Chapter 10 - Slumdog Billionaire Husband

Chapter 10 Unlucky

Matthew left the banquet hall. When he left, his face and neck were so red.

He did not dare to disobey Bradley. If he continued to stay here shamelessly, it would only make him more


When he left, Bradley smiled and said happily, “Let’s continue, everyone. I’m gonna go first as I will not disturb you young people to enjoy yourselves. I will come back and announce something later.”

As he spoke, he looked at Gerald, who had sat down not far away and continued to eat. Then he walked out. Audrey

also stayed.

When he left, the banquet hall returned to liveliness. Audrey was instantly surrounded by a few young people.

Everyone began to talk about their own matters. Of course, they would also talk about Matthew and Gerald!

They seemed to have regained poise. Of course, there were two exceptions.

Irene frowned slightly.

She had been watching from the side. She wanted to see Gerald make a fool of himself. From beginning to end, Matthew was constantly exposing Gerald’s shortcomings, but Gerald’s expression had always been very calm.

In the past, whenever they humiliated Gerald, Gerald would always show a sullen or aggrieved look.

“Something is wrong!” Looking at Gerald, who was sitting not far away, she felt a bit uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” Adriel looked at Irene and asked.

“Nothing.” Irene shook her head.

Adriel chuckled and said, “I’ve brought you to such a high–end place already. Just sleep with me tonight.”

“Alas,” Irene said coquettishly. “I’ll take a few more photos and post them on my Timeline. I guess my friends will be so envious. Thank you, darling. As for anything else, let’s talk about it later!”

The other one who was still a little strange was Keira.

She was still sitting next to Gerald. Looking at Gerald, who was eating the third portion of food, Keira became more

and more curious.

“He’s really mysterious.” The corners of her mouth curled into a smile.

“How long will this banquet last? It’s too boring. I’m full,” Gerald said.

“When Mr. Herman comes to announce something, it should be over!” Keira leaned against the sofa and smiled sweetly, “Alas, this is the most relaxing banquet for me. Speaking of it, if there is such a dinner party next time, I’ll have to ask you for help!”

Gerald nodded. “No problem. There is good food and drinks. It’s worth it!”

As they talked, the door of the banquet hall was pushed open again. Bradley walked into the banquet hall, and there was a microphone in his hand.

“Everyone,” he said. “Everyone here is a genius of Los Angeles‘ younger generation. This time, I have gathered you together. Other than providing everyone a chance to communicate, I have another matter to announce.”

Everyone looked at him. He smiled slightly and his gaze landed on Audrey, who was not far away. “That is my daughter Audrey’s marriage!”

“What?” Everyone was stunned.

“My daughter is already 25 years old and has always been single. As a father, I am anxious. Therefore, there is another thing. I hope that everyone will chase after my daughter boldly if you like her. I will definitely not interfere… I…” Bradley had not finished speaking yet!

A petite figure instantly passed through the crowd and snatched the microphone over. “Dad… Don’t talk nonsense!”

“She’s shy! Shy!” Bradley said happily. “What I said just now definitely counts…”

Audrey’s face suddenly turned red.

Not far away, Gerald was shocked and thought, you’re her father! What are you doing?

“Hehe.” Keira covered her mouth and chuckled. “Mr. Herman is very humorous. However, when he is really fierce, everyone is afraid of him, especially when it comes to business. He is decisive and ruthless. This is also why Matthew was afraid of him just now.”

Gerald smiled. After this farce, the party was close to the end. Gradually, people began to leave.

After half of the people left, Keira also stood up and said, “Let’s go too!”

When they arrived at the door, Keira greeted Bradley. Bradley looked at Gerald and then pursed his lips without saying


The two of them left the banquet hall smoothly and arrived at the entrance of the hotel. Keira said with a smile, “Where are you going? I’ll drive you there.”

“You can leave first. I still have some things to do. I can just take a taxi,” Gerald said.

Keira did not ask more. She nodded and said, “Okay, thank you for today. If you need anything, just call me.”

Gerald nodded. When Keira left, Gerald arrived at the entrance of the hotel and planned to take a taxi to leave. At this time, a middle–aged man quickly caught up and said, “Mr. Kenneth.”

The man was a middle–aged man in a suit. He introduced himself and said, “I am the secretary of Mr. Herman. This is the business card of Mr. Herman. Mr. Herman asked me to remind you that no matter what, you must call him.”

Gerald calmly took the business card, nodded, and said, “Okay, I got it.”

Then he stopped a taxi and got into the car.

He did not go straight back to Cherry Garden but rushed to Trevon’s house.

Some of his things were still at Trevon’s house.

The most important thing was naturally that iron box!

Three years ago, for this iron box, three Watchmen in the top ten of Night Watch almost died, including him, who was

once Watchman No. 0.

As for what was inside the iron box, he did not know. He had only taken the mission, and no one told him what it was.

Half an hour later, at nine o’clock in the evening, Gerald successfully arrived at Trevon’s house.

Standing at the door, Gerald found that the door was open. On the stairwell, Trevon’s voice was heard. “Hello, Damari, are you still short of people?

“OK… Sorry to bother you. If you are short of people, call me. Well, I am available now and have no work to do.” Trevon made a phone call.

Obviously, he was on the phone looking for a job. The reason why he chose to go outside was probably that he did not want his son, Liam, to hear it.

Gerald walked up and found that there was a floor full of cigarette ends in the corridor!

Trevon was a genuine farmer. He did not have a change in status like Gerald.

Losing that job was equivalent to losing his livelihood.

He did not even have as much strength as Gerald. For the sake of Liam’s chemotherapy fees, he did his best.

Seeing Gerald, Trevon threw away the cigarette in his hand and said after stepping on it, “I thought you would not come back today. Damn, I called several construction sites and asked them. They are all not short of people. If I can’t find a job again, the chemotherapy fees for next month…”

Gerald smiled and said, “I have a job. Do you want to try it with me tomorrow?“.

“Huh?” Trevon’s eyes lit up. “Which construction site?”

“It’s not. It’s Glory World,” Gerald said.

“That logistics company?” Trevon’s expression changed slightly as he said. “But I have to run around if I have the job. If I leave, no one will take care of Liam…”

“You don’t have to go on business,” Gerald said.

“Hard work? Things like unloading goods? How much are the wages?” Trevon hurriedly asked.

“It’s not that. We will meet at the company’s entrance at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. As for the wages, if you are not satisfied, you can just go,” Gerald smiled and said.

Trevon hesitated for a moment, nodded, and said, “It’s fine. Anyway, I can’t find a job for the time being. It’s good to go and try my luck. But then again, how do you know people from the company?”

“It’s a coincidence,” Gerald said with a smile.

He knew that if he told the truth, Trevon would definitely not believe it!

Trevon did not ask too much. With the news from Gerald, his mood seemed to be much better. He tilted his head and

looked at Gerald. “You’ll still stay here tonight?”

“No, I found a place to stay. I came to get my things,” Gerald said with a smile.

“Okay, then let’s go in and get it. Be quiet later. Liam is still doing his homework. Don’t disturb him,” Trevon said.

Gerald nodded.

After taking the things, Gerald returned to the residence of Valery and Macy in Cherry Garden. When he went back, the

two of them were not there. It was obvious that they had gone out.

Watchmen naturally had to protect the peace of the night!

At eight o’clock the next morning, Gerald went out early. At half past eight, he arrived at the entrance of Glory World.

When he arrived at the door, a black car stopped just in time. Tyrone walked out of it. When he saw Gerald, he waved his hand and said, “Hi, Mr. Kenneth. You’re so early!”

“I came here today because I had something to do. I don’t usually come. I am quite relieved to leave the company to you to manage,” Gerald said. “Let’s go up together. I have something to tell you!”

Naturally, he was talking about the matter of letting Trevon work here.

After saying that, Tyrone nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I will arrange it. What about the salary?”

‘160 thousand dollars a year!” Gerald said calmly. “No matter what position, give him this price. Of course, let him keep it a secret.”

Tyrone nodded. He thought for a moment and then said, “By the way, I’m afraid you have to take a photo today and put it on the wall of the company so that the employees will know that you are the president here. Otherwise, it will be awkward if you can’t enter the company next time you come.”

Gerald smiled and said, “Okay!”

Then Tyrone asked someone to take a photo of Gerald.

At nine o’clock, Gerald’s mobile phone rang. It was Trevon calling. He picked it up, said a few words, and ran downstairs!

At the door, Trevon was standing there, looking inside nervously.

The security guard was the new one. He also saw Tyrone personally bring Gerald in and did not stop Gerald!

“Come in!” When they reached the door, Gerald waved at Trevon.

“Gerald?” At this time, a beautiful woman ran over from the door. She swiped her card at the door and looked at

Gerald with disdain.

The person who came was Vivian.

“What are you doing here? Haven’t you been fired?” As she spoke, she glared at him again.

“The person who fired me was fired. I was called back again,” Gerald said with a smile.

“Humph, how can you be so proud of being a security guard? Can you earn 800 dollars a month? A good–for–nothing,” Vivian scolded.

In the security room, the security guard at the door wanted to curse!

“Did you see my cousin’s Timeline yesterday? Adriel took him to the party of the top rich people in Los Angeles in the Marriott Hotel. You can’t even afford to go to enjoy the food once a month with your

salary,” Vivian looked at Gerald with disdain and said. “Of course, she probably unfriended you a long time ago. You definitely don’t know!”

Gerald looked at her and felt a little funny.

“Hurry up and get out of the way. I’m so unlucky to see you. The day before yesterday, I bumped into you, and my car broke down. Yesterday, my leader was fired when I met you. I couldn’t even sleep for longer in the morning because of you now. You’re a jinx. You deserve to be abandoned by my cousin. Seeing her current life, even I’m envious!” Vivian said. She pushed Gerald away and walked into the building.

Looking at her back, Gerald chuckled in his heart and thought, you must be quite unlucky today, especially when you

see my photo and my position there.

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