Chapter 7 - Slumdog Billionaire Husband

Chapter 7 A Beautiful Doctor

Duncan was stunned. He thought he had heard Bailey wrong.

Duncan thought, I’m fired?

I’m fired without any warning?

Beside him, Vivian was also slightly stunned. In the next second, a faint smile appeared on her lips and disappeared in an instant.

For her, Duncan was just a backup.

In fact, Duncan was kind of capable. He had already made it to the HR director of the largest logistics company in Los Angeles at such a young age with an annual salary of tens of thousands of dollars.

Yet Vivian had very high standards. She became even pickier after seeing Irene being together with Adriel. In her eyes, she was as good as Irene, and she could find someone like Adriel. Maybe she could do better than Irene.

Of course, their standards were based on those men’s economic strength.

“Mr. Lowell… What… What is going on?” Duncan no longer cared about Vivian’s expression. After a brief moment of shock, he hurriedly asked.

Bailey glanced at Duncan indifferently and said, “Our company has been acquired. Our new boss is a young man. The first order he issued is to fire you. There’s nothing I can do.”

Duncan wanted to ask more, but Bailey had already turned around and said, “I have things to do. You know who you have offended.”

After saying that, Bailey turned around and left.

Duncan slumped on the chair beside him.

He thought, yes, I’ve offended someone, but not someone who is capable enough to acquire the company!

I … feel so wronged!

Meanwhile, after the acquisition process was complete, under Keira’s advice, Tyrone chose to stay in the company and continue to preside over the company’s business. However, he was now on Gerald’s paycheck, while Gerald got to be the boss behind the scene.

It was a good thing for Gerald since he was a layman. He was happy to leave the things for the professionals. After everything was settled, Keira got up and said, “OK then, I guess my job here is done. I will leave now.”

Gerald also stood up and said, “I have something to do as well. Let’s leave together!”

So far, Keira had not mentioned her payment.

In fact, Gerald would like to appear in front of Vivian as the boss now, but he had something to do and must leave.

The pretty woman with short hair had been coming to him around noon these days, and now it was almost time.

Keira held up her glasses and revealed a sweet smile. She said, “OK!”

Keira and Gerald walked out of the company. Gerald let out a breath and said, “Ms. Bender, I should thank you for this. And I’m afraid that I will have to trouble you a lot from now on. How much do you

think I should pay you?”

Keira smiled, “Forget about that. You are a Diamond Card client of our bank. We will fully cooperate with.” Gerald was stunned. He was surprised that the Diamond Card clients were so prestigious in New Bank.

“Of course, if you do want to thank me, you can do me a favor and accompany me to a dinner party tonight,” Keira smiled sweetly. “Simply put, I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend.”

Gerald was stunned for a moment. Then he nodded and said, “No problem!”

Keira’s eyes lit up slightly. Then she nodded and said, “You can’t go back on your word! I’ll call you in the evening and

pick you up.”

Gerald nodded.

While they were talking, they arrived at the door. After saying goodbye to each other, they each took a taxi and left.

At 11:20 a.m., Gerald arrived at the door of the construction site on time. Sure enough, upon his arrival, he saw the short–haired girl carrying a lunch box and coming out of the construction site, looking disappointed!

When she saw Gerald, her eyes lit up. Then she trotted all the way towards him!

“I thought you were not coming,” she said to Gerald with a smile.

“I went to the bank to check my balance yesterday. You didn’t lie to me.” Gerald breathed out.

“Does that mean you are willing to go back with me?” the short–haired girl asked, her eyes lighting up.

Gerald nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Awesome!” The pretty girl waved her fists. Then she said, “Finally! Watchman No. 0 is coming back!”

“Watchman No. o?” Gerald frowned. “What do you mean?”

“We are a secret army, and every one of us has a unique code name. Most of the code names are based on numbers. The better one is, the higher the ranking. You used to be the greatest at Night Watch. You are Watchman No. o! You are the strongest weapon!”

Then she said awkwardly, “However, because you have been missing for three years, many people think that you died in the last large–scale mission, so now the title belongs to someone else. But I’m confident that you can get it back as

long as you recover your memory.”

Gerald’scratched his head, completely lost. He coughed and said, “What should I do to recover my memory?”

The short–haired girl said, “Well, I will take you to see Dr. Manning now. She is the best doctor in Night Watch and

also one of the best doctors in the world.”

Gerald nodded and said, “OK. By the way, I still don’t know your name yet.”

The girl was stunned for a moment, and then she scratched her head. “I am No. 66 now. As for my name, you should be able to remember it once you recover your memory.”

Gerald felt weird. He wasn’t used to calling people by numbers.

The girl stopped a car, and then they got in.

Their destination was not a hospital or a clinic, but a place that Gerald was very familiar with.

They were going to the Cherry Garden!

Indeed, the Cherry Garden was their destination!

“I needed to do some preparations to bring you back, so I bought a place in the building next to yours. Dr. Manning and I live there,” the short–haired girl smiled and said.

Soon, they arrived at their destination.

Dr. Manning was called Valery Manning. She was a female doctor, who was different from Gerald’s imagination.

He had thought that Valery was elderly, but he was wrong.

Valery was very beautiful. She was even more beautiful than Irene, and she looked less than thirty years old. She was

very young.

When Valery saw Gerald, she didn’t look nice. She looked at Gerald coldly and raised her beautiful eyebrows. “Lost your memory?”

Gerald said, “Kind of.”

“Go to the sofa and lie down,” Valery said coldly. “I’m going to get something.”

After that, she turned around and walked to the bedroom!

Gerald was a little embarrassed. He coughed and asked in a low voice, “Well… Did I owe Dr. Manning money?”

“Not really,” the short–haired girl chuckled and said. “When you were in Night Watch, you had been pursuing Dr. Manning and said that she was the only one you would marry. We found you this time, and when we looked into your profile and found out that you were married, Dr. Manning seemed a little angry.”

“Does she like the old me?” Gerald asked in surprise.

He thought, was I so powerful? I could manage to attract a beauty like her?

“Well, no. Dr. Manning turned you down countless times!” The short–haired girl chuckled.

Gerald was speechless. He thought, then why is she mad that I’m married?

“Cut the crap.” Meanwhile, Valery walked out. Then she took out a pocket watch from her pocket and said indifferently, “Look at the pocket watch.”

The pocket watch began to sway from side to side.

Gerald’s gaze followed the pocket watch.

Valery spoke up. Her voice was no longer cold, instead, it became very gentle.

Gradually, Gerald felt sleepy. He slowly closed his eyes. At the same time, he kept hearing her gentle murmur.

“You are Gerald Kenneth, born in Los Angeles. When you were 18, you…”

With the guidance of Valery’s voice, countless scenes began to emerge in Gerald’s mind.

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