Chapter 9 - No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

Chapter 9

Elisa smiled and corrected him, “Ex-wife.” Despite how composed Will was, he could not help but appear a little shocked. “Ex-wife?” Elisa extended her hand. “Mr. Darcey, I am Iris. It’s nice meeting you for the first time. I hope we can work well together.” Although she had seen him a few times as Mrs. Darcy, it was indeed her first time meeting him as Iris. Will shook her hand, but his smile remained somewhat skeptical. “Ms. Iris, why the sudden divorce?” Charli immediately felt indignant and said, “Mr. Wickam is a greedy man. Ms. Iris…” “Charli…” Elisa interrupted her and glared at her to stop bringing up her personal matters. Then, she turned to Will and said, “Mr. Darcey, I know how vital this case is to Darcey Group. Therefore, I will never play around with it. You might not trust Mr. Wickam’s ex-wife, Elisa, but you must not doubt Iris. I have no reason to ruin my reputation.” Will narrowed his eyes slightly. However, he soon chuckled. “About this case, Gareth has Vincent Shane on his side. I believe no one can help me win other than Ms. Iris.” Vincent was an elite lawyer who had never lost a case. A mention of his name would induce fear among other lawyers. Furthermore, he and Gareth were childhood friends. Some said Vincent was as good as Iris. Thus, people were interested to see Vincent and Iris going head-to-head in court. That was also why Will did everything he could to get Iris to represent him. But now… There was an unexpected coincidence, but that made the matter even more interesting. Charli nodded with a chuckle. “That’s right, Mr. Darcey! There is no use looking for other lawyers. Vincent is a brilliant lawyer. Therefore, other than Ms. Iris, ordinary lawyers would not stand a chance against him. In that case, there is no need for Iris to spy on you for Mr. Wickam, isn’t it?” Will nodded slightly and appeared to agree with what Charli said. However, he did not seem in a rush to discuss business. “What you said makes sense. Shall we have lunch first?” He summoned a waiter to bring in the food. Then, he gentlemanly introduced the dishes and wine to them. Elisa did not refuse his courtesy and picked up the cutleries. “If I had known you are this hospitable, I would have asked to meet you a long time ago.” Will smiled. “Previously, I have always seen you with Gareth and never had a chance to talk to you. You and Gareth seemed like a loving couple. Why the sudden divorce?” Then, Will raised a glass of wine and smiled. “Ms. Iris, are you not going to have some wine?” “No, wine is

harmful to health. I heard you have gastric issues. Let’s just enjoy the food.” Will smiled and seemed to imply something. “I didn’t expect Ms. Iris to be so ‘concerned’ about me and know about my gastric issues.” Elisa paused eating for a moment and smiled casually. Then, she continued dining. After that, she did not say anything but focused on eating the food. She ate elegantly at a moderate pace. Meanwhile, Will ate slowly as if he was someone noble. On the other hand, Charli was not in the mood to enjoy the food. She glanced at Will from the corner of her eyes and became worried. Will doesn‘t seem to trust us. Once Elisa put down the cutleries, Will finally looked at her. “I’m quite surprised by our first meeting.” Elisa smiled, “It’s okay. There will be more surprises in the future.” Will arched an eyebrow, and his eyes gleamed with interest. “I’ll look forward to them.” Suddenly, Charli cleared her throat. “I think we are almost done with the meal. Should we discuss the case?” Elisa looked at Will calmly. “I already know the specifics about the case and believe we can win. I am also happy with the fees you offered, but I have an additional condition.”

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