Chapter 4 - Remarriage? Never And Go Away!

Swallow Her Alive

Gloria just nodded nonchalantly.

“Leave him alone. I don’t think he bears me any ill will.”

It was a long day. Gloria slept soundly at night.

She used to worry about losing Jordy, but they were getting a divorce soon. She was more at ease and peaceful after losing himShe thought she would toss and turn in the bed. However, she slept soundly.She could actually stand losing him.

The alarm in the morning woke her up.

Gloria was refreshed and got washed up. She looked at the breakfast on the table with a smile.

She liked American breakfast, but Jordy didn’t. Jordy liked traditional English breakfast, so she had been accommodating herself for Jordy’s habit for years.

Now, she could eat whatever she liked, and she felt so great.

In the morning, she received Irene’s call. People from the legal department of the Brown Group could not wait to see her. Irene made an appointment for her.

She went out after having breakfast

In a car outside the villa, a man in black mysteriously dialed a number at the same time, “Boss, she’s out.”

“Follow her,”

Jordy had a gloomy face. He never knew that Gloria had her own villa. She even urged him to divorce him. She… seemed to have become a different person.

When Gloria arrived at the meeting place, she saw that Micah was already sitting by the window. She walked up to him with a smile and said, “Micah, you came so early.’

Micah looked up, but when he saw that it was Gloria, he was shocked. “Gloria?”

Gloria smiled, “You should call me Norma.”

Micah was so shocked, “Gloria, you…”

He used to appreciate Gloria very much, but he didn’t expect that…she was…

He couldn’t hide his feelings for her at this time.

The two quickly got down to the business and talked about the case.

However, Gloria didn’t know that Jordy was having a sullen look in the car nearby!

He could only see a man sitting opposite Gloria. Although he didn’t know who the man was, Gloria smiled so brightly at him!

Jordy stared at her with sharp eyes, as if he were going to eat her alive.

He felt irritated for no reason.

Gloria loved him so much before, but she was smiling so brightly at another man. Was he already dead to her?

Gloria didn’t notice Jordy at all. After the conversation, she and Micah had dinner before they parted

She hadn’t been shopping for a long time, so she decided to go shopping and buy a lot of things!

By the time she got back to the vida, it was almost dark

The servants had sorted out all her things these two days. They gave her the list after she came back,

Gloria suddenly found something missing from the list. She touched her neck, and then turned pale!

Where was the necklace? She couldn’t lose that necklace.

Did she forget to wear it in a hurry?

After thinking about it, she decided to go back to the Collins’ mansion to look for it.

However, she entered the bedroom, and saw Jordy standing in front of her dressing table and looking at the watch in his hand in a trance.

Gloria was surprised. In the past three years, he had never stepped into their bedroom. But he was looking at the watch she gave to him in a trance and didn’t even notice that she was here.