently.He was in no mood to listen to their stupid justification.

Seeing that, Sean ran over, packed everything, and took the bags away.

Ethan didn’t say anything more.He held Janet’s hand and left the Lind family’s villa.

Ethan finally let go of her hand when they walked outside.His face softened as he looked at her.

"Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to see your parents?"

Janet wanted to ask her adoptive parents for money, so she couldn’t take Ethan with her.

"I didn’t plan on visiting them in the first place," she lied.

"I happened to take this route, so I decided to drop by.Did you hear all our conversation?"

"I only heard your mother say she didn’t have a daughter like you.Did she say anything else?"

Ethan turned to look at her, Janet shook her head.

She was just afraid that Ethan would find out about the deal and ruin all her plans.

However, Janet was surprised at how he blindly supported her.She felt Ethan was a reckless man.

"How could you stand up for me after hearing just one sentence? What if it was my fault? The Lind family members are not to be trifled with."

Ethan looked at Janet.

Seeing her fluttering eyelashes, he swallowed and said, "I didn’t care about it."

Janet chuckled.

The Lind family members always humiliated her every time she visited them.

However, today, Fiona and Jocelyn’s frustration made her happy.

She was pleased to see their disappointment.

Moreover, Janet had witnessed Ethan’s concern and care for her.

"Are these really gifts from the Lester family?" she asked, pointing at the bags.

"No.The Lester family has abandoned me for years.I rented these to maintain my image for you.I didn’t intend on giving these gifts to them in the first place."

Ethan had heard that Jocelyn was a complacent woman.

Fearing that she would ask the Lester family for benefits and use him for selfish gain after marrying him, Ethan lied that he had nothing to do with his family anymore.

Glancing at Sean, Ethan added, "The man carrying the bags works for a luxury rental shop."

"Hello! Nice to meet you."

Sean shook Janet’s hand.He couldn’t help but admire her beauty.

The woman seemed nothing like what he had imagined.She was a pristine beauty and didn’t seem arrogant or selfish.

"Why are you shaking hands with him?" Ethan glared at Sean, and the latter immediately withdrew his hand.

"Don’t say that. He carried these heavy bags for us.We ought to thank him.It’s surprising to find a rental company that offers exceptional service.They are even carrying bags for their customers."

Janet smiled, revealing her cute dimples, Sean was speechless.

He didn’t know how to react to such a statement.

Janet tied her long hair into a ponytail, squatted, and began to inspect the things in the bags.

"They are not broken, are they? How much do we have to compensate if there are any damages?"

Sean couldn’t help but smile at her.

All the items in the bags were a collection of gifts people had given to Ethan.

"Don’t worry about the damages.You can return them to our company at any time."

Sean was an exceptional actor.

Ethan leaned against the lamp pole and looked at Janet, who was examining the expensive gifts.

There was not even a trace of greed in her beautiful eyes when she looked at the precious jewelry.She only seemed to appreciate them.

Ethan sighed.

The woman seemed different from the rumors he had heard.

He felt this "Jocelyn Lind" was way better than he had thought.