Chapter 10 - My Second Chance

Sapphire's P.O.V

The bathroom was as large as my old bedroom back room, which was saying something. Home... I wonder How Bella and Willow are... I miss where I came from, even thought he people in those packs weren't really nice. As funny to admit, I miss them picking on me. I know, you guys are giving me those weird looks I hate. But seriously, without the picking, I feel like I'm missing a piece of myself.

I sighed and started stripping. I stepped under the rush of the warm water, letting it relax my muscles. I let out a contented sigh. But of course, Gwen had to ruin it.

Sapph, our mate knows that you're a hybrid? When are you gonna tell him? You can't keep it from him forever, Gwen reminded me. I'm scared Gwen, I don't know what to do... What did you think Drew? I asked Drew for her opinion. She didn't answer me. Drew? I called out. Sapph, I don't feel so good... Drew whimpered. What? What's wrong, Drew? Panic started to settle into me. Drew never whimpers. Gwen quietly listened to our conversation. I... I think I know what's wrong... God, Fuck it... were in big trouble... Drew growled. Drew? What wrong? Please... tell me... I begged. I couldn't help but feel fear. When Drew says big trouble, other literally means big trouble. Those kinds that could kill you.

You've made your mate, Sapph. You will go through your full Changing in fifteen days, Drew gasped, a wash of heat overcoming us. What do you mean Drew? You told me it wouldn't happen until I'm 21. What the fuck are you talking about? I growled. Normal full demons meet their mate when they are 21 and above. Demons start their full Changing when they mature, it's also the year they meet their mates. You will go through the Changing this year, Drew whimpered.

I didn't want to believe her, but I somehow knew she was right as my body felt hotter than usual. I felt like a flame was burning in me. God know how I'm going to stay sane when the heat inside me increases in these fifteen days.

What am I going to do Drew? What changes will happen to me? I whispered in fear. You will get short tempered. The heat in your body increases. More mischievous and bad thoughts will invade your mind, Drew said. Short tempered huh? I'm usually a very cool and collected person, it would be hard to imagine myself short tempered. I decided to push the thoughts out and enjoy the warm shower.

I decided. I need to leave this pack.

I scrubbed my body to get rid of the dirt. Brown water flowed down from my body as I washed my hair.y hair was soon blood free. The gash on my forehead already healed. I checked myself to see if I was completely clean before turning off the shower.

I stood in front of the mirror, admiring my now slim body and grinned in satisfaction.

You have to eat more, Drew growled in disapproval. No, my body is perfect like this. I like it this way, right Gwen? I seeked Gwen's approval. Yeah, we don't need to worry anything about being rejected from people, Gwen agreed. If the guy really loves you, they wouldn't judge, Drew growled.Whatever, Drew. I growled in annoyance. Okay, I see the short tempered me now... I don't really like it. I'm trying to help. I see why I don't bother being nice all the time, Drew snapped. Okay, the heat is having a big effect on us both. Stop guys, Gwen pleaded. The only one unaffected is Gwen, figures, she's just my wolf, my demon half won't actually affect her. I huffed and threw my clothes on.

I stepped out into the room, cold air immediately grazing my warm skin. I involuntarily shivered a little. A little green note stuck on the bathroom door caught eye. I plucked it down and smiled. The direction to his office was written in his neat writing. I shook my head, giggling a little. Is this the real so called most feared Alpha? Oh God, isn't he scary. Don't miss the sarcasm. How those rumors started, I don't know.

I continued smiling as I walked out of the room, admiring the corridors. They were all marble tiled. The wallpaper wasn't too dull. It made me comfortable.

I took many twist and turns. Seriously, how big is this pack house?! After a few minutes of confusing turns, I caught the delicious scent of my mate. Excited, my footsteps went faster.

A muffled groan flew out of my lips as I found myself on the floor, pain shooting up my rear end. "Fuck." I cursed silently, standing up. I noticed a girl with dirty blonde hair glaring at me. She had a killer body, but she has more plastic than a rubber ducky. And that explains a lot.

Please don't tell me she is the bitch of the pack. Hey, every pack has one.