Chapter 6 - Sold AS The alpha King's Breeder

Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder Chapter 6

My father lied to me. I wasn’t sold as a maid. How naive I was to believe what he said?


What does being a breeder even mean? Carrying a child…? No… no…

No matter how difficult my life had become, no matter how desperate I was, I had always still prayed that one day I could find my mate. Someone would take me away, save me, and love me. This was my only and my last hope in this life.

And they took it away.

Why did they have to be so cruel to me?

“No.. please,” I begged, not sure of what else to say or do. “I can work hard. I will pay back all the money you gave him. Just, please… Anything but a breeder.”

The man sat there quietly, watching me. He didn’t say a word, but his gaze grew colder.

The narrowing of his eyes in that moment showed that he did not appreciate my outburst. I knew without a doubt that the powerful hand he had could clamp around my throat and kill me easily..

Every part of me knew the wise thing to do was to stop talking and back away from this dangerous creature, but I just had to do something. Anything to save my virtue.

“I just… I can’t… I have to save myself for my mate. Please…” I begged him.

I would work off any debt he wanted me to pay, but I couldn’t sell my body to him. It was sacred. It was the last hope I had after getting out of here.

The white light in the ward seemed to be blindingly bright and cold. I looked around the room with my heart racing; they were all standing there so quietly watching me.

No one seemed to hear my begging. No one moved or said anything.

How could I forget—these were not gentle souls around me. They were heartless Drogomors, and the only one they were loyal to was their Alpha.

Fear ran through me, and panic set in.

I couldn’t stay here. I had to get out, now!

Quickly I tried to move myself off the bed, my feet hitting the floor. I tried to run, but guards quickly grabbed hold of me, and a scream ripped through my throat I hadn’t heard in a long time.

“Noooo! Let me go!!”

The weak state I was in didn’t help me to escape. I was barely strong enough to stand, and because of that, my legs buckled beneath me, and I collapsed to the floor.

I couldn’t even save myself!

I couldn’t stop my tears that fell as I looked around the room, aimlessly hoping to find someone that would help me, even though I knew it was impossible.

A hand landed on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Vicky had walked up to me silently.

She tried to help me to stand up, but her eyes were looking ahead in the direction where the Alpha was.

She whispered, “She needs time, Alpha. She has already suffered too much today—any more stimulation will lead to a mental breakdown. Besides, you’ve seen her condition. Due to her long-term

abuse, she physically can’t bear the burden of being a breeder right this moment…”

She did not dare to look at the alpha too long, her bright eyes lowered for a moment. She turned to the doctor as if she was seeking support.

Estrella sighed as she exchanged a look with Vicky. She stated professionally, “Alpha, please allow me to interrupt. There are still some tests I am waiting to come back….”

She lowered her voice even more, her eyes casting a glance towards me briefly as she spoke.

“However, from what I can see right now, Miss Rosalie is malnourished, sleep deprived, and suffering from extensive abuse. Some of the internal wounds look old and repetitive. Therefore, please allow me some time to get her healthy enough to conceive.”

I widened my eyes. Conceive…

“Yeah, the bruises are everywhere….” Vicky added.

“In my professional opinion, Alpha… I believe Miss Rosalie needs some time to heal from her wounds. I would hate to see something happen to her or the child if she doesn’t heal properly.”

Vicky and Estrella’s words continued, but I could no longer hear them clearly.

Conceive… pregnant… child… All the words that were so foreign to me were now repeatedly reminding me what being a breeder meant.

No wonder they were willing to pay that much money—no wonder they chose me. The child destined to be the ne

xt Alpha of the Drogomor pack needed to have the most powerful combination of bloodlines—ideally Alpha blood from both of his parents. But a breeder was just a tool—used once, and then thrown away.

No Alphas would allow their beloved daughter to be treated that way… except my own father.

“Vicky, that’s enough!”

Talon’s sudden low, rebuke brought me back to my senses.

I looked up and saw that the Alpha, who had been expressionless, had furrowed his brow.

There was a condensed anger on his face.

The atmosphere in the ward had become tense, like a storm was approaching.

Talon’s reprimand was not a reprimand at all, but a protection for Vicky before Ethan could punish her.

“Alpha…” I held onto the edge of the hospital bed and tried to drag my weakened legs to my feet. I couldn’t stand by and watch Vicky incur this man’s wrath because she was trying to defend me.

Taking a deep breath, I tried to pull myself together.

“Please, Alpha… I can pay my father’s debt. I swear, I will pay it off.”

My words managed to draw the man’s attention away from Vicky.

Now the devil looked at me.

His silence was terrifying, and the cold light in his eyes made me shiver. If my legs weren’t so sore and weak, I wouldn’t even be able to suppress the urge to run away.

No escape, Rosalie! I had to be strong! I had no way back!

Even though I had to brace myself on the edge of the bed to stand, even though his razor-sharp gaze made my heart palpitate, I gritted my teeth and straightened my back, using all my courage to look at


“Let me pay for my father’s debt…” My voice was weak, but my tone was firm. “I will work day and night, I will do the hardest things, whether it takes a year, two years, or even ten years. Please,just tell me the amount of money…”

One second, two seconds…

He stared at me, his gaze like a searchlight see through me.

I felt sweat seeping out of my forehead, sliding along my cheeks, all the way to my neck. Cold and salty, it flowed over my open wounds, bringing bouts of stinging pain, like a torture. The cold white lights overhead turned into the burning sun of the desert, making me dizzy.

In the second before I almost fainted, I saw the Alpha slightly raise an eyebrow.

Even in such an oppressive atmosphere, I was still drawn in by his handsome appearance.

The moment he raised his eyebrow, my heart skipped a beat. But of course, he knew nothing about my feelings.

He just glanced at Talon and ordered simply, “Tell her.”

Talon immediately walked over.

“Miss Rosalie,” he said, “I’m afraid the amount isn’t something you could ever pay back. The debt your father accrued was five million total. Alpha Ethan had paid half…”

The number made my heart drop to the bottom of my chest.

“…If the debt is not be cleared in time, your father and your pack will be in danger. I heard the debtee isn’t quite… civilized.”

Talon’s polite tune continued. “As you see, it isn’t an amount you can pay back as a maid, Miss Rosalie. Plus, Alpha Ethan has no use for a maid.”

He was right. I could not pay back that kind of money by being a maid, or even doing any kind of ordinary work.

After Talon was done, Alpha Ethan stood up from my bed.

“Rosalie.” The way my name rolled off his lips sent shivers over my skin. He looked down and straightened his cuffs carelessly. “You have two options. Be my breeder, or…”

He didn’t finish his words, and he didn’t need to.

Or… My father would be devoured alive by the barbarian creditors, my pack would be wiped out in retaliation, and hundreds of innocent people would be killed simply because I made a cowardly choice.

I took a deep breath.

If this was the only option, then let it be.

Before he pulled open the door and left, I heard him give his order to Estrella. “You have three weeks.”

So, that was the deadline I had been given.

I looked at his back as he left and asked, “What will happen to me after the baby is born?”

Alpha Ethan stopped but didn’t turn around.

After a short silence, he said in a quiet voice, “You will be set free.”

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