Chapter 4 - The Silent Alpha



….5 months later….


"So how long have you and Christian been trying?" Dr. Lila asks as she sanitizes her hands and puts on her gloves.

The sterile medical room is anything but comforting but I put on a brave smile and answer her.

"We've been at it for months," I lie. She didn’t need to know Christian barely touched me ever since Natalia's lie came to light. The bitch was gone but she was still getting in my way.

"Does it hurt when you have intercourse?" she asks.

I roll my eyes at her. "No. Christian is a true Alpha. He only gives me pleasure," I smirk.

Dr. Lila gives me an uncomfortable smile.

"Okay," Dr. Lila nods, checking the stir ups and instructing the medical assistant to hand her the speculum. "Just relax for me. I'm just going to take a quick look inside and take a few samples. Make sure everything is okay. Alright?"

I puff out my chest in pride. "I'm in perfect health, doc. You'll see. Moon Goddess must be waiting for the perfect time to bless me with the Pack's heir."

Dr. Lila doesn’t seem convinced but I could care less what the old cow thought. I would be carrying their Alpha soon enough and Christian will forget all about his little brat with Natalia.

I bite my lip uneasily and lay flat on my back, counting my breaths as I feel the cold metal tool enter me. A small whimper escapes my lips as Dr. Lila expands the tool and scrapes at my walls with a large cotton swab. She hands the samples to her assistant who quickly puts them away in glass test tubes.

Dr. Lila then inserts her gloved fingers inside and gently presses against my walls.

"Hmmm… A little swelling in this area," she observes, moving her fingers a bit more.

I don’t like the sound of that, but quickly push aside the thought.

After a thorough examination, the doctor removes her fingers and prepares the transvaginal ultrasound probe with some gel. The probe is a thick plastic tube that will take a full image of my uterus. I remain on my back as the probe enters me, my hands gripping the sides of the bed in discomfort.

My heart pounds inside my chest as Dr. Lila surveys my uterus.

"There's some scarring on the fallopian tubes…" she says, staring at the screen intently. "Are you sure you haven't been feeling any discomfort in your pelvis? Any bleeding, discharge, difficulty peeing?"

"Yes, I'm sure," I nod frantically. I was starting to get frightened. "W-what does the scarring mean?"

Dr. Lila doesn't answer, still scrutinizing her screen as she examines more of my uterus. I start to panic.

"Your Luna is speaking to you! Answer me, damn it! What does it mean?" I scream at her.

Dr. Lila frowns at me and sighs in annoyance. "It means… you could very likely be sterile…"


…. One week later….


Dr. Lila puts on her glasses as she studies my test results from the pelvic exam.

"You tested positive for gonorrhea," She says.

"What?" I snap in indignation. "A-are you calling me a whore?"

A blank look overtakes her face and she shrugs. "I didn't say anything. You came to that conclusion on your own," she replies.

An overwhelming anger boils through me. She would have never said such a thing to Natalia! Without a second thought, I raise my hand and slap her across the face.

"Remember who you are speaking to, Doc. I am your Luna," I snarl. "And I will not tolerate you mocking me!"

"Yes, Luna," Dr. Lila mutters under her breath.

I settle back into my seat and wait for the doc to continue with her assessment.

"It appears you experienced no symptoms for your gonorrhea and as such, you went untreated for months," the doctor finally says. "After some time, your infection led to pelvic inflammatory disease for which you also appeared to have no symptoms. Your infection only grew with the lack of treatment, thereby damaging your uterus and fallopian tubes."

I didn't understand a word she was saying.

"So what does that mean? I take some antibiotics and am good as new?" I ask, a bitter taste settling in my mouth.

"Antibiotics will help get rid of the infection but the damage is irreversible," she says quietly, removing her glasses. A bit of pity lingers in her eyes as she looks at me. "The scarring on your fallopian tubes and uterus is permanent. I'm sorry to say this, Luna, but you will never be able to have children of your own."

I stare blankly at her, taking in the information slowly. My hand flies to my flat stomach, mourning the loss of the possibility of ever swelling with life. A small sobs gets caught in my throat as I rise to my feet.

Dr. Lila gets to her feet as well and places a hand over mine. "Luna… we need to know where you got this infec-"

"Don’t touch me!" I scream, tears spilling onto my cheeks. "You're wrong! You're fucking wrong!”

Dr. Lila sighs and shakes her head. "Luna, I saw the scarring with my own eyes and the test…"

"Well run it again!" I snap, taking her tests and tearing them to shreds. "Do it again because you are wrong!"

She purses her lips and sighs. "Luna, you can take the test as many times as you like, the results will not change."

Enraged, I slap her again and grab her by the collar of her shirt. "Do it again," I hiss. "NOW!"


…. 5 months later….


The old hag was right. Time and time again, I was tested and probed by several doctors only to be told I would never get pregnant… and I would never give Christian the pups he so craved. Rumors began to spread like wildfire of my infertility and pack members grew restless about my performance as Luna.

I was stressed out of my mind and Christian was no help. He was too busy sending scouts in search of Natalia to notice how unhappy I was. To make matters worse, I've been feeling pains in my stomach. They were faint like little pinches but unmistakable.

Dr. Lila could offer no explanation so I've decided to ask Christian for help. I just hope he's in a good mood.

I approach his office and to my horror, find him nose deep in some lowly omega's pussy, growling hungrily as he devours her.

"Christian!" I scream, slamming the door shut behind me.

The stupid omega jumps up from the desk onto her feet and fixes her skirt, her face flushed with embarrasment. She was one of the cook's daughters and worked the morning shift.

Christian looks anything but pleased to have his activities interrupted and orders the omega out of his office. She quickly scurries past me, mumbling an apology under her breath as she escapes.

My stomach churns with disgust at the sound of her voice and I practically shove her out of the room. I fight back tears as I turn to Christian. I had betrayed my own sister for this man. How could he think so little of me and betray our bond as Alpha and Luna of this Pack?

"How could you?" I ask, desperately trying to keep from falling apart. "After everything I've done for you, how could you turn around and do this to me? I'm your Luna..."

"And yet you cannot give me a son," he shrugs, inspecting his nails. "How could you expect me or anyone in this pack to take you seriously as a Luna when you can't even give me the one thing I need from you?"

I open my mouth but feel my words dry up in anger.

He rises to his feet, a smirk curled on his lips as he walks around his desk towards me. His long warm fingers wrap around my throat and I'm suddenly pressed up against the wall.

"I should kill you where you stand for being such an inadequate Luna," he snarls, burying his face in my neck. "I should kill you for making me believe you were better than my fated mate…" My head is slammed against the wall, little stars blurring my vision. "If it weren't for the fact that my pack needs a Luna, trust me … you'd already be six feet under." He leans in close to my face and licks my cheek.

My heart shatters into a million pieces as he lets me collapse onto the ground like a worthless piece of trash. He bends down to my level and grips my jaw between his fingers, forcing me to look him in the eye.

"One day, I will find my mate again," he snarls. "So don't you get too comfortable with your title. You are half the Luna Natalia was and when I find her, you will go back to being the little slut you were." He slams his lips against mine, forcing his tongue down my throat. "Now get dressed," he snarls. "We have an Alpha meeting in two hours."

He walks away from me without even looking back. The door to the office slams shut behind him and I gather my knees to my chest and scream.

Why couldn't I just be happy?






....Three years later ....


"Alpha, we've found another body on the pack border. Female. 24. Omega status," a soldier reports during the morning pack meeting. "That's 4 bodies this month alone, sir."

I stare absentmindedly at the floor as I remember how Jack tore open the omega's throat last night after the scouts reported no sign of Natalia. I left her body out by the border so the guards could find her in the morning.

True to his word, Jack killed a pack member every time the scouts came back empty handed. In the past four years, he had killed over 50 pack members and it was getting harder and harder to hide the truth.

It's been four years since Natalia left and Jack was almost uncontrollable, unable to bear being apart from her and our son any longer. Our son… There was no doubt in my mind that our child was a boy and the one true heir to the Alpha title. He must be about 3 years old by now…

What was his name? Does he ever wonder about his father? Has Natalia told him about me? How is she? Is she suffering as much as I am? Did she miss me too?

"We placed extra guards as you requested but.."

"But you've failed to capture the perpetrator of this attack," I snarl at the guards in the room. "Am I to assume you are all incompetent?" I snap, slamming my fist against the desk. "Is my pack safe with you idiots if a slimy rogue is able to worm its way into our territory and kill our men and women?"

"Alpha, we are doing the best we can…"

I wrap my arm around the soldier's throat and squeeze with all my might, the soldier turning bright red as he fights for air.

Jack’s loud growl echoes in my mind and I know the bastard is just waiting for me to let my guard down so he can take control and tear them all apart.

"Then do better," I warn, bringing his face close to my own. "Because if you don't, I'll make sure the next dead body we find is yours."

Kill him, Jack snarls. Kill them all!

Ignoring my wolf, I toss the soldier to the side and dismiss the idiots, all of them scrambling to leave my office. Just then, Beta Derek marches into the room.

"What is it?" I snap, my mood quickly dwindling as Jack bangs against the confines of my thoughts.

Derek bends down in a low bow. "Alpha, your mother is here."

I let out a groan. The last thing I needed was a fucking lecture.

"Fine, let her in," I wave, mentally preparing to receive her..

My mother waltzes in the room, the grace of a true Luna in her every step. The same grace I used to see in Natalia.

"Christian," She smiles, spreading her arms out wide to hug me.

I put my hand up to stop her. She knows I hate hugs.

“What do you want?” I ask, settling down onto my chair.

She frowns but finds her own seat and settles down as well. “Well I guess I’ll get right to the point, Christian,” she shrugs. “The pack elders and the pack members have expressed concern over your leadership skills and that of your Luna’s.” My mother crosses her legs and lets out a heavy sigh. “And quite frankly, you should be less concerned with finding your ex wife and more concerned with your current one. This pack needs a stronger Luna, Christian; one who can deliver an heir and Vanessa is just a fucking disaster waiting to happen.”

Just who the fuck does she think she is to tell me what to do with my mate? Jack growls.

I clench my fists at my sides as I struggle to keep him from attacking my mother.

“Vanessa is just filling in until I bring home Natalia,” I snap, my mother remaining cool and unbothered by my outburst.

“And how much longer do you think this pack will last with a drunken Luna while you comb the surface of this earth for a woman who wants nothing to do with you?” She scoffs. “A woman you should have never disrespected by sleeping around with her good for nothing sister.”

“I needed an heir!” I protest.

“And Natalia needed a husband!” My mother snaps. “Do you know what it’s like to have all eyes on you waiting for you to conceive?” She asks, her voice softening. “Can you imagine the pressure she must have felt being a human in a pack of wolves all of whom at one point thought she was unfit to lead? All Natalia needed was a little encouragement from you, a little kindness but you are as big a brute as your father!”

I click my teeth in annoyance.

“That young woman had the makings of the best Luna this pack would have ever seen,” she continues. “She was intelligent, poised, determined. And you threw her away!”

“She lied to me!”

“And so did you!” My mother shouts. “You tarnished your bond by sleeping with her sister,” she snaps. “Own up to your actions and be a goddamn man. Stop blaming Natalia for what you did to her because it was all you,” she adds getting up from her seat. “Get it together, Christian, or so help me Moon Goddess, your reign as Alpha of the Silver Crest pack will come to an end.”

“Are you threatening me, mother?” I smirk. “Are you challenging my birthright as Alpha?”

“I’m giving you a warning,” my mother says over her shoulder as she walks towards the door. “Another Alpha has already been chosen by the elders. Fail to turn things around… and he will Challenge you for your title.”

The door slams shut behind her as she exits.






.... Present Day ....


I pretend to be asleep as the small presence beside me pokes at my face.

“Mommy?” Dakota whispers, attempting to pry my eyes open with his tiny fingers. “Mommy, I want pancakes today.”

I remain perfectly still, trying my best to hide my smile as my son continues to poke and pry at my eyes.

“Mommy,” he kisses my cheek and wedges himself beside me. “Mommy, can we make pancakes?”

My eyes burst open as I wrap him up in my arms and shower him with kisses.

“Mommy, can we make pancakes?” He smiles as I release him.

“I don’t know,” I say, forcing a fake yawn. “I’m pretty tired…”

“Please, mommy?” He pleads, giving me puppy eyes.

My heart melts but I decide to milk this as much as possible.

“What are the magic words?” I ask.

He grins back at me. “I love you.”

“How much?”

He stretches out his arms as wide as he can to demonstrate his love. “This much,” he says proudly.

This was my heaven. After several months of pain and uncertainty, I was finally happy with my frijolito.

My little boy, Dakota, was born with the help of a witch and he alone had brought more joy to my life than anything else in the world. He was my life, my soul, my everything and I would make sure Christian never finds him.

5. What is your name?

***Zane ***

"What is your name?" my father's voice booms, my shirt balled up in his fist as he holds me up against the wall.

I swallow the sob caught in my throat and blink away my tears as I try to concentrate on my words. "Z-Z-Za-"

Before I can finish my attempt, my father's fist races towards my face, the blow connecting just below my jaw, sending a surge of pain to jolt my small body. I taste the blood instantly, the metallic flavor all too familiar against my tongue.

"Sebastian, please!" my mother cries pathetically, grabbing at my father's bicep to pull me free from his grip.

"Try again!" my father growls, slamming me against the wall.

Fear bubbles in the pit of my stomach as I stare at my father's cold eyes looking back at me with so much hatred, so much shame at having me for a son. My mouth suddenly feels extremely dry as it hangs open. I could feel my name at the back of my throat but try as I might, I simply could not utter a single coherent sound.

At 6 years old, my stutter was no longer a cute little phase but a problem. No matter how hard I concentrate, no matter how hard I try, I find stringing together a single sentence a daunting task, something not within my reach. I knew my father grew embarrassed every time I struggled to pronounce my own name even to the maids.

It was not a hard name either. Zane White. Simple, or at least it should be.

To fix this problem, my father, the Silver wolf Alpha of the Scarlet Haven Pack, had the best speech therapists flown in, but none were successful in curing my defect. I was incurable and in my father’s eyes, this fact was unacceptable.

I had yet to be presented to the pack as the next Alpha and so far only two maids, the beta and my mother’s Gamma knew what I looked like. I was the hidden Heir of Scarlet Haven, locked away within the Pack mansion. The one no one had ever seen before and for good reason too.

My father had a lot of enemies. His first son, Jonathan, had been killed by our silver wolf rivals, the Ravenstone Clan just a few days shy of his first birthday and my father feared someone would try to kill me before I could take the title. My incurable stutter only added to his need to hide me; for how could the next Alpha of one of the most prestigious Silver Wolf Packs on the West Coast have a stutter?

Having given up on the professional therapist, my father took matters into his own hands, literally.

And that’s where I currently find myself now, in his hands and at his mercy.

Mom tries to help me, but she is too weak to stop the furious Alpha from taking out his frustrations on my face.

My jaw burns as I open it once more. Pushing through the pain, I close my eyes and concentrate on my name dancing on the tip of my tongue. I try to make a sound but the fear of my father’s fist makes my throat run dry. Rather than my name coming out, a small squeak escapes my lips.

Infuriated, my father's brown eyes begin to glow blue as his wolf makes his presence known. His piercing eyes look at me with disgust and I suddenly fall to the ground as the Alpha turns on his heel.

"He's not even worth my time," the Alpha snarls over his shoulder. He turns to my mother. "Pick up your son and keep him quiet during the party. Make sure he doesn't embarrass me any further."

He slams the door on his way out and the sob I had been holding in finally breaks free. My mother gently picks me up, cradling my head as she whispers soothing words to me.

"It's okay, Zane," she coos. "I know you're trying…"

"I-I'm s-s-orr-y," I hiccup. "H-he ha-tes me!"

"No he doesn’t," My mother protests, smoothing down my hair and kissing my forehead. "He's just a little frustrated. There's just a lot on his plate right now." She helps me to my feet and dusts me off. "Come on, sweetie. Let's get you cleaned up.”

After getting dressed , my mother walks me down to the car where my father waits impatiently for us. It was the King's birthday today and all the Alphas of the Crescent Mane Kingdom and their families would be attending. Unfortunately for me, this would also be the day my father officially presented me to the Kingdom as the next Alpha of the Scarlet Haven pack.

I go over my lines in my head as we drive to the King's territory where we find several guests already mingling outside of the King's Mansion.

"Hi, my name is Zane," I mumble to myself over and over again until I feel I could say nothing else.

My father stops the car and stares at me through the rearview mirror, his cold eyes boring holes into my head.

"What is your name?" he asks through clenched teeth.

I close my eyes to concentrate because I knew if I kept staring at those cold angry eyes, I would actually piss myself in fear.

"Z-Zane," I stutter, my body stiffening in preparation for the blow I knew was coming.

But it never comes. Instead, I'm met with cold silence. Mustering up some courage, I open one eye and steal a glance at my father. His jaw is clenched but he says nothing as he opens the door to leave.

“You’re a disappointment,” he growls as he steps out of the car. “Don’t bother coming out. You won’t be presenting yourself this evening.”

I burst into tears as he storms off towards the mansion, completely ashamed of myself and my voice. My mother tries her best to soothe me but I am inconsolable.

"It's okay, my beautiful boy," she murmurs as she cups my cheeks. "How about you and I find ourselves a quiet place and hang out for the rest of the evening. Just the two of us? I’m sure your father can handle the other Alphas without me.”

I nod as I wipe my tears and she gives me her brightest smile.

"Okay, my love," she chirps, reaching for the door handle. "I'll go fetch us a snack and we'll hide out until it's time to go home, okay?"

She disappears into the crowd of wolves as I settle back into my seat and wait. Despite the tinted windows of the car, I squint my eyes and stare at the guests as they arrive, trying to figure who was who. I memorized all of the packs in the Kingdom and knew Scarlett Haven was not the only Silver wolf pack in Crest Mane. I was curious to see if we were really the strongest pack like Father claimed we were. Perhaps I'd get the chance to see another silver wolf shift or use their powers.

I had seen my father use his gift many times, each time leaving any onlookers in awe and wonder. He had the gift of gas manipulation. His body could morph into a toxic gas, allowing him to avoid being injured by an attacker while simultaneously allowing him to poison his opponent. No wolf has ever defeated him in battle.

I could only hope on the night of my first shift that I would not disappoint my father and have a decent gift worthy of the Scarlet Haven reputation.

As I watch the guests arrive and wait for my mother to return, I hear a howl in the distance. I scramble to the back of the car and peek through the rear view window just in time to see a large pack of wolves storm in through the mansion gates.

Ravenstone wolves…

It's not long before the screaming overpowers the music playing from the Mansion, wolves rushing to protect their mates. Lunas and their pups are quickly whisked away by their gammas to safer locations. Our Gamma, Wyatt, had come with his family in a separate car. I just hope he finds my mother in time to protect her.

My heart pounding in my chest almost drowns out the sounds of death around me as Ravenstone wolves attack. Frightened by the terrifying screams, I climb out of the car and make a run for the trees near the house, hoping somehow to find my mother.

But it is I who finds her…

I round the corner and there amongst the trees, I hear a sickening scream. My body stiffens with fear but upon hearing my mother’s voice, I force my legs to move onward. That’s when I see the most horrifying scene that would forever haunt me in my nightmares.

Pinned beneath a Ravenstone wolf, my mother struggles to free herself.

“M-mom?” I whimper, my eyes filling with tears.

My mother turns her head in my direction, her neck now perfectly exposed to her attacker. Terror fills her blue orbs as we make eye contact while the wolf sinks his teeth into her throat. I open my mouth to scream but my voice never leaves my lips as I watch the life drain from my mother’s eyes.


I flinch at the memory of my mother’s lifeless body and fall off the edge of my bed with a thud. My roommates groan in annoyance and I quickly scramble to my feet. The clock reads 5 am and I decide to get a head start on the day, grabbing my things for a shower.

The hot water jets drum against my skin, the room quickly filling with steam. I count my scars as I scrub my body, a habit I developed after years of being an Omega.

It’s been 20 years since the attack and my life is starkly different now that my mother is gone.

Upon returning from battle, my father made the announcement that both my mother and I had died in the attack. Gamma Wyatt and the maids who knew of me were sworn to secrecy while I was locked away in my room, left to mourn the loss of my only companion in silence. My father never came to visit me and the maids were told to never speak to me when they attended me. My world became silent and soon, so did I.

Not long after, Gamma Wyatt informed me that my father had remarried and was expecting a son soon. A son to whom he would be passing his title to when the time came. I was formally stripped of my rank the day my half brother, Caine, was born and given an Omega rank.

After a year in my silent prison, I finally caught a break. A rogue was spotted near the western border and brought before the Alpha. Agnes was a small woman, no more than 5 feet tall and quite beautiful. Her looks, however, were not the reason she was spared from certain death, for Agnes had one small defect that would benefit my father greatly.

I still remember the day I met her. It was the only time my father came to see me before I left the Pack Mansion.




"This is Agnes," my father's voice echoes across the room. "Your new mother."

I freeze, unsure if I heard him correctly. The look of disdain in his eyes for me hadn’t faded after all this time we spent apart. My legs shake as I stand before the man I once called father. There's a small woman standing behind him; she is also shaking.

"You will be moving to the Omega house with her," he adds. "She'll help you pack your things." He growls when both Agnes and I remain frozen in place. "Do I have to repeat myself? Get moving!" he commands, pushing Agnes into the room.

Agnes trips over her feet and collapses onto the ground in front of me. Tears line her eyes as she looks around the room frantically. I reach over to help her up and she flinches, her arms flying over her head to shield herself.

Stunned, I look over at my father, but he's already gone.

Unsure what else to do, I reach over again and tap her shoulder, offering my hand to help her up. Seeing that I did not intend to hurt her, Agnes slowly lowers her arms and takes my hand.

She gives me a warm smile and places her hands in front of her face, thrusting them forward. I wrinkle my nose in confusion and she laughs quietly.

She points to her ears and shakes a finger at me. When I don't understand, she pulls out a pen and paper from her back pocket.

"I am deaf," she writes, pointing again to her ears and smiling. "My name is Agnes. What is your name?"




I shut off the shower and get dressed before the rest of the Omegas come rushing in to get a shower.

The Omega House, nicknamed the Hive, is a large building just south of the main Pack house where the Alpha and the Higher Ranks live. The Hive houses nearly 70 Mated and Unmated Omegas, and despite its size, is severely overcrowded. I share my bedroom with three other omegas, Simon, Luca, Timothy, all of whom are around my age, unmated, and under evaluation for Warrior status. Once every year, Omegas are allowed to petition for a higher rank, most seeking Warrior or Guard status. The vast majority would never earn a new rank, but the possibility is enough to spark hope to keep trying.

I, on the other hand, would never attain Warrior status or any other rank for that matter. My father made sure of that.

I rush off to the unmated female wing of the Hive to find Agnes. I tip-toe to her room and find her curled up in her bed fast asleep. She stirs as she feels the vibrations of my footsteps approaching her and she sits up immediately to receive me with a hug.

“Good morning,” I sign to her as I pull away from her arms. “How is your eye?” I ask.

Last night, while serving dinner to the Alpha and his family, Agnes made the unfortunate mistake of accidentally spilling some wine on the table. Caine demanded an apology and when Agnes could not utter a sound, he lost his temper and hit her in the face with a wine bottle.

I found Agnes nursing her bloody eye in the kitchen sink, several omegas ignoring her cries. Not a single wolf had the decency to help her out.

“It's fine,” she signs with a smile.

I know better than to believe her and gently uncover her eye patch to see for myself. Smooth healed skin lies just beneath the gauze and Agnes smirks triumphantly at me.

“Told you,” she signs, bursting into silent laughter as I roll my eyes at her.

“Told you,” I mock, making her laugh even more, “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Go shower.”

She laughs again and rummages around her room, collecting clean clothes and towels herself. Several minutes later, she steps out of the bathroom dressed in a t- shirt and jeans, her greying hairs still a little damp.

We walk down to the kitchen where Agnes prepares us a small breakfast while I pack us some sandwiches to take to while we work at the Pack House. Omegas were not allowed to eat any food from the Alpha's home.

At the Pack house, Agnes slips into the kitchen to get started on breakfast for the Alpha and his team while I head out to the shed to get some supplies. I was remodeling Luna Sarah’s home office, and after a week of repairs, was finally going to paint today. I was excited to finish soon; I hated being in this house, especially with Luna Sarah present. She made me uncomfortable.

Grabbing paint, tape, pans, and paint rollers, I get started on my task, emptying my mind of all thoughts as I press the paintbrush to the wall. The work is mind numbing; just what I need after that awful nightmare this morning.

The room, however, quickly becomes stuffy and I remove my shirt to wipe off the sweat dripping on my forehead.

"Would you like a drink?" a sultry voice asks from behind me. "You've been working so hard…"

The hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my body goes tense.

"There's no need to be nervous, dear," Luna Sara chuckles. "I don't bite."

I gulp, placing the paint brush down and turning to face her. Luna Sara is a beautiful woman with short blond hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a scarlet dress that is too short for someone her height and a pair of black stiletto heels.

I bow before the Luna and she waltzes into the room with an ice cold Coke in her hands.

"Here, handsome," she purrs, opening the drink and placing it in my hand.

I could feel my wolf, Grayson, become restless and it makes me uneasy. Grayson and I didn't have the best relationship so I knew something was up the second he decided to make his presence known.

Luna Sara’s fingers linger over mine and as I pull my hand away, I spill the drink all over my bare chest.

"Oopsies…" She giggles, reaching for my shirt and pressing it against my wet skin. "Here, let me help you with that."

Every cell in my body is telling me to run, to get as far away as possible from her, but my legs refuse to move. Moreover, she was Luna and the last thing I wanted to do was disrespect her.

I do my best to remain perfectly still while she dries me off and she stands on the tips of her toes to reach my collar bone. Suddenly, her lips crash against mine, her tongue plunging into my mouth. It takes me a few seconds to function but I finally manage to push her away, afraid Caine, or even worse, my father would walk in and misinterpret the situation.

She giggles and throws herself at me again, this time wrapping her arms around my neck. "Oh come on, Zane. You can't tell me you haven't wanted me all week," She smirks, pressing her lips against mine again. "We can be quick," she murmurs, one of her hands already trying to unzip my jeans. "My husband won't care. He does this to me all the time!"

Horrified, I grab her by the hands and throw her against the wall, pink paint staining her dress.

Oh goddess I’m dead, I panic to myself, inching closer to the door. I’m so fucking dead!

She wipes paint off her dress, glaring at me with her cold blue eyes.

"You're going to regret this!" She snarls as I run out of the room.