Chapter 10 - Remarriage? Never And Go Away!

I Didn’t Expect that You Like Playing Games

They could win the lawsuit.

She said this lightly

But Jonathan believed her.He gazed at the beautiful woman in front of him in a short trance.

It was said that beautiful women were trophies, but what about this one?

If she was not a liar and indeed Norma, he couldn’t take her lightly!He nodded and said in a gentle voice, “What is your condition? I will agree if I can.”

Gloria put her hand on the table, and tapped the table rhythmically with her index finger. She looked at the man and said with a smile, “I heard that it will be the birthday banquet of Old Mr. Murray of the Murray family in ten days.”

Jonathan sized her up. “Yes.”

Gloria tilted her head slightly and said with a smile, “So, do you need a date?”

A surprised look flashed across Jonathan’s eyes. The next moment he smiled, “It’s my great honor. I’ll pick you up at your house that evening. You can give me your address.”

Gloria took a sip of the fruit juice and her lips glistened with it. She pursed her lips and said with a smile. “No, I’ll go to your house and then leave for the banquet.”

Irene was confused like Nick Young.

She was a little dumbfounded. What Norma was doing?

Mr. Brown was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

It was said that he was a playboy, a typical jerk!

He was more dissolute than Jordy. He had flings with many women!

Jordy had only one lover, Angela, in these years, but Jonathan… he kept changing his girlfriend!

If she wanted to go to the party, she could easily attend it as Lawyer Norma. Why did she have to attend it with Jonathan?

She even wanted to get to the party from his house?

Irene was restless, for fear that the little white rabbit next to her would be swallowed by the big wolf She hurriedly kicked Gloria under the table.

She kicked her for a while, but Gloria didn’t respond. Irene was a little anxious!She kept staring at Gloria and kicked her harder! She kicked her again…

Jonathan looked at Gloria with dark and deep eyes, and didn’t care if she had other purposes. He smiled, “Okay

Gloria gave Irene a reassuring look and nodded, “Then when are you going to lodge an appeal?”

Jonathan thought for a while and then smiled, “Maybe I can do that after the party. It might be more interesting. What do you think?

Irene was speechless.

What exactly were these two people up to? Jonathan’s assistant said that they wanted to lodge an appeal as soon as possible, but now?

Oh! It dawned on her!

Jonathan wanted to lodge the appeal after Jordy knew Gloria was his date?

Then he wanted Jordy to see that the lawyer he hired was his ex-wife?

Jesus Christi

A man could be so revengefull

Gloria gol up with a smile. “Then let me know after you lodge the appeal. Since we’ve made the plan, I’ll go back for a rest. If there are any relevant files, send them to Irene. Thank you, Mr. Brown.”

Jonathan narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the elegant and natural woman in front of him. She arranged these things orderly with strong confidence and didn’t like the Gloria he saw before.

In the past, she always stood behind Jordy silently. She was like a beauty without a soul.

But now, he felt that she had some kind of aura, which had been attracting people’s attention,

Jonathan picked up his phone and looked at her with a smile, “Do you play CODM? I’m at Master level. We can play together,”

Gloria chuckled, picked up her mobile phone and said, “I didn’t expect that you actually play mobile phone games. Thanks, but I don’t play games.”

Jonathan seemed to have expected such an answer. He naturally entered his WhatsApp. “Let’s friend each other?”

Gloria looked up at him with a smile,

Jonathan said slowly with a smile, “If necessary, I will give a like to whatever you post every day.”

Gloria was amused by his childish behavior and said while sending friend request, “Mr. Brown, you should keep a distance from divorced women like me.”

Jonathan received the request and waved his phone to her, “I will be very happy if I can upset my opponent. What about you?”