Chapter 1 - My Second Chance

Sapphire's P.O.V

" I, Leonard Nico McCain, reject you, Sapphire Beyonce Jackson as my mate."

The words that flew out of his mouth with ease were like several knives being stabbed into my heart. Tears uncontrollably rolled down my cheeks. People started laughing and pointing.

"What? Did you really think that I would actually except you, a fat ass as a mate? Gosh, I have been waiting for you to come of age to reject you." His voice mocked.

This time, the tears rushing out were hot and angry.

"You'll regret this one day McCain. You will." My voice came out firm and powerful, unlike the shaky voice I had in mind.

I am strong. Stronger than him.

Stronger than the best fighters of this pack.

Stronger than the Alpha of this pack himself.

A surprised look flashed across his face. He soon covered it with a sneer. "Really Sapphire? Is that the best you got?" He said mockingly. "That's enough!" Bella, my best friend yelled beside me. "And now you need someone else to help you? You're just weak, Sapphire. Just weak." He taunted.

"Fuck off, McCain." Willow, my other best friend growled.

"Don't think too highly of yourself, Willow. You haven't even found your mate. I'm sure he'll be a weak fellow like poor old weak Sapph here." He smirked. An angry frown appeared on Willow's beautiful face. Everyone knew that the mates were a touchy subject for her.

My wolf whimpered at the word rejected.

My fists balled up. I took deep breathes, controlling my anger.

Controlling myself.

Controlling the demon in me.

"Now what Sapphire? Thinking about your non existent parents?" He taunted.

He took it too far. My fist swung before I could stop myself. My demon put a little power to my already powerful fist. Leo flew across the huge lawn. The people around me gasped. "Sapph. You have too stop, like now." Willow said through our bond.

"Sapph, control yourself." Bella's urgent voice whispered clearly in my mind.

I took another deep breath. Drew, Gwen, stop, I said too my inner demon and wolf. Fine, Gwen, my wolf huffed. She went to the back and curled into a ball, obviously still hurt from the rejection. I looked sympathetically at her.

Don't let him hurt you too much cause I'll not hesitate to put more power into your punches, Drew growled.

Yup, she's my unique demon. I smiled to myself.

She might be a demon but she knows the right and wrong. Okay, thanks Drew, I said. I wasn't helping you... I can feel your hurt remember, it effects me, she said. Of course it does, I taunted. She didn't reply and went to the back of my mind to my wolf, ignoring me. She would never just admit too her goodness. Of course, I mean which demon would admit to their good side.

I flashed back to reality. Leo climbed up and growled. His broken nose already healing and the bruise slowly fading. His canines and claws extended, getting into fighting mode. Gwen whimpered at the lack of care from our mate. Drew just growled. I ignored both of them and stared into Leo's venomous green eyes.

"What? Can't get over the fact that a girl punched you?" I taunted, ignoring the pang of pain in my heart.

"I lied about you being weak, but I can't lie about your weight. How much do you weigh? 160? 200?" He sneered. The Moon Goddess must have made a mistake. I swear that no mates in history meet with this much violence. My two friends growled.

Stop, everybody! Sapphire and Leonard, come to my office immediately. A powerful voice roared in my mind. Bella and Willow stopped from preparing to pounce on Leo. Everybody jumped and paled.

Alpha Graysen was not happy.

I could not deny his orders since he was already using his Alpha tone. I growled to myself and stormed towards his office. Leonard followed not long after.

I pushed open the two large doors slowly. Preparing to face our Alpha's anger and punishment.

"What were you thinking? You could have started a fight!" Alpha Graysen roared.

"I'm sorry." I whimpered. Why mask my scent, Sapphire? If you stop hiding my demon scent, he'll know who he's dealing with, Drew growled. Tempting, but no thank you Drew, you know I can't unmask it to avoid attention, I answered. She grumbled but didn't push the matter further, knowing that I was right.

"I'm sorry, sir." Leo answered. "Both of you, mates are your personal problems, I will not have little problems like this effect this pack, do you hear me?" He yelled. "Yes sir." I whispered, looking at the

man in his thirties, almost forties. I caught a glimpse of his yellow teeth through his sneer.

He waved a hand time dismiss us. Probably to mourn about not finding his mate, Drew taunted. Gwen just hid herself in a ball. That wasn't nice, I frowned. Never said I was, she shrugged. I sighed exasperated.

"Go find someone else to love you, Sapphire. Don't bother me with this mate thing anymore." Leo said, running a hand through his hair, making it look more sexier and messier.

What the hell, Sapphire?! Stop thinking about how cute he looks.

He walked away just like that.

"I will make you regret it, McCain." I whispered, watching him walk further away from me.

I seemed weak on the outside with tears pouring down my face.

Inside, my heart was hardening as if to prepare myself for the challenges ahead.