Chapter 2 - Remarriage? Never And Go Away!

Two Acquaintances

Irene and Gloria sat face to face in the coffee shop.

“You said that I couldn’t take the case?” Gloria went to the sofa and sat down. Irene nodded regretfully. Gloria raised an eyebrow and said, “What is the case?”


Irene then told her the case. Gloria’s fingers on her left lap moved, and a ray of black light flickered in her almond eyes, “It’s interesting. Who are the two parties?”

“You don’t have to know…”

Gloria looked up at Irene curiously.

“The two parties are both leading figures in the business world. The thing is complicated and they fell out in the end. The person who wants your help is Mr. Brown and his opponent is your…”

Irene sighed and said with heartache, “Your husband!”

Gloria’s breathing quickened for a second.

Irene clenched her chest and said with a sad look, “We are meant to miss such a large sum of money. What a misfortune!”

Gloria was fiddling with her mobile phone silently, thinking about something.

Irene thought she was sad. She comforted her while having a heartache, “Oh, come on. If you come back to work, you’ll earn money easily with your fame! And you’ve really divorced Jordy?”

Gloria smiled, “Only without him my life would be my own life.

Looking at Gloria’s serious eyes, Irene felt relieved after getting over the shock, “You finally got smart! You sacrificed so much for that jerk, but he didn’t cherish you. You leave him. You are out of your predicament. Great! I really want to congratulate you!”

While they were talking, they found that two familiar figures came into the cafe shop. Gloria’s face darkened instantly.

The man was dressed in a black suit, and his silver cufflinks were shining coldly in the light, just like him.

The woman beside him was in a white dress, black-haired and lovable. It was Angela White.

Gloria sneered inwardly. They just decided to divorce and then he was here shopping with his mistress.

Irene followed Gloria’s line of sight, and then she turned sullen, “Why are they here?”

Maybe her voice was a little high and excited, Jordy noticed it, turned around, and saw them. His expression turned stern in an instant

He was wondering why Gloria signed the divorce papers without hesitation and even refused the villa. However, she appeared in front of him again. So, she was playing hard to get?

Gloria looked at him, then looked away with a cold face and pulled Irene to get up and leave

But an extremely sweet voice sounded, “Gloria, you are also here.”

While saying that, Angela had come to them, with a gentle smile on her lips. She looked at Gloria with a smiling and kind face.

Gloria sneered inwardly Who would have thought that this gentle and loveable woman secretly had sent

countless intimate photos of her and Jordy to her this month?

Gloria said with a faint smile, “Angela, you were discharged from hospital so soon? You lay in the bed for three years, and you can walk so soon? What a miracle!”

Hearing this, people around all looked at Angela curiously

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Angela’s face, but soon she calmed down and looked at Jordy with a sweet smile, “Thanks to Jordy’s careful care over the past three years, I was awakened by his perseverance, so I recovered very quickly.”

Gloria looked at Jordy with a smile, “I didn’t know that my ex-husband can create a medical miracle! The medical profession will be promising with you!”

People who were curious looked at them and imagined what happened between them, winking at each other and whispering.

Ex-husband? So the woman in white dress was a mistress? And she was the ex-wife’s cousin?”

“Oh my god, what a dramatic thing!”

“How could she be so arrogant in front of the ex-wife? What a shameless bitch!”

When Jordy heard these words, his expression suddenly turned cold, “Gloria, you’ve been pestering me for so long, and now you’re playing such a trick? If you appear before me again, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Gloria suppressed her anger and smiled, ‘Are you serious? What are you going to do?