Chapter 2 - Slumdog Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2 Diamond Card

New Bank was a very mysterious bank in America. It was not large in scale and did not accept deposits below 1.6

million dollars.

In other words, it was a bank that only had the rich as its clients!

The bank became the choice of millions of wealthy people because of its high secrecy.

Gerald ran and found the bank. The reason why he ran was that he did not have a single cent. As long as he got paid at the construction site, he would give all of it to Irene and Mary.

He exhaled and walked inside.

Yet just as he took a few steps, he was stopped by the security guard at the door. The guard looked at him with a frown and said, “This is New Bank. No trespassers are allowed in!”

Gerald quickly said, “I’m here to do business.”

“Business?” The security guard looked at him with a faint smile. Then he said, “Do you know what kind of bank this is? Can someone like you do business here?”

The security guard thought, as a security guard at New Bank, I have seen too many clients who come here to make deposits or other businesses. Most of them are flashy, either driving luxury cars or wearing famous brands.

And this man?

He has just come out of a construction site. He is so dirty. His hair is unkempt, mixed with cement ash, and the white vest he is wearing is almost black. Not to mention that he is wearing a pair of ragged sneakers. He is no different from a beggar!

How can a man like him do business at New Bank?

“Gerald?” suddenly, a woman behind Gerald said.

Hearing her voice, Gerald couldn’t help but tremble.

He was so familiar with the voice.

It was his wife, no… To be more precise, it was his ex–wife, Irene.

He slowly turned around. Sure enough, not far away, a new BMW pulled up, and then a man and a woman stepped down from it. The woman was wearing light makeup and was very beautiful. After she got off, she took the man’s arm very naturally. They looked very intimate!

Gerald was angry. She was so skilled. It seemed that those two had been together for a while now.

On the contrary, Gerald had been married to Irene for three years, and he hadn’t even touched her finger.

“So, this is Gerald.” The two of them walked over. The man looked at Gerald with an insincere smile. There was a hint of arrogance in him. “Your ex–husband?”

“Norninally.” Irene pursed her lips and glanced at Gerald in disgust. “He hasn’t even touched my finger once. Don’t think too much!”

She looked at Gerald as she spoke, “Gerald, let me introduce you. This is my boyfriend, Adriel Hoffman. I think you have heard of him.”

She was right. Gerald had indeed heard of the man. Adriel was a famously rich and arrogant man in Los Angeles!

Most of the people in Los Angeles knew Adriel’s reputation. Of course, he didn’t have a good one.

Gerald was surprised that Adriel was Irene’s new boyfriend.

Adriel glanced at Gerald with a fake smile and said with a grin, “Thank you for taking care of Irene for me for the past three years.”

Irene curled her lips and said, “He? Taking care of me? What can he do? He can earn at most 1,600 dollars each month. I can’t even buy a bag. You are way better than him!”

She was insulting Gerald to his face!

Gerald lowered his head, gritted his teeth, and became furious.

“What are you doing here?” Irene frowned and asked.

“I’m here for business,” Gerald replied calmly.


Adriel sneered, “For business? Can you even enter the door?”

As he spoke, he walked straight towards the door. The security guard who stopped Gerald didn’t stop Adriel and instead said with a smile, “Mr. Hoffman, this way!”

Irene glanced at Gerald with disgust. She held Adriel’s hand and walked towards the bank. As she walked, Adriel said, “Irene, I gave you a BMW and bought you a fund of 80 thousand dollars. I’m being sincere enough. Don’t go home tonight!”

“Hey…” Irene said coquettishly.

Looking at them, Gerald clenched his fists!

He glanced at the security guard and walked towards the door again!

“Stop right there!” The guard looked at Gerald and directly took out the electric baton from his pocket. He pointed at Gerald and threatened, “Leave! You are not qualified to enter!”

“I’m serious. I’m here for business,” Gerald repeated.

“What’s going on?” Suddenly, a cold voice sounded behind them.

Gerald turned to look. A tall, beautiful woman wearing a uniform and glasses stood behind him at some point. She

looked at Gerald and then looked at the security guard. She frowned slightly.

There was a work plate on her breasts with the words “Keira Bender” on it.

“The man said that he is here to do business…” the security guard pointed at Gerald and said. “I suspect that he is up to no good. I didn’t let him in!”

Keira glanced at Gerald, and her face showed a trace of vigilance. Yet she still asked, “You are here on business? Are you here to make a deposit or a withdrawal? Or something else?”

“I want to check my balance,” Gerald said honestly.

The security guard said, “Ms. Bender, there’s no need to talk to him! See his clothes? He is lying!”

Keira looked at Gerald and asked, “If so, you should have your bank card with you, right? Can you show it to me?”

Gerald nodded. He took out the blue bank card from his pocket. Because of the dust on the card, he wiped it against his

body carefully, yet it made the card dirtier. He was a little embarrassed, and he scratched his head!

However, Keira’s expression suddenly changed. She stared at the bank card and said with a trembling voice, “Diamond… Diamond Card!”

Gerald was stunned and thought suspiciously, really? Is that woman not a liar? Was I really rich before?

Keira breathed out. Her chest was heaving. After a moment, she smiled at Gerald and said, “Respected Diamond client, we are very sorry that our security guard offended you. I will deal with him and make you satisfied!”

The security guard’s face turned pale.


The electric baton in his hand fell to the ground. He looked at Gerald and stuttered, “Respected… Respected Diamond

client, I… I…”

Although he was just a security guard, he knew who Diamond Card clients were. He had just stopped such a client. It might cost him his job. What was more, he might have to pay a large sum of money according to the agreement he signed with the bank!

Keira didn’t say anything to the guard anymore. She smiled at Gerald and said, “Please follow me! I will personally

receive you!”

Gerald followed her blankly and walked into the bank. They directly passed through the lobby of the bank and walked

towards the VIP seats in the back!

There weren’t many clients in New Bank. Only Irene and Adriel were in the lobby for now. When they saw Gerald walking towards the VIP seats, they were astonished.

Two minutes later, all of the employees in the bank were in an uproar. One of them was on the phone and said, “Hello, Director. We have a Diamond Card client in our branch right now. Please come to the bank at once!”

Irene and Adriel frowned. Irene looked at the staff at the counter and asked, “Hello there, are Diamond Card clients of

a high level?”

The staff smiled sweetly at Irene and said, “Our cards are divided into different levels. For example, Mr. Hoffman has a Silver Card, which can be owned by saving 160 thousand dollars here. And one can have a Golden Card with deposits of 1.6 million dollars here or a Platinum Card by saving 16 million dollars here. Diamond Cards are rarely issued. I think only nine diamond cards have been issued by the bank since its establishment.”

“What?” Irene was stunned, and then she looked at the VIP seats in astonishment!

She thought, Gerald has nothing but brute force. How can he have a Diamond Card?

“That’s impossible!” Irene said to the staff. “He is my ex–husband. I know very well what kind of person he is. He is just a worker at some construction site. He is a loser! Don’t be fooled by him!”

The staff smiled and said, “That’s above my pay grade. Our director is already on his way here to receive him personally.”

“Alright, Irene. It’s enough that you know who he is.” Adriel looked in Gerald’s direction with disdain. Then he said, “Ignore him. Don’t let him interrupt our date!”

Irene nodded obediently. Before they left, she said to the staff, “I’m serious. Be careful. Gerald is probably a liar. Don’t be fooled by him!”

Meanwhile, Gerald was sitting on an extremely comfortable sofa. In front of him, Keira handed him a tablet and said, “Enter your password on this, and you will know your balance!”

Gerald let out a breath. He entered the date of birth on his ID card.

The screen in front of him changed slightly, and then he saw a long string of numbers!

On the tablet, the number began with “2“, and it was followed by eight zeros! This meant that the balance on this bank card was a total of 200 million dollars!

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