Chapter 2 - No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

Chapter 2

Elisa and Charli sat across from each other in a café.

“Why can’t I accept the case?” Elisa came to the couch and took a seat.

Seeing Charli nod with a sigh, Elisa arched an eyebrow and asked, “Can you explain why?” “It’s because…” Charli began to explain the situation surrounding the case.

Elisa tapped her fingers on her left thigh as she listened.

Her eyes darkened as she considered.

“That’s quite interesting.

Who are the parties involved?” “I… I guess it doesn’t matter that you find out…” Elisa looked at Charli curiously.

“Both parties are big shots in the business world, so this case involves a lot of matters.

Their relationship has soured, and the one requesting your help is Mr. Darcey.

Mr. Darcey’s rival is…” Charli sighed and continued sadly, “Your husband!” Elisa’s breath quickened.

Then, Charli pressed a hand to her chest and said regretfully, “It seems this case is not meant for us.

It is torture to see such a large sum of fee and not be able to accept it.” Elisa played with her phone silently.

It was hard to see what she was thinking.

Charli looked at Elisa and thought she was sad.

She felt a pang in her heart and comforted her, “Don’t be sad.

With your reputation, I am sure you can get more cases and earn that money.

But Iris, are you divorced for real?” Elisa pursed her lips.

“My life is better off without him.” Charli looked at Elisa’s solemn gaze and felt relieved.

“You have finally come to your senses! You did so much for this trash, but he never learned to appreciate you.

You have freed yourself from misery by leaving him.

Babe, I sincerely congratulate you for the decision you’ve made!” As they were conversing, two familiar figures entered the café, prompting Elisa’s expression to darken instantly.

The man wore a black suit with silver shirt cuffs gleaming as coldly as his heart.

The woman beside him wore a white dress and seemed as delicate as a bird.

Her name was Linda Benett.

Elisa was annoyed.

What a coincidence.

We have just divorced, and he is now dating his mistress in the open.

Charli glanced at Elisa and saw that her expression had soured.

“Why are these two here?” Charli’s voice was too loud and caught Gareth’s attention, prompting him to turn around and saw them.

His expression instantly turned fierce.

What is it with this woman? She signed the divorce papers without care last night and even rejected the villa.

Now, she has appeared within my sight again.

Is she playing hard to get? Elisa met his gaze and turned away indifferently before dragging Charli to leave.

However, a sickly sweet voice sounded near her.

“Elisa, you’re here too.” As the voice sounded, Linda came to their side with a gentle smile.

She looked at Elisa innocently as if she meant no harm.

Elisa scoffed in her heart.

Who would have known that this innocent and gentle-looking woman secretly sent me numerous intimate photos of her and Gareth this month? Elisa gave an insincere smile.

“Linda, you’re already discharged from the hospital? Wow, you can walk so soon even after being comatose for three years.

It’s a miracle!” The people nearby glanced at them curiously upon hearing Elisa.

Linda seemed flustered for a moment but soon recovered her composure.

She turned to Gareth and smiled sweetly.

“The doctor said it is all thanks to Gareth’s dedicated care these three years.

It was his perseverance that woke me up and allowed me to recover faster.” Elisa could not resist looking at Gareth and smirked.

“How did I not know that my ex-husband is a medical genius? It’s a pity he never studied medicine.

The medical field has lost out on a genius!” The curious onlookers heard this and were curious to see the drama unfold.

They exchanged glances and whispered amongst themselves.

“Ex-husband? Does that mean the woman in the white dress is the mistress? Is she the wife’s cousin?” “My goodness! That sounds messy!”

“How dare she show off before the wife? What a shameless woman!” Gareth’s expression darkened as he listened to the onlookers.

“Elisa, you have been clinging on to me for so long, and yet, you dare to show up here and play hard to get.

If you appear within my sight again, you will regret it!” Elisa suppressed her fury and smiled.

“Regret? How will you make me regret, Mr. Wickam?”

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